Friday 23 August 2002

Being on vacation doesn't preclude a brief pre-written rant, and it seemed appropriate to talk about vacation. In my case, I'm gone for an 11-day period, off from both jobs and out of town at the beach. No email, no pager, no cel phone. And in my opinion, this is the way it SHOULD be. Too many people in this day and age take working vacations, or can't seem to leave the stress behind, or can't stay completely out of touch. Nothing is quite as stupid as seeing someone check email while on the beach (be it via laptop, pager, phone, or PDA.) Why did these people even bother to leave town in the first place? Do they think they're relaxing? I don't, and I won't stand for it, myself. I work hard, but I want to play hard too, and that means 0% normal life during my vacation. I don't want to be reminded of everyday life - I want to forget. And I will.