the blade of war

summary/powers: Bloodspiller is the blade of War, and revels in battle - the bigger and more violent, the better. It is a +3 weapon unless involved in a combat with more than a hundred participants, at which time it functions as a +5 weapon in all ways. The sword can only be wielded by a warrior (including sub-classes other than paladins) and confers the following abilities while held in battle: hill giant strength, +2 on initiative rolls, invulnerability (as the potion, but only while fighting.) In addition, the sword will not leave its wielder's hands while he or she is alive.

special drawbacks: Bloodspiller will compel its wielder to fight, even if he or she doesn't want to. When any battle with fifty or more combatants begins and it is within the wielder's power to participate, he or she must save against spells, each and every round, with a cumulative -1 penalty each time. This continues until the swordbearer fails a save, at which point he or she must join the battle and fight with fullest ability.

method of destruction: Must be kept for 99 years in the heart of a peaceful land that sees no war.