Stupid Things

Friday 20 September 2002

The pressure of finally going through the house-hunting/buying process is making my skull crack and my brain melt. To relieve the pressure, I'm going off on some moronic things I've noticed this month.

Two probably-innocent Middle Eastern men worried more about their rights than common sense:

Some guy thought it would be funny to make a bomb joke while in flight:

A high-ranking U.S. special forces officer placed appearance over functionality, issued an order, and probably will cause some men to be killed at some point:

No link for this one, but the latest idiot in the reality TV craze, Anna Nicole Smith, has convinced me that some people will watch anything. Not only is she not funny or even remotely entertaining, but she's just plain nasty. Even when she was Playmate of the Year, Anna was...curvy; now, she's just plain repellent. I hope this show meets a quick and well-deserved demise.

More TV madness: it looks like the E! show Wild On is looking for a new hostess. That's good, because the old one was a complete hypocrit. Don't get me wrong - Brooke Burke is among the finest ladies ever to walk the planet. However, on the show, she professes to be adventuresome and daring and fearless, but if you watch her carefully you'll see that it's all a crock. She's afraid to look at alligators, for example, and tends to think too much before jumping into any new activity for the first time. She's hesitant to try anything physical. She's just a really hot woman who they stuck in the show. I say go with someone like Alexandra Paul (see more at,+Alexandra ) who runs triathalons, learns new and dangerous hobbies, and generally shows no fear (and still looks hot!)

My final complaint you can judge for yourself; it has to do with someone who shows absolutely no ability to reason: