This, That, and the Other

Friday 8 November 2002

After 9.5 years (12.5 if you count student-worker time) I finally got my own office at work. I don't have an outside window (the few in our building who do wear ties and perform little in the way of functional work) but it's fairly spacious and it's all mine. Let there be rejoicing.

So the Angels won the World Series. That's cool. As I said before, either would be a good team to win it all.

House-buying hit a snag: I planned to wait until January or February but my lease runs out after this month. I wasn't willing to do another 12-month lease and she'd been wanting to sell the place, so she sold it and I'm out. Rather than rush the house-finding/buying process - and I can't take more than one day off between now and Christmas - I opted to rent a nice apartment for a while. I also rented a storage space so that I could pay less for the nice apartment. It looks like overall, I'll be paying about $100 a month less than I was before.

The second job won't last past this spring. Even I wonder what I'll do with the "new" 40 hours a week, extra, that I suddenly find myself with. One never knows.