Unique spells from the Adventurers saga

(created and copyright 1991-2009 by Thomas Miller, all rights reserved)

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level Alindyar Lyra Belphanior Nenya
1st   Shade Smack Freeze
2nd       Barrage
3rd Hollow Darkness      
4th Distraction
Helping Hands
Platform Feet of Lead
Immolation (Vybool)
Ged's Glorious Identification
5th   Silent Darkness
Wall of Electricity
Safe and Sound
Controlled Blink
Apeshit (Vybool) Finding
6th Alindyar's Closet Chain Fireball
Bubble of Force
Tongues of Lightning
Cannon Fodder (Klark)
Mass Haste (Kronos)
7th   Mass Teleport
Secondary Teleport
Wizard's Cocoon
Copycat (Klark)
Spirit Binding (Kronos)
Wither (Kronos)
8th Disguise      
9th     Time Walk (Kronos)  

Shade (Lyra)

(1st level wizard spell) (Alteration) Range 0 Components V,S,M Duration 1 hour/level Casting Time 2 Area of Effect 5' radius from caster Saving Throw none This simple spell creates a small area through which the sun's rays have very little penetration. The shaded area is dim and cool, unless of course one uses a spell or item to create light within it. The shade is not dark enough to shield, say, a vampire from the sun's rays; however, it works very well for drow who must roam the surface world, which is why the wizard Lyra invented it.

Smack (Belphanior)

(1st level wizard spell) (Evocation) Range 30' Components V Duration instantaneous Casting Time 2 Area of Effect one target Saving Throw none This spell enables the caster to insult an annoyance by slapping them with an invisible hand. The damage is a mere 1 hp, but the sound of the slap is always quite loud.

Freeze (Nenya)

(1st level wizard spell) (Alteration) (reversible) Range 50' Components V,S Duration until affected liquid melts naturally Casting Time 2 Area of Effect up to 1 cubic foot per level Saving Throw n/a This spell freezes a given amount of liquid. It does not affect magical liquids or liquids that are living (e.g. water elementals, water weirds) or part of living beings (e.g. water or blood within a person.) This spell has no effect if no liquids are present to freeze.

Barrage (Nenya)

(2nd level wizard spell) (Conjuration/Summoning) Range 10 yards Components V,S,M Duration instantaneous Casting Time 3 Area of Effect see below Saving Throw none This spell generates one nonmagical arrow per caster level, the grouped missiles flying in a close formation from caster to target. The chance to hit is rolled separately for each arrow, with a THACO equal to that of a warrior of equal level, with no bonuses of any kind.

Footprints (Nenya)

(2nd level priest spell) (Divination) Range 10 yards Components V,S Duration 1 round/level Casting Time 4 Area of Effect 20 yard radius Saving Throw n/a By means of this spell, the caster conjures glowing footprints that match the actual steps of the creature most recently present at the caster's location. If the caster is the only one this applies to, then he will of course see his own footprints.

Ironfall (Nenya)

(2nd level wizard spell) (Alteration) Range 10 yards/level Components V Duration 1 round/level Casting Time 2 Area of Effect Special Saving Throw see below This spell will have one of two effects: if someone or something has a Feather Fall in effect within this spell's radius, it will simply be negated, without a saving throw allowed. The target then falls at a normal rate of speed, and takes the appropriate damage. Otherwise, target(s) must save vs spells or have its (their) mass increased to that of iron. The rate at which such a target falls is still the same, but the force of impact (and damage taken), is doubled. Objects only get saving throws if they are magical in nature. Just like the Feather Fall spell, this spell can be cast upon the wizard or some other creature or object, up to the maximum range of the spell. It can affect one or more creatures/objects in a 10-foot cube, as long as the combined weight of effected creatures does not exceed 200 pounds plus 200 pounds per level of the caster. Ironfall only affects free-falling, flying, or propelled objects (such as missiles.) It will not effect things like sword blows or charging creatures.

Hollow Darkness (Alindyar)

(3rd level) (Alteration) Range 10 yards/level Components V,S,M Duration 1 turn + 1 round/level Casting Time 3 Area of Effect 15' radius from caster Saving Throw n/a This spell is a slight variation of the standard darkness spell. It has a 5' radius sphere in its center in which the magical darkness is not present, and in which light sources can be seen normally.

Distraction (Alindyar)

(4th level) (Illusion/Phantasm) Range 1 yard/level Components V,S,M Duration 2 rounds Casting Time 4 Area of Effect one 10-yard cube Saving Throw Negates By casting this spell, a wizard produces an illusory (and typically unpleasant) effect in one or more targets. Although this illusion can cause no real, lasting damage, it is highly realistic and often suited to each victim's own fears. Thus, one target might feel as if ants were crawling over him, while another might believe that a swarm of bees was attacking him. A victim who feared heights might believe that he was falling through a great, empty sky. Someone who shunned darkness might think he was surrounded by blackest night. This is a quick, efficient spell whose purpose is to distract, no more - hence the name. Each creature within its area of effect gets a chance to save, a successful saving throw indicating that that victim was able to ignore the spell. After two rounds of horrific illusions, the enchantment expires, and the victim(s) will realize the illusion for what it was. The material components are a pouch of topaz dust and a vial of ghost ectoplasm, which are mixed and then hurled toward the victims as the spell is cast.

Helping Hands (Alindyar)

(4th level) (Conjuration/Evocation) Range Special Components V,S Duration 2 rounds/level Casting Time 1 round Area of Effect Special Saving Throw n/a This spell creates a pair of immaterial, disembodied hands in the air before the caster. These hands are roughly human-sized and will always remain several feet in front of the caster, moving with him if necessary. These hands have only one use: they are capable of performing the somatic components and manipulating the material components of spells. The hands' activity serves to halve the cast- ing times of any spells cast with their aid, though a caster can still only cast one spell per round. The spellcaster need not use his own hands for such spellcasting, freeing them up for other uses (but not combat.)

Platform (Lyra)

(4th level) (Alteration/Evocation) Range 20 yards Components V,S,M Duration 1 turn/level Casting Time 1 round Area of Effect one disc up to 20' wide Saving Throw n/a This spell creates a stronger and more mobile version of Tenser's floating disc. The plane of force brought into being can be up to twenty feet wide, at the caster's discretion. It can also be raised and lowered, at the same speeds as a Levitate spell, and to double the maximum height. Note that the platform can NOT be moved in any horizontal direction - only vertically.

Feet of Lead (Belphanior)

(4th level wizard spell) (Alteration/Evocation) Range 10 yards Components V,S,M Duration 1 round/level Casting Time 7 Area of Effect one target Saving Throw n/a This spell causes the ground or floor that the target is standing on to shift and flow around its feet, re-hardening to trap the victim and prevent walking or running. A successful bend bars/lift gates check indicates that the victim has shattered the bonds, and an attempt may be made each round. Based on the composition of the ground or floor beneath the victim's feet, a modifier to the roll applies (remember that lower rolls are better for bend bars/life gates checks) : loose dirt or sand -10% mud - 5 normal packed earth + 0 clay + 5 stone +10 hard stone (granite) +15 metal +25

Immolation (Vybool)

(4th level wizard spell) Bathes caster in flames which don't harm him, but inflict 1d6 hp damage per caster level on all within a 10' radius.

Ged's Glorious Identification (Nenya)

(4th level) (Divination) Range 0 Components V,S,M Duration Special Casting Time Special Area of Effect one item Saving Throw None This spell is much like the _identify_ spell with regard to preparation and execution, save that it allows only a single item to be scryed. However, it virtually guarantees the caster an understanding of that item. Only on a roll of 96-100% will the spell fail (artifacts add a -10% penalty.) The spellcaster gains a temporary empathy with the target item, and this enables him to learn a great deal about it, including its history, powers, and drawbacks. The spell also allows a save versus any adverse effects triggered by the empathy with the device, at +1 per 1000 gp value of the pearl (rounding down, to a maximum of +5 at 5000 gp value or more.) Note that intelligent items, particularly weapons, may stretch the truth a bit, as they have personalities of their own and will probably not remain quiet during the spellcasting. After the spell is complete, the caster must rest as per the normal identify spell. The material component for this spell is a pearl of at least 500 gp value, and the rarity of such gems makes this spell a rarely-cast enchantment.

Apeshit (Vybool)

(5th level wizard spell) Confusion & haste, save at -3, duration is one turn; rumors exist of a better version which causes the victim to do the irresistable dance as well.

Silent Darkness (Lyra)

(5th level) (Alteration) Range 10 yards/level Components V,S,M Duration 1 round/level Casting Time 7 Area of Effect 15' radius sphere Saving Throw none This spell creates a sphere of absolute darkness and silence, both properties identical to the standard spells.

Wall of Electricity (Lyra)

(5th level) (Evocation) Range 60 yards Components V,S,M Duration Special Casting Time 4 Area of Effect Special Saving Throw None This spell brings forth an immobile, crackling wall of bluish- white electricity. It either creates an opaque sheet up to one 20-foot square per level of the caster, or a ring with a radius up to 10 feet plus 5 feet/2 levels. In either form, the wall of electricity is 20 feet high; it must be cast vertically with respect to the caster. Unlike a wall of fire, either side of a wall of electricity is equally dangerous: 2d4 points of damage to anyone within 15' of it. Passing through the wall inflicts 2d6 points of damage, plus 1 point per level of the caster. In all other respects, the wall is identical to a wall of fire. These walls tend to attract other forms of electricity, such as lightning bolts; any such energy within fifty feet of a wall of electricity will actually be absorbed into the wall, harming only those who are in the way.

Safe and Sound (Lyra)

(5th level wizard spell) (Evocation/Divination) Range n/a Components V,S,M Duration 8 hours, or 1 round (see below) Casting Time 1 round Area of Effect see below Saving Throw n/a This is a simple but powerful spell used to secure a campsite or other place of rest. If anyone or anything approaches within 50' of the caster, two things happen: the loud and clear sound of bells begins, and a domed wall of force pops up, centered around the caster. This wall of force only lasts for a single round, however.

Controlled Blink (Lyra)

(5th level wizard spell) (Alteration) Range 0 Components V,S,M Duration 1 round/level Casting Time 3 Area of Effect the caster Saving Throw none With this advanced version of the 3rd level spell Blink, the wizard is able to move about with more precise control over distance and direction, much like the elusive blink dog. Each round the spell is in effect, the wizard may choose whether or not he wishes to blink. It is a conscious decision; should the wizard fall unconscious he will not continue to blink. Effects which paralyze the wizard but leave his mind free will still allow him to blink while the Controlled Blink spell is in effect. The wizard rolls initiative normally each round. Beginning with his rolled initiative, he may blink at any time in the remainder of the round (though only once per round). For example, the wizard may choose to blink immediately to position himself for an attack, or if he is already in position, he may attack normally using the appropriate attack speeds then blink away. Blinking during spellcasting is possible, but will disrupt the spell. The wizard can blink in any direction up to 30 feet. If he tries to blink in a direction that would place him in a solid object, the teleportation simply fails. The wizard arrives facing his target and 75% of the time he will be positioned behind his target (on a 12-sided die: 1 = in front of opponent, 2 = left flank, 3 = right flank, 4-12 = behind.) During each round that he blinks, the spellcaster can be attacked only by opponents whose initiative is prior to the wizard's blink or by those who are able to strike both locations at once (for example, with a breath weapon, fireball, or similar wide-area attack forms). The material component for this spell is an ounce of blink dog blood.

Finding (Nenya)

(5th priest spell) (Divination) Range see below Components V,S,M Duration instantaneous Casting Time 1 turn Area of Effect see below Saving Throw see below The purpose of this spell is to locate a single lost or faraway being. The results depend upon how familiar the caster is with the subject: familiarity chance of success result ------------------------------------------------------------------------- name only is known 20% distance & direction face only is known 40% " name and face are known 60% " caster has met subject 80% above 2, plus how long target has been there caster knows subject well 99% above 3, plus status of target (alive/dead) This spell will not find beings that are inside extradimensional spaces (e.g. portable holes, bags of holding) nor will it extend into other planes of existence. It will, however, locate beings that are dead, as long as some physical evidence remains.

Alindyar's Closet (Alindyar)

(6th level) (Alteration, Conjuring/Summoning) Range 0 Components V,S,M Duration 1 round/level Casting Time 8 Area of Effect Special Saving Throw n/a This spell allows the caster to access an extradimensional pocket, about the size of a large wardrobe, that is, roughly 8' high, 6' wide, and 2' deep. This place is unique, not to mention unassailable, even from the Ethereal Plane. Upon a particular wizard's first casting of this spell, an extradimensional space is created and linked to him or her. From that moment forth, this place is the caster's; no other wizard can access it, and the wizard can never open a second such pocket. The extradimensional "closet" will remain open for as long as the caster desires, up to the duration of the spell. Items can be put into it, or taken out, as long as they are nonliving matter. When the closet "closes", it is gone, its link to the Prime Material plane severed. Thereafter, this spell must be cast again to bring the extradimensional closet back. Once such a closet is created, however, it is permanent, though accessible by a single wizard. If a living being is in the closet when its time on this plane is done, the being will be expelled as the closet vanishes; this very action carries a 50% risk of permanent feeblemindedness. The material components for this spell are a shred from a portable hole and a vial of blood from a phase spider. After the initial casting, the shred vanishes; subsequent castings require more phase spider blood, which must be poured in the area where the closet is to appear. It is possible that a variant of this spell allows two casters to work together, both able to access the closet.

Cannon fodder (Klark)

(6th level wizard spell) 3d10 animated statues form from nearby rock, mud, or dirt; AC/HD/damage varies depending on composition.

Chain Fireball (Lyra)

(6th level) (Invocation/Evocation) Range 40 yards + 5 yards/level Components V,S,M Duration instantaneous Casting Time 1 round Area of Effect special Saving Throw 1/2 This spell is identical to the Chain Lightning spell in most ways, but it simply involves fireballs instead of lightning bursts.

Bubble of Force (Lyra)

(6th level) (Evocation) Range 30 yards Components V,S,M Duration 1 turn + 1 round/level Casting Time 5 Area of Effect sphere of radius up to 1.5'/level Saving Throw none This spell conjures into being a sphere of force, identical to the standard wall of force save for one important property: it moves. The sphere can be pushed or pulled about, and it will float. The caster has no control over the movement of the sphere save for the fact that he or she will always be within it, for its duration. This is a useful spell in situations of flooding or lava flows or avalanches, but can be problematic if cast in a situation where titans are in need of a kickball.

Tongues of Lightning (Lyra)

(6th level wizard spell) (Evocation/Divination) Range 100' Components V,S,M Duration instantaneous Casting Time 4 Area of Effect see below Saving Throw half damage This spell generates multiple forks of lightning (1/caster level) which issue forth at different targets within range. If there are more bolts than targets, multiple bolts will arc to the same target, to a maximum of four bolts per one target (the excess bolts simply ground themselves out.) Each bolt inflicts 1d8 damage (save vs spells for half damage.)

Mass Haste (Belphanior)

(6th level wizard spell) (Invocation) Range 30' Components V,S,M Duration 1 round/level Casting Time 8 Area of Effect 10' cube per level, up to 10 creatures in each Saving Throw n/a This spell functions exactly like the 3rd level Haste spell, save that it affects more creatures. All recipients are aged a year, as per the common Haste spell.

Copycat (Klark)

(7th level wizard spell) Imitates any one summoning cast in the last turn; if first summoning spell was higher level than 7th, the summoned creature(s) from this spell will be uncontrollable.

Mass Teleport (Lyra)

(7th level wizard spell) This spell sends triple the usual amount of people or cargo along with the caster.

Secondary Teleport (Lyra)

(7th level wizard spell) This spell links the caster's mind with some other being's, then sends that other being to a place of its choosing; same chance of failure as normal teleportation, based on the subject's knowledge of the destination, not the caster's.

Wizard's Cocoon (Lyra)

(7th level wizard spell) (Evocation) Range n/a Components V,S,M Duration 1 round/level Casting Time 8 Area of Effect 20' radius sphere Saving Throw n/a This barrier is much like a wall of force, except that only physical objects are blocked by it. Magic and spells of all sorts can pass freely, in or out. This spell's purpose is to protect spellcasters during large-scale melee battles. Its one drawback (aside from the fact that it can be dispelled as a Wall of Force) is that its field of protection is stationary - to enjoy its benefits, the caster cannot run around the battlefield.

Spirit Binding (Belphanior)

(7th level wizard spell) (Necromancy) Range 10' Components V,S,M Duration see below Casting Time 9 Area of Effect one person Saving Throw negates This spell is cast just before a person dies; it keeps them in the Prime Material as a trapped spirit, essentially an undead without any powers or physical body. This is the ultimate torture for a deceased and should-be-departed soul, as it prevents ascension to whatever outer plane that soul was headed to. This spell is typically used to glean information from the deceased, perhaps as the condition for freeing its soul.

Wither (Belphanior)

(7th level wizard spell) (Necromancy) Range 80' Components V,S Duration permanent Casting Time 5 Area of Effect one person Saving Throw negates By means of this spell, a wizard can drain the very life-force from a victim. The caster simply points at the target, and a black ray issues forth from his outstretched finger. The target gets a saving throw vs rods/staves/wands. Success indicates a successful dodge (note that any other beings behind that target may be hit) while failure indicates a direct hit. The effects of the beam on a living being are horrific: the victim is aged _one age category_ per 5 levels of the caster (round down) with corresponding losses in statistics and abilities. Extremely powerful casters can slay most targets with one of these spells.

Disguise (Alindyar)

(8th level) (Illusion/Phantasm) Range touch Components V,S,M Duration 1 hour/level Casting Time 1 turn Area of Effect 50' radius sphere, around caster Saving Throw see below This powerful enchantment masks the appearance of one or more creatures with a powerful illusion. This enchantment affects all five senses - and cannot be disbelieved. Any who witness the illusion automatically believe it, even if given cause not to. Only those armed with true seeing or similar spells/effects can see through this spell's effects. Even then, they must make a saving throw to succeed, otherwise sensing something unusual but nothing more. The illusion will completely alter the appearance of its subjects, on all levels. Thus, a halfling disguised as a giant will look like a giant, sound like a giant, even smell like a giant. If a real giant reached forth to tap the fake one on the head, he would feel the fake giant's head. This illusion's true power lies in the fact that it moves with the caster. The spell can be cast on one creature (the caster) plus another for every three levels the caster has achieved. Thus, all those under the influence of the Disguise are bound to the spellcaster, and must remain within the spell's area of effect or lose their disguise. Once lost in this manner, this spell's effects cannot be regained by the creature(s) that lost the illusion. While this is a powerful spell, those who can detect magic will be aware that the caster and friends, disguised as they may be, are yet the source of some strong magical energy.

Time Walk (Belphanior)

(9th level wizard spell) (Alteration) Range 20' Components V,S,M Duration see below Casting Time 1 turn Area of Effect see below Saving Throw none This obscenely powerful and dangerous incantation actually warps the fabric of time, allowing the caster and up to 100 lbs/level of additional weight (living or otherwise) to move into the future or past. There is no saving throw - anyone and anything within 20' of the caster (up to the maximum weight limit) at the time of the spell's completion are carried along with him. The material component of this spell is some object from the past, held as the spell is completed; the time of origin of the item determines the time period to which the caster is transported. If no such object is used as a focal point for this spell, the caster is hurled (1d10 x 1d10 x 1d10) years into the future. To return to his own time, the caster must work another of these spells, using as a focal point an item from his own time. Since the item to be used as a token must be enchanted ahead of time, it is rather important that it be kept safe. If this token is lost or destroyed, return is impossible. NOTE: the concept of time travel brings with it numerous logical uncertainties, paradoxes, and problems. Be careful if you allow your PCs to possess this spell!