Dude...I got a Dell

Thursday 21 Mar 2002

Well, my last rant and the reader reactions to it did a good job of reminding me why I usually don't share my opinions: they're often poorly-thought-out. I don't apologize for them, but I do understand that they can come across in a negative way. This is largely why I cut down on such idea-sharing last year: it's not my place to foist my opinions on you. The stories were the main thing. Now that they're over, what does that leave?

Every time I rant away, as I did that last time, I am reminded of the reasons why it is best to try and not let the world's idiocy get to me. Unfortunately, I possess a temper and a general lack of ability to control it.

Anyhow, here's something different: I just bought a brand-new desktop computer. That's right, after the 1995 debacle with the Packard-Bell, it took me seven years to test the waters again. Let's see what's up:

year model CPU RAM monitor OS other cost
5/1995 Packard-Bell 90 MHz Pentium 32 Mb 14" Windows 95 modem $1999 + tax
2/2002 Dell 1.7 GHz Pentium 4 512 Mb 19" Windows XP modem, ethernet card, CD-RW $1530 + tax, shipping

So there's that. Along with it, I bought about 8 O'Reilly books, lots of graphic and web design software, and a scanner and a ZIP drive. About all I'm missing is DSL. But when you have the internet 80 hours a week, 7 days a week, minimum 8 hours each of those days, you tend to not want the internet at home (I know I don't!) Maybe someday.

That's all for now: me sort of apologizing and also touting my recent purchase. Next time, I WILL discuss writing.