This directory contains descriptions of more than a dozen of the
foes the Adventurers have fought over the years.  The second column
indicates the chapter(s) in which that particular opponent appears.

monster/NPC chapter
Hadeus (minor duke of Hell) 75
Bosco (as possessed by the "Loc-Nar" demon) 76-77
the animated metal egg 79
Bandersnatch 80
the fungus that walks like a man 81
Jub-Jub bird 84
Jabberwock 84
the adamantite golem 85
Yig 86
the tar baby 90
the giant jellybean 90
the cyclops 90
Baron Albert (of the Sinking Plain) 91
the Vampire Lord 94-100
Zara & the bounty hunters 101-106
Cynder 49, 162-164, 404, 498-500
the juggernaut 59-60 233-234
Mesoloth 998-1000

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