20 Questions

Q: Did you survive the layoffs at CNN?
A: Yes. In fact, I am not a contractor anymore, but rather full-time. This, unfortunately means 80 hours/week of work, guaranteed. I didn't get a second job so I could quit the first, and given the choice between 0 and 40 hours a week at the second job, I chose 40.

Q: When will you find time to write the stories now?
A: Mostly like I did today - during my lunch break at my main job.

Q: How long is this Tomb plotline going to go on?
A: I'd say through 740, tops. I've got an idea of where I'm going with it, but it's just taking a while to get there.

Q: What comes after the Tomb is done?
A: I'll cycle through all the other characters and try to give each of them an arc, even if it's a short one.

Q: Will Parekh, Drak, and Boltar remain with Belphanior's party?
A: No, not even if they survive the Tomb; I never meant for those characters to be long-running Adventurers.

Q: Will we see the Misadventurers again?
A: You bet. A few people didn't like them (mostly, I suspect, simply because they're not the Adventurers) but there were more who did.

Q: What's in store for the long run?
A: Episode 800 will be a reunion - 10 years game time and 10 years real-life time since the first adventure. It is my plan to start the Greyhawk Wars immediately after this reunion episode, i.e. with episode 801. It is highly likely that I will take a long break between the two.

Q: Who are the long-term villains you plan to use: Xusia and his Nine, or the Crimson Blades?
A: Mainly the Nine, who through Xusia represent Orcus. The Crimson Blades are around more to flesh out the Tomb arc and to show an evil, powerful, and archetypical adventuring party.

Q: Why isn't Belphanior focusing on finding Victoria? I thought they were close.
A: They're as close as any other couple who both risk their lives on a regular basis and have their share of problems - which means that things can change in a hurry and don't always work out. If you prefer to think of it as a case of Belphanior falling under the spell of an alluring demonic undead woman for a time, well, that's fine too.

Q: But will Victoria be back?
A: Yes. She is NOT dead (no pun intended.)

Q: What about Aja? Angus? The two servant girls? Neko?
A: Aja is gone - she was consumed by whatever hellish evil possessed her. Angus is buried and would appear to be un-retrievable. Daphne and Phoebe are dead. Neko...I just never developed her much but it seemed a shame to kill her, so I had her exit stage left. She may return if I think of a way to fit her back in.

Q: What's coming up for the Greyhawk-based people (Peldor etc. and the drow) ?
A: I will hatch some plot with the renegade dark elf, Rasimov, scheming to get the best possible revenge on the drow and all those who helped to destroy the drow city all those years ago.

Q: What's coming up for Gorin?
A: Most likely something that, whether anyone realizes it or not, is tied into the events leading up to some aspect of the wars. We're probably talking about a major Greyspire campaign here.

Q: What's coming up for Rillen and Songa?
A: A very good question. I've put them far from anything, really, with no idea what to do next. I'm sure I'll think of something.

Q: What's coming up for the granola gang (Halbarad, Peyote, Rob, and friends) and which of them got killed at the end of episode 700?
A: Though Deryck and Nenya were laid low by the forces of evil, Rob did state that he had the power to bring them back, and so he shall. This group really needs to get cracking on the issue of the unknown but great evil that keeps appearing in their lives. Sometime, too, Rob will build a great, grand church.

Q: What's coming up for Belphanior and co. after the Tomb?
A: A rather nasty plotline involving Victoria and vampires and possibly worse beings. Only the Helgate crew (whoever survives, anyway) will be around for this - Mongo will go his own way after the Tomb quest.

Q: Is Gorgo going to follow Mongo?
A: Doubtful. Gorgo's basically on vacation as he accompanies Mongo on this quest, after which he'll resume adventuring on his own.

Q: Is that adamantine golem, from the Underdark adventure, ever going to turn up again?
A: Yes. The indestructible adamantine golem (which I have nicknamed Talos) was a bit too powerful to turn up as early in my stories as it did, but no matter. It's around and will show up again, and not to play tiddlywinks.

Q: Any progress on getting your work published by Wizards of the Coast?
A: No. Though they are better masters of the D&D game than TSR, the fact remains that there are still hoops that have to be jumped through. I don't have the time or energy for that.

Q: Did you like the Dungeons and Dragons movie? What do you think about the upcoming Lord of the Rings in December 2001?
A: I found Dungeons & Dragons to be a great disappointment, and you can read more about that here. As for Lord of the Rings, I have to say I'm expecting a lot. Check out the trailer here to see why.