Adventurers Fanmail for Jan-Apr 2024

published Sunday 5 Apr 2024

From: Kemp Kavaran Subject: Adventurers podcast - legit?

Hi, I was wondering, who is the reader for this?

It sounds almost as if someone just took a generic text-to-speech software and shoved piles of your text into it with zero review or polish. The way the reader is emphasizing things just doesn't at all sound like how a human being would do it. Given how stilted the reading is, I find the positive comments on the Google Play page really hard to credit also.

The cover art also looks AI generated, none of your female characters look like that. And why not use a group shot of the original party instead?

Is this a pirate product somebody did without your approval?

Thanks for letting me know of the existence of this. It was NOT done with my approval. I need to spend some time figuring out if I need to try and get these taken down from Apple, Google, and Amazon. If someone is making money off of them, then I'd be much more inclined to pursue that. I don't have a problem with them in and of themselves, but it would have been nice if I'd been asked for permission.

From: "warlock.yee" Subject: Re: chapter #1130 of The Adventurers

> MCXXX. The Taskings of Archmagi

hi Thomas

This was a very odd - not in a bad way - story to read. There was a time when the elimination of the chimera (?) and the assault on the bandit fortress would have been episodes in their own right, if not longer, detailing the planning, the execution, the mopping-up, and the treasure gained. But it also feels like it matters less *how* these things are being done and more *that* they're being done - and why. It feels like you're "zooming out" to cover the grand scope of what B and the rest are up to, and it feels completely appropriate given that scope.

Happy new year to you and yours,


This was exactly what I intended: it doesn't always matter as much how things are happening, but rather that they are happening. The change in scope was absolutely intentional.

From: Lucius Chiaraviglio Subject: Re: chapter #1132 of The Adventurers

I didn't know that the Tower of Sleep was a TARDIS. So Shemaya might join up with the Cabal, and you're looking for a new name for them -- since she's a Time Lord, may I suggest The Companions?

I've never watched Doctor Who; her situation is a direct lift from the accessory "Rary the Traitor." Thus, I'd doubt that she's a time lord. However, her potentially joining the group is certainly a possibility, and one I'd already noted years ago when I first conceived this long-reaching story arc.

From: Subject: Re: Adventurers

Just popping by to state that I have now caught up with the current episodes, and as usuai I am thrilled. Considering re-reading it from #1 again!

Insert quote of the day, from Adventurers episode 19: "First I wish to complete the chronicle of the Adventurers. I anticipate this to take quite a while, so if you really like these stories, relax, they're not going away anytime soon."

You were right, you know.

Heh. Who knew. We all have to remember that in 1991, I had no idea what might one day happen with this writing. I was struggling to pass my college classes. I would say that, in addition to my lifelong dedication to regular exercise and my 35+ year career with one employer, the Adventurers has been my best example of consistency over time.

From: Ted Manahan Subject: Re: chapter #1133 of The Adventurers

> MCXXXIII. The Battle of Kalki's Leap

Thanks for another good episode!

You're welcome! This arc hasn't been easy to write, and required a TON of early research and plotting. But eventually it got to the point where I was like "okay, this is the checklist of things that someone has to do to tame this wasteland" and given that the group has nine archmagi (plus various minions and allies of great power and ability) this seemed like a mission that could be successful. And take a couple hundred episodes. :)

From: Martin Kovacic Subject: hello

Hello Mr. Miller.

I have been a fan of your writing of The Advernturers for so long, i cannot remember. I am a 41 year old guy who was immensely influenced by your stories of them. Still reading them, still loving them, and just hoping you have a good time writing these stories as we all have reading them.

Much love from a reader from Croatia.

Glad you're enjoying reading them; I know I still enjoy writing them. It's the perfect symbiosis!

From: Subject: Adventurers re-read

Hi there,

I picked up the Adventurers series in ... around ... 1994, during my University (of Oslo) years. The first 500 or so episodes I did re-read a couple of times; one re-read of 1-800. All a couple of decades ago, I'm sure.

Now I had some time on my hand and also a need to fill my head with other things, so during January I have had the pleasure of re-reading the entire saga. I found it very rewarding; especially to be able to read the episodes from 800- in one go. Reading episodes as they come on the mailing list is fine enough, but when they have come sporadically (esp. after 2006-07), it has of course been harder to remember all details.

So, let me share my impressions!

First of all, you have created an epic that has me caring about its gallery. Mainly, of course, the original adventurers and their one-time hatchlings. While possibly less exciting at that time, and possibly less interesting for you to write, all the small side stories and updates on the entire gang has worked really well. The Odyssey trip is an example that wasn't a highlight there and then, but in the re-read it is a very fine contribution to the entire story.

The "revisiting" stuff works so well. For the overall quality it wouldn't hurt throwing in more of those, in between arcs. A small Felicia and Eduardo-adventure, for instance; or showing how Peldor has to use his adventuring skills to handle another Greyhawk city or guild problem. The "summon hero" episode was fabulous.

I never played much AD&D (just a bit of MERP and some years of GURPS and Warhammer), so game mechanism details never bothered me, neither the obvious super-influx of treasure. Restrictive-DM-readers may think it's much too much, but passing 1100 episodes, this still works great as a read-worthy work of fiction.

Taking the Bright Desert and turning it into an ... union, of some kind, of its inhabitants, is a good step that builds well upon earlier events for the key characters involved. (Even though I have no experience with the Greyhawk gaming world.)

The only thing I skipped in this re-read was the Bosco Dreams-episodes (plus a number of your non-game-related musings, which didn't feel very relevant or interesting in 2024, though I sure read them when a new episode comes).

One loose thread, possibly: Episode 568. Peldor had to promise to perform a quest for Silthis, to get Bosco out of the situation. A being like Silthis could spend years coming up with something suitable, so that's not logically a problem, but ... it should be resolved! Perhaps this is a way that can force Peldor into joint action with Belphanior etc. again? Silthis demanding a favour that turns out to be against a common foe of the Bright Land Wizards? Or Iuz has stolen something Silthis wants returned?

Anyway. Thanks again for the continued entertainment, it sure is a monumental work.

One of my main regrets in all this writing was that I sometimes did nonsense (or just plain stupid) episodes. I've found it best to forget about them and move on. As for loose ends, I do maintain a master list of those, and it's sizable. All in due time...

From: Lucius Chiaraviglio Subject: Re: chapter #1136 of The Adventurers

> And now in 2024, I think that the stupid people and bad workers have actually passed the point of critical mass.

My sympathies. This sounds disturbingly familiar, except that I'm NOT referring to my workplace.

By the time this batch of fanmail and its answers are published to the world, I'll have committed to retire, so that will end that problem.

From: john campbell Subject: Your back.

I do not know how long you will continue to write this time. But i will enjoy every story for as long as they come, I miss Ged. I love your stories and your story line...keep it up.

On your personal life...i retired two years ago for many of your stated reasons.

Do it. is sweet when you can focus on you and yours.

See above. The paperwork has been in motion since early March. Retirement begins this summer!

From: Jason Mandryk Subject: The new Adventurers arc

I'm so glad you are back and writing - and I love the focus and scope of the new arc. Been a reader since the mid-90s.

I especially love the way that your own motivations if you were in Belphanior's shoes (or another) to build a legacy are shaping his actions. This is a great way to do further world-building by fleshing out the sparse details of Rary the Traitor, deepen character development, explore post-Greyhawk Wars Flanaess, and still have actual combat/exploration when you choose.

Long may it continue!

Amen. I don't know exactly how or why I subtly shifted my primary focus to Belphanior, but I know when: it was in the mist/fog horror arc around 219, and then the first arc in Helgate. Somehow, writing those stories made me realize that of all the characters, Belphanior is the most logical extension of me. If I was running him in a D&D campaign, he'd be doing pretty much the same things as in my stories.