Future Writing

Friday 24 May 2002

Nothing last week - I was on a 4-day weekend vacation. I'm doing another one this weekend (Memorial Day weekend) - I hate to burn the vacation time for both jobs, but I need some downtime.

I thought about ranting about how some expatriates get an annoying attitude, but I lost my fire, and I know I'd get a lot of hate mail on that. Not that I'd reply to it, but still...

I can recommend the new "Star Wars" movie; while it contains a quantity of sappiness, it does have its moments, especially in the context of a greater saga.

I'd like to think that the sheer fun potential of any future writing would approach the levels of the "Star Wars" saga, but that's not a sure thing.

DC/Wildstorm has cancelled yet another of the few comic titles I get regularly: "The Authority." This is yet another example of censoring, really, as editors realized that the ideas in this comic were too big and bad for the weak-minded, naive herds (who actually won't buy it even if it's toned down.) Fools.

Over and out.