Tuesday 05 Feb 2002

Well, it's been a few weeks since I sent out episode 800, and
I figured I should give an update.  First of all, no, I haven't
changed my mind and decided to start writing.  Secondly, I want
to thank everyone for the positive feedback on the saga as a
whole as well as their support and understanding of my reasons
for stopping.  I have almost a hundred emails, some of them a
page or more in length, that came after episode 800 was released.
I read every one of them (though replying to every one of them
would have taken some time!)

I haven't been idle.  I've beefed up my laptop with some heavy-
duty graphics and web software and I'm about to buy a scanner and
a digital camera, perhaps even another computer entirely.  I've
purchased and begun reading 3 different O'Reilly books on various
aspects of web page design and maintenance.  I've done redesigns
of several of my web pages.  I'm signed up for an advanced Java-
script class later this month.  I've also taught myself Photoshop
and style sheets and DHTML.  I've started reading my CCDA book
(that's the Cisco certification that comes after CCNA.)

So there's that.  I've also gotten a new workout partner so I
can start benching 250+ again.  I've quit spending money and am
amassing quite a bit in savings.  Softball will be starting back
up in a month or so, and I'm looking at 4 games a week - every
scrap of my spare time, essentially.  I'll be house-hunting this

Oh, and in 3 days, I'm going to New Orleans for Mardi Gras!

Yes, there are a lot of instances of the word "I" up there.  That
is, after all, what the ceasing of the writing was all about.  My
approach toward goals in general and work goals in particular has
been slipping for quite some time now...but the slip has been

The next update will be less about me and more about other things.