(from http://www.wizards.com/Greyhawk/SUELLICH.TXT)

Suel Lich

CLIMATE/TERRAIN:    Any/Southern Oerth
FREQUENCY:          Very Rare
ORGANIZATION:       Solitary
DIET:               Nil
INTELLIGENCE:       Supra-genius
TREASURE:           A
ALIGNMENT:          Neutral Evil
ARMOR CLASS:        7
MOVEMENT:           12
HIT DICE:           15+
THAC0:              16 base
DAMAGE/ATTACK:      By weapon
SPECIAL DEFENSES:   +1 weapon to hit
MAGIC RESISTANCE:   1% per hit die
SIZE:               M
MORALE:             Fanatic (17-18)
XP VALUE:           10,000 +1,000 per level

     When the empire of the Suel was destroyed by the Rain of Colorless
Fire more than a millennia ago, one of the few creatures to survive this
destruction was the Suel-lich.  This powerful wizard, similar to the
common lich, endures the centuries by transferring its life force from one 
human host to the next.  A Suel-lich appears as a human with coarse,
leathery skin and eyes which glow an ominous black fire.  As the Suel-lich 
grows in power, the skin becomes a thick hide, and the fire in its eyes
becomes more pronounced.  At the peak of its power, the Suel-lich is
little more than wrinkled husk whose head is bathed in black fire.  Those
who meet a Suel-lich are in for more than they likely can handle.  

     Unlike the common lich, the Suel-lich revels in combat against weaker 
foes.  Although it normally doesn't go looking for a fight, the creature
will often fight to the death against superior forces (and usually wins).  
Any creature with fewer than 3 Hit Dice that gazes into the fiery eyes of
the Suel-lich must save vs death magic at +3 or die of fright.  Those who
make their save are paralyzed with terror for 1d4 turns, and are at the
mercy of the evil creature.  The touch of a Suel-lich causes black flame
to erupt from the victim, inflicting 1-10 points of damage upon contact. 
The victim must also make a saving throw vs paralysis or be unable to
move.  This paralysis lasts until dispelled or until 24 hours pass.  This
attack ignores all armor, and any item touched in this way must make a
save vs.  magical fire or be damaged.  
     The Suel-lich can be hit only by +1 or better weapons or by monsters
with 7 or more Hit Dice and/or magical properties.  In addition to their
natural magic resistance, the Suel-lich is immune to all mind affecting
spells, death spells, and wizard and clerical spells below 3rd level. 
Because of its unique connection with the Negative Material Plane, the
spell negative plane protection inflicts 5d10 points of damage to the
creature if it gets past its magic resistance.  A Suel-lich casts spells
as it did before its transformation, but, due to its dark nature and years 
of magical research, does not require material components.  A Suel-lich is 
considered a special for purposes of turning.  

     Several Suel-liches escaped the Rain of Colorless Fire and migrated
into the Flanaess from what is now the Sea of Dust.  Some of these liches
still roam the world, vying for wealth and power, while others exist in
hidden strongholds continuing their ageless research.  Regardless of its
intentions, the Suel-lich always attempts to hide its true nature.  Since
little knowledge (written or oral) survived the Colorless Fire, only a
handful of sages and loremasters have even heard of such creatures.  

     The Suel-lich is an unholy amalgamation of the human body and energy
from the Negative Material Plane.  Upon transformation into a Suel-lich,
the essence of the wizard is converted to negative energy that needs a
human body to inhabit.  While possessing a body, the essence of the lich
causes the body to age at three times the normal rate, burning it out
after a short time.  Each time a Suel-lich gains a level, burns out a
host, or is reduced to zero hit points, it must find a new body to
     When it comes time to seek a new body, the essence of the lich must
take a host with Hit Die or levels equal to the liches level minus 15. 
Thus, a 19th level Suel-lich must take the form of a 4th level human.  If
the victim is unconscious, unable to resist, or gives his or her body
willingly, no saving throw is allowed verses the transformation.  If the
victim is conscious or able to resist, a saving throw vs death magic at -1 
is allowed to resist possession.  The essence of the victim is destroyed
when possessed; the spirit is annihilated and cannot be raised or restored 
by a wish spell.  If the host body is destroyed, the lich has one hour to
inhabit another body or its essence disperses into nothingness.  While
without a host body, the essense of the lich appears as fiery black
energy.  While in this form, a dispel evil or holy word destroys the lich