A Year Later

Friday 13 September 2002

I'm actually writing this one on September 11. A major topic of the news lately has been remembering what happened a year ago, analyzing it, trying to learn from it, and so on. The main thing I have to say is that I think the media is absolutely innundating us with this stuff...in a sense, forcing us to remember and think about it, whether we want to or not. A secondary issue is what the future holds. I don't think it's good. We're at war with an enemy who doesn't play by the same rules we do, an enemy who can exploit our take-it-for-granted demands to be able to do what we want. Because the enemy's motivation is religious in nature, it is even more dangerous - they are fanatics. We're all living in a changed world and there's no solution in sight.

I really don't want to say more, not because I have anything controversial to say, but because no matter what I say, it will bother someone, in some way. I just felt like I should say something.

For a good article about the tradeoff between safety and liberty, go here: http://www.cnn.com/2002/LAW/09/10/ar911.civil.liberties/index.html