Chapter #427

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                    +      THE ADVENTURERS      +
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                        +      Epic III     +
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+  Peldor          20th level human thief                       (N) +
+    Tanya          5th/11th level female human fighter/thief   (N) +
+  Date:        4/18/576 C.Y. (Common Year)                         +
+  Time:        evening                                             +
+  Place:       the Free City of Dyvers                             +
+  Climate:     pleasant                                            +
+  "Music played at weddings always reminds me of the music         +
+   played for soldiers before they go into battle."                +
+                                                - Heinrich Heine   +

                 CDXXVII.  Tallying The Loot

  The two riders, weary and dusty from days on the open road, rode
through the gates of Dyvers just as the sun vanished over the horizon.

Peldor:  Here we are again.
Tanya: remember what happened the last time we were here?
Peldor:  (thinking, he rubs his chin)  We acquired Leonardo?
Tanya:  Hmm, true, but not quite what I was thinking of.
Peldor:  Oh, yeah.  Flavius Shadow-Walker came back from the dead and
  caused some mischief.  (he rolls his eyes)  At least, that's what I
Tanya:  Heh.
Peldor:  (eyeing various inns as they ride into the city)  Where do
  you feel like staying?
Tanya:  Somewhere fairly nice, if we can afford it.
Peldor:  Not to worry.  You know that I brought a goodly sum of money.
Tanya:  Not enough to make life boring, I hope?
Peldor:  Nah.  Hey, what kinds of adventures were you hoping to have?
Tanya:  (shrugs)  Who knows?  Maybe quests where people need rogues
  to accomplish something...treasure hunts...that kind of thing.
Peldor:  Sounds like fun.  We'll have to see what we can find.
Tanya:  How about an inn, for starters?

  They chose an inn that looked decent, though not extravagant, and
paid for a night's lodgings.  Their room looked out onto the street,
and had a single large bed, a small washbasin, and a fireplace.  The
thick oaken door had a bar, and after bringing their things up, they
locked themselves in.

Peldor:  Time to unpack, and see what's what.
Tanya:  You mean...
Peldor:  Yep, the wedding presents.
Tanya:  (pulls out a small sack, and opens it)

  The "small sack" was in reality a magical bag of holding, within
which were a variety of items.

Peldor:  This bag was a good wedding present in and of itself...very
Tanya:  Yes, we're in Ged's debt.  Without this sack, we couldn't have
  brought so many things along on our trip.
Peldor:  Like this...(he pulls out a thickly-rolled scroll)
Tanya:  Eh?
Peldor:  Spells, m'dear, spells.  Alindyar and Lyra's gift.
Tanya:  Spells?  What kind of spells?
Peldor:  (opens the scroll, surveying its contents)  All kinds of
  spells.  Looks like an all-purpose variety pack.
Tanya:  Neat.
Peldor:  And then there's this, from Belphanior...(he holds up a small
  green statuette, carved in the shape of a ferocious-looking little
Tanya:  What the hell is that?
Peldor:  Apparently, a command word causes it to assume an animal form
  and do whatever we say.  Kinda like Ged's lions, or Bosco's eagle.
Tanya:  Oh.  I suppose we should be thankful that it's not a demon.
Peldor:  Hey, give the guy a little credit.
Tanya:  Right.
Peldor:  Then there's this...(he examines a silver ring)  Bosco gave us
  this ring.
Tanya:  I could use another magical ring.
Peldor:  He didn't say what it was, though.
Tanya:  It's safe to assume the thing's not cursed, though.
Peldor:  Probably.  But this is Bosco we're talking about...he may not
  know what he deals in.
Tanya:  We'll find out, I suppose.  (she takes some clothes from the
  magical bag, setting them aside on the bed)  What else?
Peldor:  Lots of money, gems, and such- oh, this is from Arnold.  (he
  displays a gemmed necklace)
Tanya:  Where'd he get that?
Peldor:  No idea, but it's not magical.  We can sell it, though, if
  we need liquid funds.
Tanya:  (nods, turning the thing over in her hands)  It should fetch
  at least two thousand crowns of gold.
Peldor:  Not crowns - we're not in Greyhawk any more.
Tanya:  Sorry.  Old habits, and all that...
Peldor:  We'll have to learn to break them.
Tanya:  It'll be fun.
Peldor:  Yeah.
Tanya:  What about Mongo?
Peldor:  Mongo already gave me a greater gift than anything he could
  have found for the wedding...(he pats the longsword at his side)
Tanya:  Magical?
Peldor:  Unbreakable, from what Mongo and that sage said.
Tanya:  Sage?
Peldor:  (shrugs)  I figured he might be able to learn something that
  Mongo didn't know.
Tanya:  And?
Peldor:  And, the sword's forged from adamantite.  It may have other
  powers, but he couldn't tell without borrowing it for a week or two.
Tanya:  Obviously, that's not an option any longer.
Peldor:  Nope.  (he removes a small sack of coins from the larger,
  magical sack, putting it on the floor)  From Rillen and Songa, we
  have these.  (he holds up matching furred cloaks)
Tanya:  Nice.
Peldor:  He said that Songa made them herself, from the pelt of a
  mountain lion she slew this winter.
Tanya:  Nice-looking cloaks.
Peldor:  Yeah...too bad the warmer weather's just about here.
Tanya:  Well, maybe we'll end up in colder climes.
Peldor:  Could happen.
Tanya:  (looking at a hollow wooden tube that rattles when shaken)
  Now what in the world...?
Peldor:  Peyote.
Tanya:  What, is it full of beans?
Peldor:  Seeds, actually.
Tanya:  Oh, boy.
Peldor:  He said to plant them if we ever needed help overnight.
Tanya:  Maybe a wall of thorns, or weeds, or trees?
Peldor:  I got the impression it was something like that.
Tanya:  Almost makes me hope we don't have to try and use it...
Peldor:  (removes several carefully-wrapped disc-shaped items)
Tanya:  What's that smell?
Peldor:  These are pies, from Leonardo.  To keep us company when we're
  nowhere near good food, he said.
Tanya:  (checking the pies)  Apple, blueberry, cherry...banana.  Yum.
Peldor:  (hands her twin silver amulets, each bearing a carved insignia
  of a blazing sun)  Derider gave us holy symbols of Pelor.
Tanya:  (jokingly)  Not Peldor?
Peldor:  Nope.  I haven't gotten that far...not quite yet, anyway.
Tanya:  I'll keep my holy symbol of Celestian, thank you.
Peldor:  Who knows, these might come in handy...
Tanya:  Weren't there some more things...things too big to bring along
  with us?
Peldor:  Yes.  That big desk Gorin gave us...the cuckoo clock Rob gave
  us...things like that.
Tanya:  Hmm.  (she frowns)  Say, I've been wondering about something.
Peldor:  Yes?
Tanya:  Didn't Nerof know, try to get you back?  Maybe he
  made an offer or a promise or something?
Peldor:  He tried - sent a messenger to the inn, that evening.  But
  even if he'd offered me the Guildmaster position - which he wouldn't,
  because it's final - I wouldn't have stayed.
Tanya:  It's the thought that counts, I guess.
Peldor:  Right you are...right you are.
Tanya:  Well, shall we go downstairs and have some supper?
Peldor:  Yes!  I'm starving, and the last few days' meals on the road
  haven't been outstanding.
Tanya:  (makes a face)  Rations...
Peldor:  You can't polish a turd.  C'mon, let's go get a hot meal in
  our stomachs.

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notes:     For your benefit, here's the complete list of their
  wedding presents from their close friends (not all of these
  were discussed in the story itself):

Alindyar/Lyra   scroll           4x1st, 3x2nd, 2x3rd, 1x4th M-U
Arnold          necklace         ~2000 gp
Belphanior      figurine         emerald badger
Bosco           ring             of mind shielding
Derider         holy symbols     of Pelor
Ged             bag              of holding
Gorin           desk             hand-carved, weighs a ton
Halbarad        boots            made for walking
Leonardo        pies             apple, cherry, blueberry, etc.
Mongo           (longsword)      +6...
Nenya/Deryck    painting         rare, elven
Nerof Gasgal    lamp             magical, has a switch
Otto            rare liquor      4 bottles, from Perrenland
Peyote          dust             seeds of ?
Rillen/Songa    furred cloaks    nice and warm
Rob             cuckoo clock     might be magical

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