What ARE they thinking?

Friday 13 December 2002

I hate to recycle used rant topics, but this is pertinent. The trend of hiring more middle managers and promoting the unskilled to such positions is at an all-time high. Meanwhile, of course, the grunt workers are kept in place, doing the grunt work for the lesser share of the salary pie. It's unclear exactly what qualifications it takes to rise up above the rest, but functionally, those who rise tend to be on the low end. It's just insane. The problem is, in the current economy (in the U.S. at least) the employers have the employees by the privates; any job is a good job. And so the suffering will continue.

Or will it? Have you ever seen Office Space? If so, you know about the main character and how he got fed up and started being slack on purpose...and got promoted! One has to wonder...

Consider this to be part one in a series of rants that will explain yet again why I'm losing faith in the average human being, sampled at random.

One bright side, and completely off this topic: my mentality on doing more writing in the future is slowly shifting from "never again" to "it could be fun."