Email Hijacked

Friday 26 Apr 2002

Although I can still email you (the mailing list) it is an undeniable fact that someone has at least some of my mailing list members' addresses. The best solution to this, for the majority of you to avoid viruses, is this: ignore all email that looks like it came from me. Rather than use email for updates, I will use the web site. New updates will appear every Friday.

Let me reiterate: an unknown member of the Adv mailing list has somehow hacked it and is mailing out spam and viruses to some members, posing as me. I will no longer send mailing list email to you, therefore, anything that appears to be from me is fake and probably dangerous.

My solution, as detailed above, seems to be the best and easiest way to protect the most (of you) people from forged virus email.

Yes, it sucks. If you want to blame somebody, blame the anonymous jackass who set all of this in motion.