Adventurers Fanmail for Aug-Sep 2022

published Tuesday 27 Sep 2022

From: Haavard Lindheim Subject: Re: Adventurers
> Just catched up from 1100 to the newest. What a blast, Sir, and what a story arch you have set up next!
It'll be one for the ages.
From: Lucius Chiaraviglio Subject: Re: chapter #1118 of The Adventurers
>> Not that I hold characters too closely to the AD&D alignment system, >> but I honestly think that Belphanior has shifted from Chaotic Neutral toNeutral... >> or perhaps even chaotic Good.
> -- funny that -- I was just starting to wonder about this. > > Looks like we may have a redeemed Lich too.
I must just be alone in this, but I never thought that _all_ liches were automatically evil. But then again, I haven't even read a rulebook after 2nd edition...I just kind of make up my own rules and world as I write.
From: John Fox Subject: Re: Rary
> Thomas: > > I was reading the latest chapter in the saga. Thank you very much for the writings. > > Belphanior was talking about golem that he has. There was the black golem that had its arm bent when the sky castle fell. > Does he not have the control rod for that golem still? If so could he bring that to the fight with Rary. > > There is also a fifth option not mentioned. Open a portal as bait. Once Rary notices it > that would lure Rary into battle from which the group/groups could destroy Rary. > > John W. Fox
Obviously it's too late to consider these ideas now. It's often tough to keep track of all golems and items anyway.
From: "warlock.yee" Subject: Re: chapter #1121 of The Adventurers
>> MCXXI. Wizards of War
> I'm a little surprised that the antimagic sphere doesn't come into the planning. > Unless B is keeping that as an ace up his sleeve.
By now, you know that was indeed the ace up his sleeve. All readers should know that I'm typically 5-10 stories ahead of whatever's just been by the time 1121 was out, I had already written 1125 and the entire battle.
From: Michael Defley Subject: Re: Thank you
> Re-reading The Adventurers is making my COVID days almost a holiday. > > Your writing now is publishable visual novel quality. > > That’s how I read it — the dialogue and action parts fit into blocks perfectly. > > Do you by any chance think of scenes in that way? > > Thanks, again. It’s been a pleasure revisiting these old friends. > > Michael Defley > Baton Rouge
I don't really visualize scenes or episodes in any novel-like way. I just write them when the mood strikes.
From: John Fox Subject: Re: The Adventurers
> Dear Thomas: > Once again, thank you for keeping the stories coming.
You're certainly welcome!
From: David Donald Subject: Re: chapter #1125 of The Adventurers
>> MCXXV. The Fate of Rary
> Thomas, > > An excellent arc and an amazing twist at the end - I'd totally forgotten about the buried anti-magic orb. > > Have a good break, I am looking forward to reading your next material in 2023! > > Best regards, > Dave
Thanks! I'm looking forward to writing it!
From: Lucius Chiaraviglio Subject: Re: chapter #1125 of The Adventurers
> Take a well-earned break. > > Now, I wonder if they will eventually run up against enemies with magic too strong for the Anti-Magic Sphere to suppress?
I haven't considered that. So far it's been a total nullifier for nearby magic. Maybe it's best that way.
From: Basil Considine Subject: Re: chapter #1116 of The Adventurers
>> MCXVI. The Machinations of Istus
> Quite the cliffhanger! You have me eagerly waiting for next week's revelation, with bated breath. > > ~Basil
Hopefully that one (and the next eight) were all as much fun!
From: Ted Manahan Subject: Re: chapter #1118 of The Adventurers
>> MCXVIII. Historic Union
> Looks like the start of an exciting arc. Thanks for the stories!
Hopefully all parts of this arc were solid and entertaining.
From: Erik Charles Subject: Re: chapter #1125 of The Adventurers
>> MCXXV. The Fate of Rary
> Magnificent! Looking forwards to what you create. > > -Erik
That's why I need a long break :)
From: Alan Shutko Subject: Re: chapter #1125 of The Adventurers
>> Speaking of that, now that I've completed the big's time for >> a break. I need to rest and recharge, and attend to some other matters >> in my life. I'll start back in January 2023 with episode 1126, which >> will see the wizards dealing with this region they've just won.
> Thank you once again for returning to The Adventurers, and enjoy your break! > It's been great to visit them again and anything that keeps that sustainable is a good thing by me.
Breaks are natural. But to tell you the truth, I wouldn't have needed this one if not for the complexity of the next arc. I have to be very careful with what comes next.
From: Ted Manahan Subject: Re: chapter #1125 of The Adventurers
>> MCXXV. The Fate of Rary
> Thanks for these stories Thomas. I look forward to the series starting up again in January!
It may not be that could be April. I haven't yet fully processed or enjoyed my time off.