the blade of death

summary/powers: This sword is the very essence of evil and death. Its purpose is simply to slay, to kill, to destroy life - as often as possible. A +4 weapon forged of dull black metal, the blade feeds on souls and spirits: on a killing blow, the slain one loses the very essence of its life, which is consumed by the sword. This terrible power works on any victim with even the slightest hint of intelligence, including animals, elves, and even demigods. Upon a kill, the sword's bearer instantly gains extra hit points equivalent to the slain foe's hit dice; this extra energy lasts for exactly one turn. There is no corresponding increase in fighting ability, saving throws, etc. Aside from its slaying ability, Soulkiller has no other powers or properties.

special drawbacks: Soulkiller must feed at least once every three days; if this condition is violated, the weapon will instantly compel its bearer to do everything in his or her power to kill the nearest living being, until the blade is sated.

method of destruction: Must be used by a pure and good maiden to slay a newborn baby.