Setting Information

The stories occur in the world of Greyhawk, also known as Oerth. This is the oldest official AD&D gaming world, invented by Gary Gygax and others in the 1970s, and is (unfortunately) a trademark of TSR, Inc.

The only known and explored continent on Oerth is called Oerik. Near the center of this landmass is the Free City of Greyhawk, a metropolis where many adventures begin, and many adventurers converge. Outside the Free City can be found over a hundred independent kingdoms, cities, forests, mountain ranges, oceans, deserts, and wastelands. These areas span more than a thousand miles in any direction; some are ruled by friendly forces, others by hostile ones, and a few aren't ruled at all...

It is in this world that the Adventurers roam, battling foes, fulfilling quests and building kingdoms.

About the Greyhawk Wars: All recent official Greyhawk material is based around these wars and the events that followed. At some point, I too will have to deal with this, but right now (chapter 900, 7/580 C.Y.), my stories' dates haven't synced up with the dates of the wars.


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