Friday 31 May 2002

I am pissed. Assorted reasons follow. Read at your own risk. Bottom line: people are morons.

I have been trying to give away a pair of really sweet Braves tickets for more than a week now. I've limited my audience of candidates, severely, because people keep saying they'll take them and then changing their mind a day later - but only when I ask them, i.e. otherwise I would have found out the day of the game. What is the fucking problem with people being unable to say YES or NO to a simple question, and then making an entry in their calendar? Can nobody in this world commit to anything more than five minutes from the present time? Morons.

Baseball, steroids. Yes, it's a problem. Yes, it needs fixing. Yes, some superstars would fall. However, reading the fan-feedback section on ESPN.com, it is apparent that some of the more ignorant people out there automatically assume that anyone who hits a lot of home runs is on steroids. Barry Bonds was mentioned. Thing is, he has already said "test me right now, you'll see that I'm clean." I have no idea how someone can ignore this while insisting that the man needed steroids to hit 73 home runs in a season. Morons.

This goes along with another sore point of mine: anyone who is in great physical shape is assumed to be on steroids or other such things. The sad thing here is that someone who's badly overweight could pour their heart and soul into working out, eating right, and turning their life around...and then someone who sees this radical positive change could think/say "Wow, what a change! Must be on steroids." I'm not kidding - this happens. Now, while I'll grant you that some super-fit people ARE on something, there are a lot who aren't. That doesn't prevent the attitude/stereotyping from the ignorant, though. I interpret this as some peoples' laziness and lack of discipline causing them to automatically disparage anyone who's better than them. They're jealous, or upset that they don't have what it takes to get fit, so they lash out in the only way they know how. Morons.

I am losing two of my best softball players due to a dugout dispute at the last game. One of these players has kept me on track for five years with various (and correct) advice about tolerance and sportsmanship. Now, she's ignoring everything she's preached for five years...simply because now, finally, SHE is the one who got offended. Hypocrisy. I guess the rules all change when you're the one who's involved. People want it both ways; they swear by certain rules and principles until it's convenient for them not to. These friends of mine aren't really morons, but right now they sure are acting the part.

At work, one of my team members got fired recently, for beyond-excessive tardiness and absences. This had been going on for years, and no real action was taken until a few months ago (two different write-ups, which built the legitimacy of this firing). Now that this person is gone, the manager has become a stone-cold hardass about everyone's hours and such. In effect, the good employees are being punished, not only for the sins of the bad/departed, but AFTER THAT PERSON IS GONE. What management team came up with this concept? Morons.

Speaking of management, I must have gotten four different email announcements this month pertaining to "so-and-so will be talking about such-and-such on this day at this time, attendance is strongly encouraged." Problem is, all of these have been 1-2 day notices. Um...people have meetings, off-days, other plans... we need more notice! What I see here is poor planning on the part of one person, cascading down to impact several hundred people. You'd think that anyone who rose to the tier of upper management would have learned better than this. Morons.