Bosco lay there on the irregularly-formed tunnel floor, the pale spidery thing on his face pulsing obscenely as its spiny tail tensed around the halfling's throat.

Ged: We can't force it off without ripping Bosco's face off, and we can't cut it off without spilling enough acid to burn Bosco's head away.
Otto: Hell of a defense mechanism...
Peldor: This isn't the time to admire this thing - we've got to save Bosco!
Tanya: But how?
Ged: I've been thinking on that. I want to try one of my priestly spells, the one to cure disease. That spell works on most infestations - lice, fleas, rot grubs, ear seekers, and the like. It might do the job here. (he looks to Peldor questioningly)
Peldor: (nods)
Ged: All right, then. (he begins working his magic)
Otto: (kneels down, examining the acid-burned hole in the floor again)
Alindyar: (ESPing to Lyra) The dwarf is correct. We are dealing with a superior foe here.
Lyra: (ESPing to Alindyar) I agree, but like Peldor said, any admiration for the creature is misplaced. Who knows what it's doing to poor Bosco?
Alindyar: (ESPing to Lyra) Perhaps the time has come to consider teleporting out of this forsaken place.
Lyra: (ESPing to Alindyar) Let's see what Ged's magic does.

Ged cast his spell, causing Bosco and the creature to glow with a dim blue light. However, there was no other effect.

Ged: By Boccob! The thing confounds me!
Peldor: Dammit! What do we do?
Ged: I- I don't know.
Peldor: We have to do something!
Belphanior: Why not pour wine or other spirits on the thing?
Tanya: What?
Belphanior: It works on some salt on a slug.
Peldor: (quickly searching through his possessions) Worth a try.

The master thief found a flagon of brandy, and held it over the thing on Bosco's face for a moment before pouring a bit of fiery liquid out.

thing: (twitches, but only slightly)
Peldor: (shaking his head) Didn't work.
Otto: Try fire...maybe the flame will seal the burns and keep the acid from flowing.
Tanya: That sounds risky.
Peldor: It is risky...too risky. No, we need to think of something else.
Ged: We've tried everything!
Alindyar: Not everything...what about Shocking Grasp, and Charm Monster, and Reduce, and even Flesh to Stone? Any of those spells might work here.
Lyra: We have to be careful - we don't want to risk hurting Bosco.
Belphanior: Or Bosco being hurt by that...thing.
Ged: Maybe a Slay Living spell?
Alindyar: If the thing has no soul, is it truly "alive"?

The spellcasters then began debating the subject, comparing different spells and ideas and trying to judge the consequences. Nearby, those who didn't have the knowledge or magic to help in the Bosco effort stood guard uneasily, their eyes focused on the vast darkness to either side.

Rillen: We're sitting ducks here. If they don't hurry up and figure out what to do, we're moving somewhere with better cover.
Songa: I haven't seen such a place yet.
Arnold: Deathtrap.
Songa: What?
Arnold: This whole place is one big deathtrap. Simble and deadly.
Mongo: Seems like it, but I still say there's nothing that the bunch of us can't take, no matter what direction it attacks from.
Gorin: You'd think that, what with this big space and our numbers and sheer spellpower. Still...I agree with Arnold. We don't need to be here, at least not out in the open. I'd feel a lot better defending a tunnel with only one way an attacker could come from.
Arnold: Yah, we-
Songa: Shh! (she listens, cocking an ear)
Rillen: (whispering) What?
Songa: I thought I heard something, from down the tunnel. (she listens some more, then shakes her head) No, I'm sure of it. I did hear something.
Rillen: (turns) That's it, we're moving. I'll tell the others.
Alindyar: (sees the monk coming) Hmm.
Lyra: Eh?
Alindyar: (ESPing to Lyra) I think Rillen has reached the same conclusion as we have. I shall begin the spell of teleportation.
Lyra: (ESPing to Alindyar) Right. I'll gather the others. (she heads over toward Mongo and the warriors)


Belphanior: (looking at Bosco) You know, if we were smart, we'd get the hell out of here.
Ged: What?!?
Belphanior: Get back to Greyhawk, where we can get the best sages and priests to help Bosco.
Tanya: (nods) Good idea. That's a hell of a lot more than we can do here.
Ged: But I'm a high priest-
Belphanior: Who's out of ideas at the moment. Nothing against you, but we need more resources.
Alindyar: (walks up) Exactly, which is why we shall be leaving momentarily. (he begins his spellcasting)
Rillen: Leaving? (he smiles) Excellent.
Ged: But...
Otto: Hey, you can stay if you want, but I get the feeling that you'll be staying all by yourself.
Ged: (to Arnold, who along with the others has rejoined the main group) Arnold?
Arnold: Yah, we need to leave.
Ged: Hmph. Very well.

Alindyar worked his magic as the others joined hands, Bosco being included in the loop, between Peldor and Tanya. The spell took effect, causing the adventurers to shimmer in place for a moment...

Otto: (looking around) Uh, why are we still here?
Alindyar: Inconceivable!
Ged: Didn't work.
Peldor: What do you mean, it didn't work?!?
Alindyar: (incredulous) The spell failed.
Lyra: Maybe the composition of these walls...that's the only thing I can think of.
Peldor: Dammit!
Belphanior: (shaking his head)
Ged: Well, that's that.
Songa: (listening intently) Not quite. I suggest that you ready your weapons or magic or whatever.
Ged: Huh? Why?
Songa: Because we're being stalked.