the blade of thieves

summary/powers: There can be little doubt that Shadowspinner owes its creation to a god of thieves, for it is both a great boon and a dangerous curse. The sword will only function in the hands of an evil thief, acting as a simple +1 weapon for any other owner. When wielded by the proper sort of person, however, it flourishes, functioning as a +4 sword of wounding. It also offers the following powers upon command: disguise, feather falling, water walking, infravision, x-ray vision. The bearer of this sword is immune to ESP and cannot be directly located by detection magic such as scrying.

special drawbacks: Shadowspinner's benefits come at a great cost: its wielder loses 2 hp each year, which cannot be restored in any way (the overall total can still increase via level gain, but lost points cannot be regained.) This effect begins the moment a new owner first picks up the sword. Shadowspinner will not tolerate the ownership or use of any other magical weapon, and cannot be willingly discarded. However, if lost or stolen, it has been known to choose a new bearer if he or she is more powerful than the old. Otherwise, the only way to be rid of the sword is death. As if this weren't enough, Shadowspinner has the nasty side effect of compelling its bearer to commit theft of the riskiest and grandest scale possible, at least once per month. This property has made some of the blade's owners into legends, and others into corpses.

method of destruction: Must be given to a man who has lived a hundred years without telling a lie, who must then carry it to the fires of Hell and throw it in.