the Players

What five of the players actually looked like in 1993:

(from left: stranger, Mongo, stranger, Rillen, Peldor, Ged, Belphanior)

PLAYER CHARACTER COMMENTS Where are they now? (last updated 13 May 99)
Thomas Miller the DM (none) still living in Atlanta and working for GT
Ashley W. Bone Ged part irritant, part leader to the party; he set out to play a certain role, and did it well Ashley was last heard from in mid-1997, when he was designing military tracking systems in Washington, DC. I never hear from him anymore.
Rick E. Glotzbach Belphanior inspired by demons, he role-played his character like one Rick is a software engineer living in Atlanta, Ga. He is married. I never hear from him anymore either.
Andrew D. Hackett Halbarad he tried for a while to lead the party, but gave up and left Andrew does programming work in Atlanta, GA.
J. R. K. "Rob" Lefevbre III Rob the 'idiot savant', I have never known someone so out of it Current whereabouts unknown. At last contact, he and his wife had two little girls.
Kenneth S. Lightner Peyote he never quite found what he was looking for in the campaign Ken lives and works in Atlanta, actually doing something fun for a living. He and his wife recently had their first child, a son named Jeremy Angus.
Marc A. Lindsell Alindyar & Lyra he set out to play a character like no other he had ever run before... and succeeded Marc is now a successful architect living in San Francisco, CA.
Kurt R. Miller Krug he filled the role of the person who makes sure the party lineup isn't static, by causing strife right from day 1 Kurt is married and lives and works in Atlanta, GA. He is on my mens' softball team so I talk to him on a regular basis.
James E. Morse Mongo the symbol of strength and power within the party; also a close friend who helped me along in countless ways as I struggled through my undergrad hell James is a programmer, living in Atlanta, GA. He is married with one young whippersnapper. He also plays on the same softball team with me, so I talk to him regularly.
Mark A. Rillen Rillen I've never known anyone else who could fall asleep while vacuuming... Mark is living it up in Brooklyn, enjoying the salary and high life that his MBA brought him, and also enjoying married life.
Marc R. Robert Peldor he took a silly name and created from it a legend Marc currently lives in the Winston-Salem, NC area designing engines for Ingersoll-Rand. He has a live-in girlfriend and is quite happy. Rumor has it that his '69 Mustang will someday be restored, to be parked alongside his '97 Mustang Cobra.