the blade of sundering

summary/powers: Bladebreaker has but one purpose: to destroy other swords. To this effect, it is indestructible. A +6 weapon forged of an adamant-mithril alloy, this sword suffers no damage from physical or magical means. When used against other swords in battle, it has a chance to snap them as follows: an attack must be directed specifically against the other weapon, and then an attack roll made. The threshold for breaking the other weapon is 15, plus that sword's magical bonus (if any.) If Bladebreaker's unmodified attack roll is equal to or greater than this threshold, the other weapon is snapped. Note that a natural "20" always breaks the other sword, unless it is an artifact or relic. Also note that Bladebreaker can only destroy other swords; its enchantment has no power against other sorts of weapons.

special drawbacks: None.

method of destruction: Must be melted down in the forges of the god who created it.