the blade of magic

summary/powers: Spellweaver is the one sword that a wizard can wield, though not for combat. This weapon is a channel for magical energy, and bestows incredible benefits upon the wizard who bears it. All casting times are cut in half, and no material components are required. In addition, Spellweaver boosts the caster's level by 2-8 for casting/effect purposes. Upon command it functions as a rod of absorption (21 spell levels/week maximum) with the added effect of being able to "learn" and retain any one absorbed spell at a time, which it can then "teach" its wielder if he or she is of sufficient level. The formula can be copied directly into the spellbook. This blade detects magic (direction, strength, nature) in a 100' radius.

special drawbacks: To sustain itself, Spellweaver must consume one magic item per week (potions and scrolls don't count.) This is effected by the sword touching the item and, in a matter of moments, draining all of its enchantment, rendering it nonmagical. If Spellweaver is not allowed to recharge itself this way, it will cease to function until it "catches up" as appropriate, at which time it will vanish, spurning that wielder.

method of destruction: Must be left in a null magic zone for 99 years.