Arnold and Gorin have just been slain by acid from a second full-sized monster, before Peldor and Belphanior killed it.

Mongo: Gorin...
Otto: Too much acid - there was no way he could get away in time.
Belphanior: I guess not.
Mongo: (shaking his head)
Ged: (regarding the melted remains of his henchman) There's even less left of Arnold.
Lyra: Could you put it any more matter-of-factly?
Ged: Sorry. (he hangs his head) I'm upset about it too, but there's nothing we can do now. Perhaps later...
Lyra: There may not be a later, if we don't start dealing with this situation more effectively!
Belphanior: Well, bear in mind that - assuming our theories are correct - we've now killed both monsters that hatched from eggs, err, people. One from that ogre mage, the other from Renfield.
Ged: And the one that came from Bosco.
Belphanior: Yeah, that one too. So, the question now becomes, are there any more of them running around, ones that were here before anyone broke into this place?
Alindyar: That is a good question.
Lyra: Here's another: do you realize what would happen if these things got loose in the outside world?
Mongo: It'd be a helluva war...
Ged: No, no. Think about it: they'd take over. Quietly, covertly at first, until the numbers multiplied and they overran everything...
Alindyar: Aie.
Belphanior: It would happen all at once, too...(shaking his head) Wow.
Otto: Smart move'd be to destroy this whole place.
Ged: We need to get out, first.
Lyra: Whether we get out or not, we still need to destroy it.
Mongo: You're damn right about that.
Alindyar: (frowns suddenly) There is a fourth monster.
Ged: Eh?
Alindyar: Clavius spawned one, as well. We never did catch that one.
Belphanior: Of course, we don't know which is which.
Mongo: Doesn't matter. There were four victims, and we've got three burst bellies. That makes one bastard monster on the loose, somewhere out there.
Songa: Not for much longer. (she points to the gaping tunnel ahead) Only one way it could have gone.
Otto: And only one way for us to go.

There were now eight of them left: Ged, Mongo, Belphanior, Alindyar, Lyra, Otto, Peldor, and Songa. Though they had suffered casualties, they were determined to see this thing through to the bitter end, and so they moved out into the passage, weapons at the ready. Lyra used a spell to produce a bright globe of light, centered on a floating disc which advanced before the party. This mechanism kept the way ahead fairly well-lit...and made it all too easy to discern the end of the huge tunnel, in the distance.

Belphanior: This is it - whatever's left is going to be holed up in the space ahead.