Finally...Some Exciting Baseball Playoffs

Friday 11 October 2002

Well, here we are, a couple of days into the league championship series, and there are no Braves or Yankees.

In summary, that's a good thing. Neither are fun to watch in the postseason, because one almost always loses and the other almost always wins. They've both had their shots, and it's time for some new blood. I tend to favor teams who haven't won a World Series in the most time. In this case, that means the Giants and the Angels. The Twins did it in 1987 and 1991, so I really would like for them to get beaten now, though one nice side-effect of their success is that it bothers Bud Selig. The Cardinals last won it all in 1982.

Still, I would prefer a Giants-Angels World Series. It's nice to see Barry Bonds finally having some postseason success, and the Angels haven't ever gotten to the Series in their history.

We'll see. But I can rest assured knowing that, no matter what happens, the Yankees won't be involved. That's the main thing: freshness.