Playstation 2

Friday 7 June 2002

Well, I finally did it - I got a PS2. I guess you could say it was because of the recent price drop to $199, from $299. The real reason, though, is because I had extra money. It's definitely a superior system to my "old" PS1, and it appears to have just about everything that a real computer has.

Which pisses me off, actually. I have always bought game systems specifically _because_ they're not computers. If I wanted a powerful computer with a hard drive, CD/DVD drive, expandable memory, and internet access, then that's what I'd buy. For more than a decade, I've deliberately avoided using computers to play games. After all, that's what the console systems are (were?) for.

But it seems inevitable that these game systems will merge with the internet, allowing players to work with or compete against an endless and varying group of fellow players all over the world. I don't know if this is a good thing, if it will work, or if I will change my opinion of it. I only have one question about the matter: what does this offer that a good computer doesn't? Is it beating online PC gaming to the punch? I'm just not sure.

I guess the game companies have to do what they think will gain them the money of millions of customers. Which is understandable. I'd rather the gaming industry thrive, even if it's going in directions I don't care for.

Next time: why I have 20 PS1 (and 3 PS2) games still in shrinkwrap.