They settled into a marching order: Mongo and Bosco in the front rank, followed by Songa and Rillen, then Arnold and Ged, Gorin and Belphanior, Alindyar and Lyra, Otto and Tanya, and Peldor bringing up the rear. They didn't have far to go, however, for the metal ramp ended after about a hundred feet of somewhat steep descent. It opened into a large chamber, such that the ramp was in the center of the place. The walls, floor, and ceiling were fashioned of the same black metal as the outer structure of the tomb. No exits could be seen, but they soon found one, albeit an unorthodox one, behind the ramp they'd used to get down here.

Bosco: (looking down over the edge of a ten-foot wide vertical shaft) Whoa.
Mongo: Looks like the only way to move onward.
Gorin: This sucks. We'll have to climb down using ropes and hooks.
Ged: No, we won't. Any number of spells will suffice here.
Songa: (poking around) Someone else was here. (she holds up a broken iron hook, still shiny, and a bit of rope) They must have gone down here, too.
Lyra: But they never came back up.
Belphanior: Doesn't look that way.
Alindyar: Aie.
Mongo: (to Ged) Of course, you realize that if you fly down first, you then become our scout.
Ged: (only vaguely uneasy) Yea...
Bosco: Maybe we could have the lead flyer pull a rope down with him. (he doesn't bother to mention that his flying boots would let him go down first, alone)
Alindyar: This is nonsense. All we must do is conjure a floating disc and ride it down this shaft, a few at a time.
Ged: Boccob! He's right.
Alindyar: (smirks, ESPing to Lyra) He is jealous.
Lyra: (ESPing to Alindyar) He's Ged.
Ged: (he smirks) Except that standard floating discs won't support that much weight, or move vertically. Naturally, I long ago created my own variant spell...Ged's floating disc. It does everything that Tenser's original won't do...and lasts longer, too. (he begins spellcasting)
Alindyar: (ESPing to Lyra) Sigh...

Shortly, the floating disc had been created, and the first party had "boarded" it: Ged, Bosco, Mongo, and Belphanior.

Ged: We'll find out where this goes, then I'll come back up and get everyone else.
Tanya: Do hurry.
Ged: We'll make good time, but we'll also be careful.
Otto: (to Arnold) He was listening.
Arnold: He always listens. He just doesn't always show it.
Bosco: (looking around as the disc begins its slow descent into the shaft) Seeya soon.
Mongo: (raises his hammer) We'll clear out the beasties for you!
Belphanior: (keeping his own counsel, he is silent)

The light from Ged's morningstar faded as the weapon and its owner moved away, down the shaft.