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Abner   [R.I.P.] was a member of the Company of Nine
Acerbicus 'Ace' Jentak   [unknown] was a member of Rillen's first companions
Acererak   [R.I.P.]
#172 final appearance

Acererak was a millennia-old demilich, whose tomb the Adventurers explored during episodes ##166-#172. The creature finally came to life when the party invaded its final resting place and irritated its gemmed skull. After a pitched battle in which Acererak nearly devoured Mongo’s soul, its final form was destroyed by Peldor and Ged.

Acererak’s stats can be found in the TSR module S1, Tomb of Horrors.

(adamantine golem)  

Fought the party to a standstill in episode #85. Despite all attempts to beat it, it could not be defeated, and ended up driving the party away.

Father Adam  
#992 first appearance

This elderly, wise, powerful high priest was Rob’s second-in-command for all matters relating to the construction and operation of the great cathedral within the lands of Rob, west of Keoland’s capital. Belphanior spoke with him in episode #992, and got the impression that Adam was in charge and would be carrying out Rob’s wishes after his death.

Adolphus Delphi   is a member of The Misadventurers
Aeson   [R.I.P.] was a member of Omak's Band
Aggro the Axe   [R.I.P.] was a member of the Company of Nine
Aja     [R.I.P.] was a member of Belphanior's team
Baron Albert   [R.I.P.]
#91 first appearance

Baron Albert of Blackmoor is a particularly unpleasant individual whom the Adventurers encountered shortly after escaping the Underdark. Initially appearing as a generous host, he turned out to be more evil than the party could have possibly imagined. They were lucky to get away from his manor with their lives and sanity.

Though his home was ablaze as the party fled, Albert survived; he was finally sought out and slain (along with his various servants and minions) by Belphanior in episodes #624-#625. It was later learned that Baron Albert was a thrall of the arch-lich Xusia.

Albion   is a member of the Populace of Helgate
Alindyar     is a member of the Adventurers
#1 first appearance
#106 restored by Peldor’s wish
#143 lost in a retributive strike
#175 rescued from drow
#315 abducted by Necros’ agents

Alindyar is a dark elf wizard and a founding member of the Adventurers. He is from the underdark city of Dril’ithzan’abaar.

#812 first mentioned
#822 chosen as the first target
#824 first heard
#825 first appearance
#875 re-appears in Underdark

Al-arakara was a mummy king who was Xusia’s fourth-in-command and a hated rival of Drusilla. He ruled a vast underground city hidden beneath the Sea of Dust. Seven feet tall and powerfully-built, he wore a gray robe, had glowing red eyes, and emanated great magic and evil. Unlike conventional mummies, Al-arakara didn’t have rotting flesh and wasn’t swathed in bandages; he had reconstructed a body of flesh and blood for himself a long time ago. Also unlike conventional mummies, he was intelligent and articulate, and preferred parley to pointless battle. He did, however, control countless mummies and perhaps other undead, and he possessed vast powers. His body was extraordinarily tough (said to be like dense wood when hit with a sword) and after being partially decapitated, he healed the wound with a mere thought.

Al-arakara had spent many lifetimes hiding beneath the desert, gathering knowledge and power; he claimed to be at least twelve centuries old, and the most powerful of his kind on all of Oerth. He also spoke of Xusia as an ally rather than a master, and seemed to feel a great responsibility to his subjects in the underground city. Confident yet logical, Al-arakara was a natural leader and a dangerous adversary, and one who couldn’t be trusted. His first meeting with Belphanior ended in a draw, as both sides betrayed each other. His second meeting with Belphanior was accidental, as the elf’s group arrived at a battle in progress between the mummy-king’s forces and some Drow in the Underdark. This encounter also ended in a draw, as the foe fled while leaving behind an expanding mass of deadly acid, prompting Belphanior to retreat as well.

After a well-planned and -executed assault on Al-arakara's domain beneath the Sea of Dust, the mummy-king was finally slain by his old enemy Kronos in episode #967.

Anak   [R.I.P.] was a member of the crew of the Shark's Tooth (Captain Redjack's galley)
(Angel)   [R.I.P.]
#899 first appearance
#927 freed from magical imprisonment

This twelve-foot tall winged being had been imprisoned in a magical slumber by Xusia and stored in the gateway complex on the moon Luna. Discovered by Belphanior and his group, the angel was eventually freed. A being of tremendous power, he was able to read minds and know alignments with ease, and it suggested that Belphanior and friends attacking him would be a most foolish and pointless idea. After some choice comments (such as the fact that Luna was a dead moon, "unlike Celene") the angel vanished, bound for an even higher place than the moon Luna.

Angus   [R.I.P.]
#146 first appearance
#149 first named
#675 buried in Helgate castle collapse
#801 unearthed by Belphanior
#809 melted by black dragon breath
#993 Remains recovered from swamp

Created by the mad elf Belphanior, Angus has all the powers and properties of a normal iron golem. In addition, he has been programmed to obey only Belphanior or his henchman, Otto. Angus can usually be found in the hidden mountain town of Helgate, though Belphanior occasionally brings the golem along on certain adventures. After one of these adventures, Angus was finally laid low by the foul breath of a black dragon, the powerful acid melting him into a shapeless, twisted lump.

(anonymous black dragon)  

Flew by the party in episode #156, and ended up damaging Ged's magical sky balloon before flying onward to its great migration.

(anonymous green dragon 1)   [R.I.P.]

Cohort/slave of evil mage in keep; slain by Mongo, Peldor, and Ged in episode #42. This was a small, relatively puny dragon.

(anonymous green dragon 2)   [R.I.P.]

Fought the party in episodes #67-#68. Killed Bosco. Slain at long last by Halbarad, using an arrow of dragon slaying.

(anonymous green dragon 3)   is not defined
(anonymous lich 1)   [R.I.P.]

Found in Zagyg's dungeons in episode #123, it was slain by Ged and Lightbringer.

(anonymous lich 2)  

Wanted the party to sign the logbook at the entrance to the deepest level of Zagyg's dungeon; should probably be considered benevolent, if not utterly senile.

(anonymous lich 3)  

Summoned by Belphanior's trumpet of doom, in episode #155; it was left behind as the party fled. Should be considered armed and extremely dangerous.

#183 first appearance

Ansalon is a human priest of Boccob, one of two such priests whom Ged employs in his temple. Ansalon is a NG 9th level priest, and he fights (when necessary) with a footman’s flail +2.

As of Ged’s death, Ansalon has risen to a new level of power and responsibility.

See also Tirion.

Mysteriously enough, Ansalon was called Ascalon for a time.

Sir Anton Palmirian   is a member of the Oligarchs of Greyhawk
Aranor   [R.I.P.]
#44 first mentioned

Aranor was an ancient dwarven eccentric who lived and adventured in the Ulek area. Although he has been dead for centuries, this didn’t stop the party from exploring his odd dungeons.

#559 first appearance

Araxi is a silver dragon who resides somewhere high atop the same mountain in the Corusk range where Rillen and Songa chanced to make their home. The human couple first met the dragon after part of her treasure had been pilfered by some thieves. Though Araxi expressed a willingness to live in peace with the couple, she made it clear she did not wish to be disturbed for any reason.

#600 born
#652 first appearance
#891 brief appearance

Daughter (and currently only child) of Peldor and Tanya.

#192 first appearance
#637 subsequent appearance

Arion was a human mage and an adventurer in Halbarad’s party. This group ran into the Adventurers, and there was nearly a fight, but in the end cooler heads prevailed.

Aristobulus   is a member of Ged's family
Aristotos   [R.I.P.] was a member of the bandits
Arkayn   [R.I.P.] was a member of the Company of Nine
Arlanni   is a member of the Company of Nine
Arley   [R.I.P.]
#368 first appearance
#371 final appearance

Arley was an ogre mage who first appeared posing as a chubby, pleasant old fellow working at a spinning wheel. He fled, in gaseous form, leading them into a trap in which they fought the iron golem of Maure Castle. Arley was finally slain by Sir Drexel.

#372 first appearance

Arnelson was an old man rescued from the dungeons of Maure Castle by the Adventures. A tinkerer from the village of Orz, he was just happy to escape unscathed.

Arnold     is a member of the Adventurers
Lost #7
#69 first regular appearance
#72 died from red dragon breath
#73 resurrected by Peyote
#80 turned green by weird gas
#119 restored by Ravel Disander
#149 granted equal party status
#153 turned to stone
#154 turned back to flesh
#315 captured by Szen Szing

Arnold, a hulking Frost Barbarian from the north, has been Ged’s henchman for a number of years. He left his homeland after suffering a humiliating loss of his hunting party to a giant bear, and made his way to the city of Greyhawk where he was hired by the elven priest and wizard. This has not been a particularly lucky profession for the warrior, but it has been a valuable one, providing both experience and wealth. His current whereabouts are unknown.

Arusha     is a member of Belphanior's team
Arvagard   [R.I.P.] was a member of the Dragon Hunters
Arvis II  

Arvis II is the son of Baron Arvis I. He was rescued by Halbarad after being kidnapped by orcs.

Baron Arvis I  

Arvis I is a minor noble in Perrenland whose son was abducted by orcs. The ranger Halbarad rescued the boy, but was set upon by a rival, Baron Zeno, who sought to steal Arvis’ lands out from underneath him.

#975 first appearance

Atun-Asim Ini-Herit (who was understandably addressed as “Atun”) was the last guardian of Panagaea, recipient of all knowledge about the Seven Sleepers and the means to defeat them. He appeared when they were first awakened in early 579 C.Y. and tracked Belphanior for almost two years, finally locating him and engaging in a brief fight before explaining his purpose and the greater problem of the Sleepers. He provided great amounts of information that allowed Belphanior to gather a great force of allies and stop the seven ancient beings from spreading their evil across the world. Shortly after that goal was accomplished, Atun thanked everyone and then faded from existence, his job done.

Axe of the Dwarvish Lords  
#258 first appearance

The legendary Axe of the Dwarvish Lords is a powerful artifact with the sharpest of axe-heads on one side and a hammerhead on the other. Currently held by Yod Ironbeard, the Axe will return when thrown, much like Stormcrest. Greater still is the ability of the axe to call upon the service of the earth elemental king. It also has the ability to detect orcs (and probably other ancient dwarven enemies.)

(a dozen warriors)   [R.I.P.] was a member of Omak's Band
Babuk   is a member of The Crimson Blades
Balok   [R.I.P.]
#189 first appearance
#190 final appearance

Balok was an evil high-priest who fought alongside Huey, Dewey, and Louie after Belphanior freed the slaves of Westkeep. Balok died by Peldor’s sword.

Balor   is not defined
Baltek   is a member of The Enemies of the Nine
#362 first appearance

Baltek is a skilled elven archer and henchman to Eyer. He helped during the assault on Maure Castle.

Balthaas   is a member of the Populace of Helgate
#995 first appearance

An experienced tracker based out of the city of Gorna, capital of the Grand Duchy of Geoff, Balthus followed the party in order to offer his services and knowledge, to help them locate the dragon Mesoloth. Despite some suspicion that he was a witting or unwitting agent of the dragon (or even the dragon itself) Balthus turned out to be genuine, and played a brief but key role in the great battle. Unfortunately, he was laid low by a fireball from the dragon. Fortunately, he survived and was given the agreed-upon share of the dragon’s treasure, making him a very rich man; it was reported that he relocated to Nyrond to start a new life.

Balto   [R.I.P.] was a member of the Company of Nine
#635 first appearance

Balveebes was a court mage in Rel Mord, Nyrond and was considered by some to be the greatest living illusion-weaver. Alindyar and Lyra spoke with him while searching for the Lord of Illusions, and it turned out that Balveebes had helped a younger Alindyar in the past. See also Dionihu.

Barakkas   [R.I.P.] was a member of the bandits
Bargos the Red   [R.I.P.]
#946 first appearance

Bargos was the leader of a band of mercenaries headed to Perrenland. He knew Razor Charlie from times past, and harbored a serious grudge — enough to cause him to capture, beat, and rob the knife-throwing warrior. Fortunately for Charlie (and unfortunately for Bargos) a group consisting of Otto, Mongo, and Elgon came looking for their friend. Once freed, Charlie fought and bested Bargos before kicking him into a campfire and then slicing off his head with a sword.

Barjin   [R.I.P.] was a member of the Company of Nine
#80 first appearance
Lost #11 first named

Baytor is a rather addled green dragon who enjoys eating boulders, drow, derro, and cherry pies. However, he does not apparently eat priests of Trithereon — He swooped by, invisible, and snatched Rob away in episode #80.

An inhabitant of the Underdark, Baytor followed Rob around for a while, and was finally convinced to return the priest to the surface world. Whether the dragon remained on the surface or returned to the Underdark is unknown.

(Beast in the sewers)  

Often rumored to exist, and more often disbelieved, the thing was actually seen in episode #389 by Peldor and Otto. In the darkness, it was darker still, huge and scaly with equally enormous teeth and a monstrous tail. Many say it is a giant alligator, or perhaps a dragon, but whatever it may be one thing is certain: the sewers beneath Greyhawk belong to the Beast.

Beezel   [R.I.P.]
#75 final appearance

Beezel was a roaming ice devil within the fortress of the devil cult. He was slain after being unfortunate enough to cross paths with the elf Belphanior.

#1 mentioned
#4 first appearance

Belegard is a merchant in Courwood, in Celene. The Adventurers successfully delivered Cassius’ package to him, thus completing their very first adventure. To this day, the exact contents of that package remain unknown.

Belgar   [R.I.P.]
#5 first appearance
Lost #16 final appearance

Belgar was the “guide” who accompanied the party into an abandoned dwarven mine, many years ago. Possessed by greed, he turned traitor and collapsed the mineshaft on them, burying them alive. Belgar remained at large for a long time before Belphanior happened to find him in Badwall. Not one to let a bad deed go unpunished, Belphanior tossed Belgar into an abandoned mineshaft and collapsed it on him. Belphanior was kind enough to leave the man some company though: a nest of carrion crawlers.

Belphanior     is a member of the Adventurers and of Belphanior's team
#1 first appearance
#73 slain by cloud giant
#84 turned to glass
#85 cured by djinni
#106 brought back by Peldor’s wish
#168 sex & alignment reversed
#173 normalized by Peldor
#200 shredded while on Earth
#202 regenerated by Eye of Elik
#295 nearly slain by Torin
#314 petrified by gorgon breath
#318 restored in Necros’ dungeon
#343 possessed by the Eye of Elik
#349 destroyed the Eye of Elik
#385 buried in the sewer cave-in
#391 dragged from the sewer cave-in

Belphanior is a high elf fighter, mage, and thief, as well as a founding member of the party. Belphanior was orphaned in Badwall on the Wild Coast.

King Belvor IV  
#103 first mentioned

Belvor IV is the current king of Furyondy, and is by all accounts a noble and just fellow. He is also, according to the Glossography to the World of Greyhawk boxed set, a 14th level paladin.

Benjamin   [R.I.P.] was a member of Miscellaneous denizens of the Dark Realms
Bergar   is a member of the cardplayers
Bergis   is a member of the Greyhawk Thieves' Guild
#253 first appearance

Bernard, along with his wife Nadine and son Bert, lives in a keep within Ged’s lands. This keep was actually granted to Peldor from a deck of many things that he toyed with, many years back. Ged and Arnold discovered it while seeking to expand the former’s lands.

The keep and its land were traded to Ged by Peldor as part of a land-deal, and all its inhabitants, including Bernard and his family, are now under Ged’s protection.

Bigby   is a member of the Circle of Eight
#241 first appearance

Bigby is a human archmage and a member of Greyhawk’s the Circle of Eight. He helped Alindyar find Lyra, when Zara kidnapped her, and also came to the party’s (and Greyhawk’s) aid against the great the great beast from beyond the stars.

Bigby’s stats can be found in the City of Greyhawk boxed set, in the “Folk, Feuds, and Factions” book.

See also Rary and Otiluke.

(bird man)  

Clad in golden robes, this tall, slender creature had the body of a man, but the head of a bird. It communicated with Alindyar and Lyra telepathically and seemed to possess a great intellect. Although it offered the drow a chance to stay and learn a great many things, they declined and the bird-man sent them to a portal which led back to Oerth. Unfortunately the exit of the portal was near the drow city of Erelhei-Cinlu.


Blackrazor is a semi-intelligent longsword, whose purpose is to suck souls. This forsaken thing was found underneath Greyhawk by the elf Belphanior. Because the sword’s dark ability to empower its wielder during combat, it has remained his weapon of choice ever since.

Blackrazor's stats can be found in the TSR module S2, White Plume Mountain.

The sword seems to favor its current master, to the point of becoming unwieldy when used by another (see episode #833).

Blackthorn   [R.I.P.]
#26 final appearance

Blackthorn was a clever ogre mage who disguised himself as a tall, gaunt man. He was also one of the Slavers’ minions, encountered within their stronghold as the party explored the place. Blackthorn was slain by Belphanior.

(the black-garbed figure)   [R.I.P.] was a member of the Agents of Iuz
Blastum   [R.I.P.] was a member of the Company of Nine
#192 first appearance
Lost #5 subsequent appearance

Blok was an earth elemental that, for some reason, served Peyote. It first appeared when the latter rejoined the main party, to hunt for the magical Runes, and remained with them until Peyote left with Halbarad. The last time Peyote was around, he was without the elemental, for reasons unknown. Presumably it was dismissed back to its natural plane.

#586 first appearance

Bluto is a prison guard within the Greyhawk Citadel. See also Brutus (guard).

Bo   is a member of the cardplayers
#1 first mentioned
#195 avatar appeared
#297 avatar appeared again

Boccob is the greater diety of magic on Oerth, and indirectly present due to constant invocation by Ged. His avatar actually appeared to Ged in a dream, two other times. The avatar made a third appearance to send Ged on a quest to Maure Castle.

Boccob’s various stats can be found in both books of the World of Greyhawk boxed set.

Bodmi Hollardel   is a member of the Oligarchs of Greyhawk
Bodok   [R.I.P.] was a member of The Nine
Boltar   [R.I.P.] was a member of The Enemies of the Nine and of The Vampire Hunters
Bosco     is a member of the Adventurers
#67 first appearance
#68 lost soul to deck of many things
#76 possessed by Loc Nar demon
#77 body exorcised of demon
#78 soulless body put in care of nuns
#150 soul rescued from Silthis
#151 normal life resumed
#385 buried in the sewer cave-in
#391 survived the sewer cave-in

Bosco is an incredibly obnoxious, astoundingly carefree, and amazingly egotistical halfling thief. He has been the henchman of Peldor ever since the day he failed to pick the latter’s pocket. Bosco had an unfortunate run of bad luck right from the get-go, culminating in his soul spending several years as a prisoner in the Elemental Plane of Water. After his soul was rescued and at long last reunited with his body, Bosco began the process of implementing all the mischief he had dreamt of while incarcerated.

Bram   is a member of the new Vampire Hunters and of The Vampire Hunters
Brilthasan   is a member of Ged's family
(four unnamed bronze dragons)  

Led by Garzithraxonitus, they appeared in Aranor's dungeons during episode #48.

#101 first appearance
#225 subsequent appearance
#599 most recent appearance

Bruce is an incredibly skilled martial artist who won the first great tournament in which Rillen participated. He re-appeared in the tournament on Lao Khan’s island, and eventually fought alongside Rillen, Belphanior, and the others against the evil Lao Khan.

Held by some to be the greatest fighter who ever lived, Bruce is at least Rillen’s equal in skill. After a long, hard-fought contest, Rillen emerged victorious over Bruce in the final match of the third great tournament.

#901 first appearance
#902 dealt with

Brutus was a big angry guy with some big angry friends. He tended to get drunk and cause trouble in taverns. Unfortunately, one evening he chose the Green Dragon Inn to cause trouble in...while about a dozen powerful and experienced adventurers were present, all of whom were friends with the tavern’s owner. Brutus was next seen unconscious, being dragged out of the establishment.

Brutus (guard)  
#586 first appearance

Brutus is a prison guard within the Greyhawk Citadel. See also Bluto.

#632 first appearance

Bulba was a little mushroom-person sent by his shaman to guide Songa, Rillen, and Tarl through the underground caverns within the Griff Mountains. See also Fungo.

Bunger   is a member of the Populace of Helgate
#147 first appearance

Burin is a dwarven warrior who fought at Mongo’s side in the great campaign against the giants. He lives on, a veteran, helping his people to rebuild and defend themselves against any new foes.

#609 first appearance

Buster was a young acolyte of Obad-Hai, only noteworthy because he had to tell Peyote that he had an unwelcome visitor.

Cagan   [R.I.P.] was a member of The Rulers of Skava-Ra
#149 first appearance

Calvin is a rather irritating and incessant young lad, hired by Ged as a page. He is now a regular fixture in Ged’s castle.

See also Hobbes.

Sir Canady   [R.I.P.]

Sir Canady was a rich but skinny, clumsy, meek, dull, weak, insipid, stupid, easily-dominated little worm from Homburg. At least, that’s what a young and fiery Victoria thought of her would-be suitor. He’s almost certainly passed on by now, as humans rarely live to be 400.

Candice   [R.I.P.] was a member of the Populace of Helgate
Canis   [R.I.P.] was a member of Omak's Band
#247 first mentioned
#248 first appearance
#249 brought back to life

Carey is a senseless halfling and Bosco’s missing friend (go figure) who was searched for in the sewers beneath Greyhawk. His remains were discovered in a ghoul lair. Bosco later brought him back to life, inadvertently, using a wish.

#356 first appearance

Carla is a large-chested serving wench working at the Bloody Boar tavern, in Greyhawk. She took great car of Mongo, Gorin, and Bosco while they ate dinner there once.

#26 first appearance

Carlstar is a human engineer/miner freed from the the Slave Lords’ stronghold by the Adventurers.

See also Fyndax.

Carmen Halmaster   is a member of the Oligarchs of Greyhawk
#191 first appearance

Carrick was the mayor of Spek, a town where the party tried to buy some equipment for eleven hundred newly-freed slaves. He was only noteworthy because he stood up to the party, in defense of his town, and persuaded them to leave peacefully. If he’s not still the mayor, the town should have given him a fat pension and a hell of a retirement home — he earned it.

Cassius   [R.I.P.]
#1 final appearance

Cassius was the merchant who hired the party for its first mission. He was slain by assassins mere moments after sealing his deal with the Adventurers.

See also Belegard.

#179 first appearance

Cecil is Peldor’s highly efficient stable boy — not to be confused with Hobbes who is Peldor’s highly efficient page/errand boy.

Cespedes   is a member of The Cabal and of The Nine
#179 first appearance
#870 re-appears as image only
#362 first appearance

Chaosbane is a sentient bastard sword dedicated to the destruction of all things evil. “I speak, and act, when necessary to vanquish vile miscreants and avenge foul misdeeds.” It is currently wielded by Sir Drexel.

Chargrim   [R.I.P.] was a member of The Crimson Blades
#535 first appearance

Chauncebar is an elderly diplomat for the city of Fergor. He called upon Lord Marcus’ mercenaries to help his town with a goblin infestation.

Chauncey   is a member of the cardplayers
#101 first appearance
#599 subsequent appearance

Chuck is a bearded warrior who won high honors in the first great tournament that Rillen fought in. In the end, he lost to Bruce. When he appeared in another tournament, Chuck again lost to the eventual champion: Rillen.

Clangeddin Silverbeard  
#257 mentioned often in

Clangeddin is a great dwarven god, the “Father of Battle” most dwarven warriors call him their patron.

Clangeddin’s stats can be found in the out-of-print TSR hardcover “Dieties and Demigods” and probably in whichever more recent TSR product that deals with dwarven gods and goddesses.

Claudia   is a member of the Populace of Helgate
Clavius   [R.I.P.] was a member of The Crimson Blades
(cloud giant)  

Demanded toll from the party in episode #73; was forced to kill Belphanior in self-defense. Ended up helping the party find the devil cult fortress.

(cloud golem)   [R.I.P.]

One of several unusual guardians of Kronos' skyship when Belphanior first called it in episode #525. Though it packed a viscious punch, it proved quite vulnerable to an ice spell and was promptly shattered into a million pieces.

the Invulnerable Coat of Arnd  
#257 first mentioned
#261 first appearance
#263 claimed by Mongo

The Invulnerable Coat of Arnd is a shimmering coat of the finest chain mail. It is aptly named, for the legendary armor is itself truly indestructible, and its wearer is protected from both physical and magical attacks. The Coat is said to have some undesirable properties, but these pale in comparison to its value as the greatest of all armors.

Once the property of the great red dragon Feuerhauch, for a time the Coat came into the hands of the orc king Grimthaard. It now belongs to Mongo Thunderhead.


Confernicus is one of three Archdruids in Obad-hai’s service and Peyote’s direct boss. He presided over the ritual contest between Peyote and Daffodil that saw Peyote rise to the rank of Druid, and also presided over Peyote’s title defense against the rogue druid Tolvek, in episode #608.. He remains quite spry for his 100+ years.

Cooper   [R.I.P.] was a member of Miscellaneous denizens of the Dark Realms
#511 first appearance

Cornelius is a crusty old sea dog, and the captain of one of the many vessels that sail the Nyr Dyv. He had quite a thrill in #511-#512 when, while transporting Mongo, Rillen, et al. across the lake, a giant squid attacked.

#526 first appearance

Corvis is a lean, mean, one-eyed thief hailing from the far away land of Zeif. In fact, it was simply Peldor in disguise when the rogue decided to infiltrate the Greyhawk Thieves’ Guild and undermine Sharyn Messandier’s hold on it.

Creel   [R.I.P.] was a member of the Host of Greyspire
Prince Creon   [R.I.P.]
#849 first appearance
#850 barely escapes
#909 re-appears, hand cut off
#910 captured
#911 finally executed by Belphanior

The current ruler of the Hold of the Sea Princes, he appeared to have risen to power primarily by murdering his older and much more noble brother Jeon II in the past. Creon connected all of Belphanior’s past deeds to his current ones, and determined that the elf had to be publicly executed — but first publicly tried, to show the citizens that their rulers were competent. The Prince’s staged event went horribly wrong for him, and he barely escaped with his life. Some time later, a vengeful Belphanior returned to Monmurg, basically destroyed the city in a well-planned and merciless attack, and captured Creon, later killing him in a private room with no one else present. Though only a handful of people are aware of it, a clone of Creon, controlled by benevolent parties, was put in place to rule the Hold of the Sea Princes. The eventual outcome of all this has yet to be determined.

Crestar   [R.I.P.] was a member of the Dragon Hunters
#194 first appearance

The mayor of Gradsul in Keoland, short and pudgy.

#49 first appearance
#162 subsequent appearance
#497 most recent appearance
#500 apparently perished

Cynder is a great, wicked red dragon first encountered by the party at the end of Aranor’s dungeons, many years ago. Wished away inadvertently by Belphanior, the evil wyrm turned up again within the Griff Mountains, lording it over a pack of jermaline. After accidentally recharging Ged’s fire wand, Cynder played a foul trick on the party.

Posing as the human called Ashe, Cynder was discovered on the Isle of the Ape when the party inadvertently freed him from an extradimensional prison. He accompanied them to the Abyss and proved incredibly useful. Cynder was apparently slain in battle with Orcus himself.


Daffodil is a druid in Obad-Hai’s service and one of Peyote’s direct assistants within the Vesve Forest. Peyote defeated her in ritual combat to earn the full rank of Druid. It was only afterwards that Peyote would learn that Daffodil is also the daughter of the Great Druid Oakly Greenleaf. Since they began working together, Daffodil and Peyote have become friends and lovers, though if they have taken any marriage vows it was certainly in the seclusion of the forest.

Dagron Larthos   [R.I.P.]
#278 first appearance
#280 final appearance

Dagron was the master of the mountain town of Helgate, until a few days after Belphanior came to town. He was a skilled fighter, though not skilled enough, and he ran the town somewhat inefficiently.

Damien   is a member of The Misadventurers
Darek Halfplow  
#247 first appearance
#385 buried in the sewer cave-in
#396 dead body appearance
#436 reappeared, alive and well

A strange dwarf encountered by Peldor and Bosco in the sewers of Greyhawk, Darek claimed to be a sewerworker, but Peldor had his doubts. The party again encountered Darek in the sewers when they sought to destroy the shapeshifter menace. Darek was killed in a disastrous explosion and cave-in during that adventure. His mangled body was left with the svirfneblin below the city of Greyhawk. They were attempting to bring him back to life, but were unable to do so while Mongo was there.

Months later, however, Darek appeared, alive but without memory of how he came to be so. Mongo knows the truth, though: the svirfneblin restored Darek Halfplow to life without his knowledge.

More details about Darek can be found in the City of Greyhawk boxed set.

(dark figure)  

Roaming the huge expanse of the Burneal Forest, to the far northwest, he covertly aided Rillen and Belphanior as they rode parallel to the woodland's southern edge. Quite skilled with the great bow, he was too old to be Halbarad.

#341 first appearance

Deborah is the captain of the Hardby guardswomen, and answers only to the the Despotrix of Hardby herself. She and several of her troops (Christina, Ellie, Monique, Sarah, Virginia) accompanied Peldor and Tanya to Zeif on behalf of their ruler.

Delgath   [R.I.P.]
#75 final appearance

Delgath was an evil high priest of the devil cult, trapped in the huge fortress for years. Inadvertently freed by the party, he and his fellows fought them, and ended up summoning the Duke of Hell, Hadeus. Delgath was melted by Ged’s fire wand.

#297 first appearance

Demetrius is a powerful high priest of Boccob, in Havenhill, capital of the Ulek Principality. He helped Ged through his crisis of faith after the latter wandered into his temple.

#750 first appearance

Demogorgon is one of the mightiest demon princes in the Abyss, and an arch-rival of Orcus. He has meddled in Belphanior’s life more than once, always with the same goal: to ultimately weaken Orcus’ works on Oerth.

(demon-dog)   [R.I.P.] was a member of the Agents of Iuz
(demon in the City of the Gods)   [R.I.P.]

A skinny red thing who held the Time Rune (also called the Star Rune) the Adventurers were searching for in episode #199. He was slain by a golden arrow fired by Rillen. As he fell, the Time Rune hit an energy field and thus the Earth adventure began.

#258 first appearance

Denk is the royal armorer of Yod Ironbeard, king of Thunderdelve Mountain. Among other things, he fashioned Bosco a suit of pint-sized metal armor.

Dercus   is a member of Miscellaneous denizens of the Dark Realms
Derider Fanshaen   is a member of The Enemies of the Nine and of the Oligarchs of Greyhawk
#176 first appearance

Derider is a high priestess of Pelor and second-in-command of Greyhawk’s City Watch. She first appeared when she helped Gorin and Bosco prove their innocence in a murder. Since then, she has appeared several times: when Lyra was kidnapped, at Lyra’s birthday, amidst the battle with the shapeshifters, at the trial/hearing afterward, at Peldor’s wedding, and most recently, at the birth of Tanya and Peldor’s daughter. She helped Alindyar and Lyra in episode #604 and is on fairly good terms with them.

Dernen Nathane   is a member of the Oligarchs of Greyhawk
Dervan   [R.I.P.]
#917 first appearance
#950 slain (but not eaten) by cannibals

Dervan was a ranger from the _Odyssey_ expedition. A tall, lean tracker who mostly kept to himself, he was one of a select few chosen to accompany Halbarad on a scouting mission to the continent’s interior. He was slain by a cannibal’s spear just after the party got through the hidden mountain pass.

#102 first appearance
#337 engaged to Nenya
#380 married to Nenya
#901 Birth of his and Nenya's child

Deryck is a half-elven ranger, originally hired by Ged to take charge of his castle while he was away. Since then, the quiet but industrious half-elf has hired and trained a fighting force, taken over almost all daily operations of the castle, and won the heart of Nenya, Ged’s elven apprentice.

Desmond   is a member of the Populace of Helgate
the Despotrix of Hardby  
#441 first appearance

The Despotrix is a mean-tempered, vengeful, thoroughly nasty sorceress who rules the Free City of Hardby, near Greyhawk. She used magic and other means to force Peldor and Tanya into a quest to the distant land of Zeif. In the end, despite all of the ruler’s machinations, the couple were able to outwit her, to an extent.

Dewey   [R.I.P.]
#189 first appearance
#190 final appearance

Dewey was the second of three magi-brothers who ruled Westkeep when the mad elf Belphanior decided to free the slaves of that city. He was slain by Mongo.

See also Huey and Louie.

Dexitheseus   is a member of The Cabal and of the 'other' adventurers
Lost #21
Lost #5 subsequent appearance

Dexitheseus is a white-bearded wizard of considerable power and an old adventuring companion of Yod Ironbeard.

Dhakab   is a member of the Host of Greyspire
#12 first appearance

Dianna is a high priestess of Pholtus in the Ulek town of Aria. Many years ago, she brought Halbarad back to life, when he was a young and inexperienced (and quite dead) warrior.

#635 first mentioned

Dionihu, a.k.a. the Master of the Seven Senses, was mentioned by Balveebes as the latter’s teacher in the past. It is possible that Dionihu, Balveebes, or both are/were actually cover identities of the Lord of Illusions, given that being’s penchant for tricks and disguises.

(doppleganger)   [R.I.P.]

A doppleganger that appeared in episodes #17-#18, disguised as a young woman. Screamed a lot. Slain by Rob after it attacked him and tried to assume his form.

(dopplegangers)   [R.I.P.]

A band of three, they were slain by Gorin and Bosco in episode #176. They were probably part of a larger gang...

Dorgon   [R.I.P.]
#70 final appearance

Dorgon was but one member of a band that tried and failed to beat the party, several years ago. To this day, no one is sure why Dorgon and his companions even tried.

Sir Dorian   [R.I.P.]
#251 final appearance

Sir Dorian was a high-ranking, powerful, and ultimately corrupt noble of Greyhawk. He turned out to be responsible for Belphanior’s land troubles in the city, and was slain by the elf amidst a crowd of onlookers. This stunt got Belphanior driven out of Greyhawk for the second time.

Dorval   [R.I.P.] was a member of The Vampire Hunters
Drak   is a member of The Vampire Hunters
Drakov   [R.I.P.] was a member of The Rulers of Skava-Ra
Drawmij   is a member of the Circle of Eight
#319 first appearance

Drawmij is a human archmage and one of the the Circle of Eight. He was a crucial force in the rescue of the Adventurers from Necros’ clutches. He later helped Belphanior determine the location of the kidnapped Victoria.

Sir Dremel  
#803 first appearance

Sir Dremel is the twin brother of Sir Drexel (q.v.) and a devout paladin of Trithereon. He made his debut when Rob, trying to be helpful, sent him to the Pelisso Swamp with Belphanior. Drexel’s motivations were more than just noble — he was (and still is) seeking a means of bringing his slain brother back to life. A brave, forthright warrior with great strength and skill, Dremel has proven himself in battle manny times. Incidentally, he feels that he owes Otto a great debt for the latter’s slaying of the anti-paladin Ulrich, after Ulrich slew Sir Drexel. In episode #811, he is discovered to be ambidextrous.

Sir Drexel   is a member of The Enemies of the Nine and of the 'other' adventurers
#361 first appearance
#369 restored to flesh

Sir Drexel, of Furyondy, is a holy knight in the service of Heironeous, the Invincible. He joined forces with Ged to wipe out the evil of Maure Castle. In his war against evil, he wields the intelligent bastard sword Chaosbane.

#101 first appearance
#811 first appearance
#812 imprisoned in iron flask
#974 reborn as Hope

Drusilla was a female vampiric wizard and Xusia’s third-in-command. After the arch-lich’s destruction (and that of the lich Skorvus) at the fortress of the Nine, Drusilla suddenly found herself a target of Belphanior, who sought the lost knowledge of Xusia. Drusilla was hidden in a buried temple within the wild Pelisso Swamp, but the residual magic of the teleportation gateway there was tracked by the archmage Pallin, leading Belphanior to the Pelisso and a series of battles with undead and then Drusilla herself.

Thanks to some threats and a singularly powerful spell (“The Hands of Fate”) from the priestess Jenna, Belphanior was able to interrogate the defeated vampiress and learn a great number of the secrets of Xusia, as well as access the treasure within the temple. Due to circumstances and clever planning, Belphanior made sure that only he and his trusted group learned these secrets, assuring that he would control the flow of information to other interested parties.

As for Drusilla, she was rendered amnesiac by the magic used to question her, and for everyone’s safety, she was imprisoned in Belphanior’s iron flask.

In episode #974, she was freed and then slain by a holy sword, causing her to be “reborn” as a Good-aligned wizard. See also Hope.

#101 first appearance

Dugar is the warrior beaten by Rillen (despite that warrior’s broken arm) in his fourth bout of the great fighting tournament.

#54 first appearance

Durgan was the sole survivor of an earlier squid attack, and was picked up by the party just prior to a second squid attack. Not surprisingly, he now lives far inland and refuses to eat seafood.

Durvin   [R.I.P.] was a member of the Host of Greyspire
Durwood Knickerbocker   is a member of the Host of Greyspire
#69 first appearance

Duzon is a wizened sage of Greyhawk, who was hired by the party once, a long time ago. He had a run-in with Yin-Tze at Lyra’s one-hundredth birthday party.

(earth elemental king)  

A tremendously powerful elemental, he is linked to the Axe of the Dwarvish Lords, wielded by Yod Ironbeard. The elemental king was a great help both during the war in Thunderdelve, beginning in episode #261, and during the rescue from Necros' island in episode #325.

Ed   is a member of the Greyhawk Thieves' Guild
Eduardo     is a member of the Populace of Helgate
#277 first appearance
#891 brief appearance

Young lad from Helgate, fell in with Belphanior.

#437 first mentioned

Ehlonna is a goddess of nature and maintains her own druidic order separate from that of Obad-Hai. Her name is frequently invoked by Deryck.

Eidos   [R.I.P.] was a member of the Dragon Hunters
Eldrave   [R.I.P.] was a member of the Slave Lords
Elgon     [R.I.P.] was a member of Belphanior's team
Elias   is a member of the new Vampire Hunters
#119 slain on the Prime Material Plane for 99 years
#498 reappeared as Erak
#500 permanently slain by Belphanior

A type VI demon that decimated the party beneath the Sea of Dust, Elik was finally slain by Peldor. One of six Balors in existence, this demon’s eye evolved into a minor artifact in its own right; see also the Eye of Elik.

Elik reappeared to menace the party after they had survived the Isle of the Ape; in the guise of a paladin known as Erak, he was soundly thrashed by Belphanior. In defeat, though, he triumphed, for his dispelling opened a portal to the Abyss which sucked the party through.

Elik appeared very soon after, in the climatic battle against Orcus, and died the True Death when Belphanior decapitated him with Blackrazor(and a lot of help from the wispy thing) — since the killing occurred in the Abyss, he is permanently dead (of course, some lucky type V demon will have gotten mutated/upgraded at that moment).

Eli Tomorast  
#371 first appearance
#373 final appearance

Eli was a scaly-handed, black and grey robed wizard who ruled Maure Castle. Using the power of Kerzit the demon, Eli was nurturing a growing evil until the Adventurers arrived. He fled their first encounter, but died (along with his five sorcerer-apprentices) at Sir Drexel’s hands during their second encounter.

Elkazaar   [R.I.P.]
#844 first mentioned
#845 slain by Belphanior

Elkazaar was a minor wizard who served on the Council of Slavers for the city of Hokar, in the Hold of the Sea Princes. He was an underling of another wizard, Tyros the Red, who had all of Belphanior’s possessions at the time; this connection was enough for Elkazaar to end up dead when all was said and done.

#438 first appearance

Elmtrunk is a huge treant which resides in Peyote’s stoned-henge within the Vesve. By all accounts, he was a friendly sort of being.

Endymion   [R.I.P.]
#120 first appearance
#173 died, resurrected
#237 first named
#501 revealed as dead

Endymion was a grey cat and Ged’s familiar, and had been on more than his share of adventures. In his spare time, he slept, ate, and hunted rats. After the death of its master, the frisky feline quickly passed away.

Endymion had the following stats: ac 6, mv 12&dquot;, HD 1+, hp 18, thac0 19, dam 1-2/1-2/1 (claw/claw/bite), sa climbing, night vision, int Semi-


Enja is one of the barbarian girls in Songa’s tribe who grew up at the same time as Songa. She and her friends excelled in more traditional areas while Songa was learning skills traditionally reserved for the men. Enja was noted for her care of animals, Olga for her fine cooking, Helga for her sewing skills, and Ilsa for just being available.

Epicurus   [R.I.P.]
#69 mentioned in

Epicurus was a sage, now long-dead, who appeared by association several years ago, when the party read “ye olde parchment” which he wrote many centuries ago. This document led the party to the dungeons of Aranor.

Ernest   [R.I.P.] was a member of the crew of the Shark's Tooth (Captain Redjack's galley)
#563 first appearance

Ervin is a servant to Lord Kilroy.

(evil lich)  

This fell being was glimpsed only briefly, as he clutched some dark relic within the Vesve Forest crypt, in #455. See Skorvus.

(evil mage in keep)   [R.I.P.]

Kidnapped Princess Tasmela; slain by the party in episode #42.

(evil priest of Hextor)   [R.I.P.]

This priest of Hextor was one of two allies of General Zog, in episodes #147-#148. Slain by Mongo.

Eyer   is a member of The Enemies of the Nine and of the 'other' adventurers
#362 first appearance

Eyer is a forest elf fighter-acrobat and a follower of the ways of Fharlanghn. He helped Ged and Sir Drexel during their romp through Maure Castle. He is also an old adventuring companion of Yod Ironbeard, Lord Marcus of the Host of Greyspire, and Kup Swiftfoot among others. Eyer hails from the Grandwood Forest near Aerdy.

Eye and Ear  

Eye and Ear are a pair of unimaginatively named hawks who travel with Peyote. See also Fang.

Eye of Elik   [destroyed]
#119 taken by Belphanior
#343 possessed Belphanior
#349 final appearance

The Eye of Elik was all that remained of the Balor Elik slain by the Adventurers. The Eye was an insidious evil, slowly but surely corrupting those who would dare use its dread powers. The mad elf Belphanior was one of such daring, and he gouged out his own left eye to possess the thing. Their unholy union became the death of many foes great and small. The Eye’s eerie crimson glow only hinted at the demonic powers it possessed, the most dread of which was the ability to completely dissolve a living creature’s bones. The thing was finally destroyed by Belphanior and the dark sword Blackrazor.


Fang is Peyote’s dog. See also Eye and Ear.

Farcluun   [R.I.P.]
#123 first appearance
#124 final appearance

Farcluun was a huge red dragon found by the party in the dungeons of Zagyg. After a pitched battle, the monster was finally slain by Belphanior.

Feetla   [R.I.P.] was a member of the Slave Lords
#306 first appearance
#891 brief appearance

Felicia is a teenage girl, rescued from a life of poverty and petty theft by Rillen, Bosco, and Tanya. She now works in the Green Dragon Inn keeping the wine cellars and kitchen storerooms stocked.

Lately (episode ##465) Felicia has been staying with Alindyar and Lyra, while Peldor and Tanya are away.

Felix   is a member of the Populace of Helgate
Feng Lee   [R.I.P.]
#225 final appearance

Feng Lee was a foreign warrior who fought in Lao Khan’s tournament. He used his long, braided hair as a whip. Feng was slain by order of Lao Khan after he was caught cheating, by using a blade in his hair.

Fenris   is a member of The Nine
Ferdis   [R.I.P.] was a member of the crew of the Shark's Tooth (Captain Redjack's galley)
Feuerhauch   [R.I.P.]
Lost #21 slain in
#257 first mentioned

Feuerhauch was a gigantic, legendary red dragon, slain many years ago by Yod Ironbeard among others. Mentioned several times during Mongo and company’s adventures in Thunderdelve, Feuerhauch is held by many to be the mightiest red dragon who ever lived and breathed. See the the 'other' adventurers.

Fex Nonon  
#101 first appearance

Fex Nonon is a brawler beaten by Rillen in the second match of his first tournament.

#362 first mentioned

Fharlanghn is the god on the far horizon. A favorite diety of adventurers everywhere, his name may be invoked whenever someone sets out on a great journey.

Filadril   is a member of the 'other' adventurers
(fire elemental king)  

Another tremendously powerful elemental, summoned using Rillen's blue crystal pyramid, in episode #283. It killed all of the mysterious black-garbed warriors atop Dark Mountain.

(fire elemental lord)  
#865 first appearance

A twenty-foot-tall mass of bright yellow flames, this being was bound to a ring that Mongo wore, a ring that the dwarf thought merely granted fire resistance, but which was actually a ring of fire elemental command. The ring's full powers were enabled when it (and Mongo) were hit by a wave of unnaturally-hot demon fire; the ring summoned the fire elemental lord, who helped turn the tide of battle. The fires that this being unleashed were so powerful that they even burned the flesh of demons who were resistant to heat and fire. Before departing for its home plane, the elemental lord advised Mongo that he could call upon it once every moon, but also that doing so for trivial reasons would be unwise.

#181 first appearance

Firindral is the arrogant leader of some grey elves encountered within the Welkwood, as the party headed westward. If not for Ged, he probably would have caused Belphanior and Mongo to murder him.

Flavius Shadow-Walker   [R.I.P.]
#286 mentioned in

Flavius was a legendary thief of Dyvers, from several centuries ago. Flavius’ M.O. was to perform daring robberies for the sheer thrill of it. His name and techniques were used by Peldor to help cover his and Tanya’s tracks while stealing an extremely ornate crown. Hopefully for Peldor, the dead rest easy.

Flexbar   [R.I.P.] was a member of the Dragon Hunters
Flint Firelips     [R.I.P.]
#86 first appearance
#89 brought back to life by Ged
#143 final appearance

Flint Firelips was a tough little dwarven warrior, found in the Underdark by the Adventurers. He followed and fought alongside the party for awhile, until he officially became Mongo’s henchman. Flint shared in many adventures, but met an untimely end on another world when he was permanently slain by a sphere of annihilation.

#50 first appearance

Foldor is a young lad who fancied himself a priest and tried to join the party back when they were looking for another member after Rob’s sudden departure. However, Foldor was completely unqualified, and Rillen got the job instead.

Fred   is a member of the Greyhawk Thieves' Guild
Frederick   is a member of Bosco's family
Friar Cas   is a member of the Host of Greyspire
#632 first appearance

Fungo was the shaman of a strange tribe of little mushroom-people deep within the Griff Mountains. He and his tribe helped Songa, Rillen, and Tarl as they made their way through the cave system. See also Bulba.

#176 first appearance

Fusoya is a very strange being that the party encountered while passing through the plane of Concordant Opposition. His (her? its?) true purpose, powers, and motivations remain unknown.

#26 first appearance

Fyndax is a human alchemist, found in the the Slave Lords’ hideout. He was freed along with Carlstar.

Galain Rockhelm  
#182 first appearance

Galain is a roving dwarven patrol leader, encountered in the Lortmil Mountains by the party. As it turns out, he belongs to the army of dwarves commanded by Yod Ironbeard.

Galil-Gildur   [R.I.P.] was a member of The Crimson Blades
#192 first appearance
#637 subsequent appearance

Gallant is a centaur, a half-man, half-horse creature who was one of Halbarad and Peyote’s allies whom the party met while pursuing the seven runes. He is proficient with the longbow as well as the weighted net. Fortunately, Bosco never had the idea to try and ride him.

Galt Lauter  
#176 first appearance

Galt is an abrasive, aggressive Greyhawk City Watchman, who arrested Gorin and Bosco for a murder they didn’t commit. He later caused trouble for the entire party, while the the great beast from beyond the stars was roaming the lands.

See also Derider Fanshaen.

Ganzer   is a member of the Populace of Helgate
Garn   [R.I.P.]
#214 first appearance
#218 final appearance

Garn was a wandering ranger who traveled with Belphanior and Rillen for a brief time. A grizzled veteran and experienced warrior, Garn nevertheless met his doom, killed by whatever was in the fog that rolled into a small, isolated town.

#189 first appearance

Garth is a hulking ex-slave who took command of the thousand-plus ex-slaves that the party liberated from the Hold of the Sea Princes. He owes the party a great debt, yet they owe him one as well, for without his leadership, the ex-slaves wouldn’t have been as orderly and efficient.

#48 first appearance

Garzithraxonitus is a bronze dragon encountered by the party many years ago, within Aranor’s dungeons. He led a pack of four other bronze dragons which the party bartered with; it was he who was responsible for giving Peldor the ring of truth.

Garzithraxonitus seems to have polymorphed into human form and attended Lyra’s one-hundredth birthday party, under the false name “Garzith”.

Ged     [R.I.P.] was a member of the Adventurers and of Ged's family
#1 first appearance
#297 loses his priestly powers
#299 regains his priestly powers
#311 abducted by Kheldar
#500 slain by Orcus

Ged was a grey elven wizard, and a high priest of Boccob, god of magic. A founding member of the party, he had never been slain in battle. This lucky streak ended in the Abyss, when the elf, defending a comrade from treachery, leaped into the path of a deadly disintegration beam. He was vaporized instantly, along with all of his possessions.

Ged hailed from the kingdom of Celene.

Ged's father   [R.I.P.] was a member of Ged's family
Ged's mother   [R.I.P.] was a member of Ged's family
Gerald Sivadus   is a member of the Greyhawk Thieves' Guild
Ghuust   [R.I.P.] was a member of The Vampire Hunters
Gilanthar   is a member of Ged's family
#69 first appearance

Gillian is a nobleman from Greyhawk who hired Halbarad for a solo mission, many years back.

Glodreddi Bakkanin   is a member of the Oligarchs of Greyhawk
Gnerkil   is a member of the Host of Greyspire
Gog (fire giant)   [R.I.P.] was a member of The Nine
Gog (storm giant)   is a member of the Host of Greyspire
Gomer   is a member of the Populace of Helgate
Gorath   is a member of the bandits
#252 first appearance

Gorath is a bandit

Gorath of Krynn  
#153 first appearance
#525 advises Belphanior
#969 Sought out by Belphanior
#970 Slain by Belphanior after treachery

Gorath is an honorable death knight who skirmished with the party briefly, then flew away. He is actually a refugee (some would say vagrant) on Oerth, having arrived there through events beyond his control. Armed only with a legendary sword and four centuries of fighting experience, and accompanied by his undead steed, Gorath resides in the Vale of Death in the Forlorn Forest. Belphanior sought out the death knight when he learned that Gorath had managed to escape Orcus’ control. Gorath remained silent on that matter, but did tell Belphanior of Xusia’s power. The price of this knowledge was Belphanior’s agreement to aid Gorath when he should require it.

Gordo   is a member of the Greyhawk Thieves' Guild
Gorgo Hammerhead    
#604 first appearance

Gorgo is Mongo’s cousin (there are others, such as the Knuckleheads). He showed up to help Mongo with the Panagaea quest. A berserker, Gorgo wears spiked armor and fights with a spiked mace, and tends to charge headlong into battle despite the odds. Though not too bright, he proved to be a loyal and useful companion.

#148 first appearance
#307 slain by Potas Potay
#310 raised by Derider Fanshaen
#600 stayed at the Host of Greyspire
#785 slain by Kael General
#865 slain by demons
#892 said to be in homeland recuperating

Gorin is a young dwarven warrior who fought against the horde of giants. He saved Mongo’s life at one point, and later, Mongo helped him when he was wounded. After the fighting was over, Mongo offered a henchman position to the young dwarf, who then accepted. Gorin endured many adventures under Mongo’s tutelage, but when the older dwarf left Greyspire’s army, Gorin remained behind.

#150 mentioned in

Gorka is a mystical, almost mythical old man who tends a highly magical tree in some faraway, hidden place. He was mentioned once by the wizard Tenser. Gorka’s tree has amazing magical properties; for example, a small portion of its roots, when eaten, allows the eater to breathe underwater for a day at a time. The other powers of the tree can only be guessed at.

Gornak   [R.I.P.]
#225 final appearance

Gornak was a huge, two-headed humanoid warrior who fought in the second great tournament Rillen participated in. He seemed to enjoy ripping foes in half, but was slain by Sonja and Kalu.

Gothnug   [R.I.P.]
Lost #24 final appearance

Gothnug was a deep dwarf and master armorer who lived several centuries past. In alliance with the archmage Malgorth, the duergar crafted one of the most powerful suits of armor in existence. In the end, it was locked forever around the tortured body of a dwarf. The Iron Dwarf was born.

For all his masterful crafting, Gothnug’s reward was to become the first victim of the Iron Dwarf.

(Grand Master)   [R.I.P.]
#101 first appearance

Rillen's old teacher, seen in episode ##101 after the great tournament. He also appeared in flashbacks in episode ##275. Slain behind the scenes sometime before that episode, he was buried by Rillen in his monastery

(grey dragon)  

Never actually appeared, but was implied to exist during episode #117, while the party explored the ruins amidst the Sea of Dust. It appeared to have the power to negate magic, though this was never proven.

King Grimlok  
#395 first appearance

Grimlok is the king of the svirfneblin who live far below Greyhawk, deeper even than the sewers of that city reach. Though he took the precaution of sleeping Mongo and Bosco at first, he turned out to be a very helpful guy, helping the Adventurers to recover from the disastrous explosion in the sewers. In return, the Adventurers were able to help repel an attack by the foul smelling kuo-toa on the svirfneblin city. Grimlok wielded an enchanted mithril pick capable of blinding its victim. Belphanior visited the deep gnomes off-screen sometime around episode #606.

See also Sludj and Slagg.

Grimthaard   [R.I.P.]
#257 first mentioned
#261 first appearance
#263 final appearance

Grimthaard was an orcish general whose forces occupied certain lower levels of Thunderdelve Mountain for some time. He was slain by Mongo during Yod Ironbeard’s campaign to reclaim the mountain. His dead father, Gerzog, was also referenced by Yod. It was from his dead carcass, that Mongo took the Invulnerable Coat of Arnd.

Grub   [R.I.P.] was a member of Omak's Band
The Guardian   [unknown] was a member of Personages of Monmurg
Gulah   [R.I.P.] was a member of the Agents of Iuz
Gunther   is a member of the Populace of Helgate
Gutboy Barrelhouse   [R.I.P.] was a member of the Company of Nine
#9 first appearance

Guzel is a simple shopkeeper who helped the party, long ago when they were young and stupid.


Assaulted the party with riddles in episode #152.


Hadeus is the duke summoned by the ancient devil cult while the Adventurers were demolishing their fortress. During the ensuing battle, Hadeus fought with great fury, even ripping Peldor in half at one point. However, he was slain by Belphanior, who wielded the magical blade Blackrazor. After his form on this plane was destroyed, Hadeus was bound to his home plane for a period of 99 years.

Halbarad     is a member of the Adventurers
#1 first appearance
#11 died in battle
#12 resurrected by Dianna
#72 left party
#192 helped party search for runes
#252 solo adventure
#320 helped rescue main group
#424 went on Peldor’s bachelor party
#425 attended Peldor’s wedding
#436 went on Vesve Forest quest
#451 continued quest

Halbarad is a human ranger, and a founding member of the party. However, along with Peyote, he left the group some time ago and has appeared sporadically since then. His frequent companion is Zephyr, an enormous tiger. Halbarad comes from the small town of Jharek in Furyondy.

Halfstad   is a member of the Host of Greyspire
(half orc warrior)   [R.I.P.]

A huge half-orc who fought for Huey, Dewey, and Louie in episode #190. He was slain messily as Peldor used his ring of telekinesis to lift him into the air and then drop him.

Harvis   is a member of the Host of Greyspire
#192 first mentioned

Heironeous is the patron of all things chivalrous including justice, honor, and valor. However, priests and paladins in his service tend to be insufferably dedicated.

See also Sir Drexel and Proctor.

Helen   [R.I.P.] was a member of Miscellaneous denizens of the Dark Realms
#579 first appearance

Helga is an elderly member of Songa’s tribe and the midwife for the same. She presided over Songa’s own birth, and sadly, at the miscarrage of Songa’s child.

#899 first appearance
#928 freed by the party
#976 more details of identity/nature

Helios was a solar, a gigantic winged being of immense power and Good. He was trapped in stasis on the moon gateway until found and freed by Belphanior's party.

Herbert   is a member of the Populace of Helgate
Hermis   [R.I.P.] was a member of Miscellaneous denizens of the Dark Realms

Hextor is the god of Tyranny and Brutal Warfare on Oerth; Kalenon was his high priest.

Hildegard   [R.I.P.]
Lost #18 final appearance

Hildegard was Songa’s mother. She and her husband, Rolfgar, died of a sickness that swept through the barbarian village.

#253 first appearance

Hobbes is Peldor’s page and errand boy.

See also Cecil and Calvin.

Hope     is a member of Belphanior's team
#974 reborn from vampiress Drusilla — renamed herself

Hope was slain and reborn by Belphanior using a holy sword. See also Drusilla.

#356 first appearance

Horkus is a large oaf who started (and quickly lost) a brawl in the Bloody Boar tavern. He was last seen trying to recover his breath after encountering Mongo’s fist.

Hrothgar   is a member of the new Vampire Hunters
#375 first mentioned

Hrothgrar is the shaman for Arnold’s tribe in the frozen north. He was mentioned as performing the ritual of marriage for Rillen and Songa.

Hubehn   [R.I.P.]
#370 final appearance

Hubehn was a black-robed wizard, and second-in-command to Eli Tomorast of Maure Castle. He died anonymously with a broken neck from Mongo’s hammer. His identity was later revealed by a group of guards.

Huey   [R.I.P.]
#189 first appearance
#190 final appearance

Huey, along with his brothers Dewey and Louie, was a pompous, chaotic aristocrat and mage from Westkeep, in the Hold of the Sea Princes. The three ruled Westkeep during the time Belphanior decided to free the slaves of that city. Huey tried unsuccessfully to bribe Belphanior into returning the slaves. He and his brothers, along with the evil priest Balok and an unnamed half-orc, tried and failed to destroy the party. Huey himself was slain by Belphanior’s evil eye.

Humphrey   is a member of the Populace of Helgate
Iblis   [R.I.P.] was a member of the Dragon Hunters
Icar   [R.I.P.]
#24 final appearance

Icar was a tall, dark, blind warrior, an agent of the the Slave Lords. He was slain in combat early in the Adventurers’ travels through the slavers’ complex.

Igor   [R.I.P.]
#94 first appearance
#100 final appearance

Igor was the hunchbacked servant of the vampire lord, who menaced and taunted the party throughout their incarceration. He was slain by Rillen during the final battle in the evil one’s castle.

Ilivarra Dalael   [R.I.P.]
#175 final appearance

Ilivarra was the matron mother of the house of Zauviir, within the drow city of Erelhei-Cinlu in the Underdark. She was slain by Peldor during the battle-filled rescue of Alindyar.

Incus   is a member of the Populace of Helgate
(inhabitants of the Isle of the Ape)  

These beings appeared at various times in episodes #480-#497. All of them were denizens of that strange, demi-planar island.

  • the tyrannosaurus: a hungry carnivore, it fought the party and ate Mongo... but later developed a peculiar indigestion
  • the giant ape: one of five such beasts, they were mates for Oonga
  • Baldy: witch doctor of one tribe of savages, he befriended Mongo and eventualy helped him
  • Oonga: the monstrous magical ape that is the true ruler of the Isle, it fought the party to a standstill

#440 first appearance

Iptroot is a treant in the service of Oakly Greenleaf, the Great Druid of Obad-Hai, in the Vesve Forest. He carried Peyote and the others to the evil crypt, cutting down greatly on travel time. Unfortunately, he was unable to fit through the dungeon’s tiny door, and had to wait outside and miss all the fun.

#994 first appearance

Irina is a high priestess of Istus, based out of that goddess’ temple in the City of Greyhawk. Irina was apparently chosen by her goddess and superiors to replace the slain Jenna within Belphanior’s party. A veteran warrior before becoming a priestess, the lean, mean, one-eyed Irina is all business, but has gradually become more comfortable in the group.

Irixialus   is a member of the cardplayers
Iron Dwarf  
Lost #24
#104 first regular appearance
#106 buried in rock-to-mud-to-rock
#313 reappeared in
#325 buried within castle on island
#600 finally emerged from the sea

The Iron Dwarf is the lightning-in-a-bottle of warriors. A perpetually enraged and completely insane foe, he is sheathed from head to toe in enchanted armor and items. He is hundreds of years old, older than any mortal dwarf. Once a normal dwarf who was twisted by Malgorth the Wicked, the Iron Dwarf is now as impervious to the effects of time as he is to the blows that fall upon his armored form.

He first appeared with Zara as she tried to take her revenge on the party. Though buried in rock, the Iron Dwarf yet lived. He either unearthed himself, or was unearthed by Necros’ minions as part of his foul plot to destroy the Adventurers. In any case, he was apparently bound to obey the bearer of a certain talisman possessed by Necros and friends. During the final battle against the evil priest, an island fortress collapsed on top of the Iron Dwarf. Even that was not enough to contain the fury that is the Iron Dwarf.

See also Gothnug.

(iron dwarf)   is a member of Zara's bounty hunters
(iron golem of Maure Castle)  

Armed with a poison-coated diamond sword and a feather whip capable of stoning its victim, the golem proved invulnerable to all of the Adventurers weapons and spells. __ENTITY(KEY_E::Baltek) was the clever one to think to use the sword and dagger held by nearby statues. Using these weapons, Mongo and Eyer slew the thing in episode #369.

Ixlin   [R.I.P.] was a member of Omak's Band
#599 first appearance

Jackie is a master of martial arts, though which one is hard to say. His leaping, chaotic style was no match for Bruce’s skill.

#566 first mentioned

Jadhim is the reigning Pasha of Tusmit. His authority was invoked in Bosco’s extradition.

#460 first appearance

Jafu is an evil efreet who served the Vizier of Zeif and supported that man’s evil plots and plans. He was defeated and driven away behind the scenes, by Kassim the genie.

Jallarzi   is a member of the Circle of Eight
Jallarzi Sallavarian  
#250 first appearance

Jallarzi is a human sorceress and the youngest member of the the Circle of Eight. She helped combat the tarrasque as it neared Greyhawk. See also Bigby, Otiluke, Rary, Tenser, and Otto of Greyhawk.

Jamac   [R.I.P.] was a member of the Host of Greyspire
Jamaine   is a member of the Populace of Helgate
Janus   is a member of the new Vampire Hunters
Jaron Mendenhall   is a member of Miscellaneous denizens of the Dark Realms
Jason   is a member of the Host of Greyspire
Jawal Severnain  
#238 first appearance

Jawal Severnain is the dark elven head librarian at Greyhawk’s Guild of Wizardry. He has helped Alindyar research spells on numerous occassions and the two drow have become good friends. When Belphanior sought to free Victoria from Orcus’ rule, Jawal assisted his research.

Jenna     is a member of Belphanior's team
King Jeon   [R.I.P.]
#193 first appearance
#849 reported slain by his evil brother Creon

King of the sea princes, Kimbertos said he wasn’t a big proponent of slavery.

Jerome Kasinskaia   is a member of The Enemies of the Nine and of the Oligarchs of Greyhawk
#107 first appearance

Jerrod is the crusty old skipper of the _Typhoon_, the ship that took the party south to the wild Amedio Jungle, many years ago.

Jordy   is a member of the crew of the Shark's Tooth (Captain Redjack's galley)
Jorvul   [R.I.P.]
#269 final appearance

Jorvul was an overly greedy fence in the city of Narwell, on the Wild Coast. His excessive greed caused him to get himself killed by Belphanior.

Judhon     is a member of Belphanior's team
Jutokai     [R.I.P.] was a member of Belphanior's team
General Kael   [R.I.P.] was a member of The Nine
Kalenon   [R.I.P.] was a member of The Crimson Blades
Kaltek Werm  
#586 first appearance

Kaltek Werm is a rakish noble in his 40’s who currently serves as warden in Greyhawk’s prison, the Citadel.

#225 first appearance

Kalu is a mysterious hooded warrior who fought in the tournament and battle on Lao Khan’s island. He didn’t talk much, but he aided Rillen’s group against the evil Khan. He was one of the few survivors of the chaotic final battle against Lao Khan.

#460 first appearance
#463 first named

Kassim is a thickly-muscled, bald-headed, goateed genie who serves Murad, Sultan of Zeif. He was instrumental in the successful completion of Peldor’s forced quest there.

Kenso Adon   [R.I.P.] was a member of Omak's Band
#594 first mentioned

Keraptis is rumoured to be a foul wizard making his home in White Plume Mountain, a smoking pinnacle rising out of the Vast Swamp. Whether true or false, none of the Adventurers has yet tried to find out.

Brother Kerin   [R.I.P.] was a member of the Slave Lords
Kern   is a member of the Populace of Helgate
Kernal   is a member of the Populace of Helgate
Kerzit   [R.I.P.]
#373 final appearance

Kerzit was a bizarre thing, ten feet tall and almost as broad. It had four arms, two of them long tentacles, and two of them saw-toothed protrusions. Two powerful legs ending in hooked talons supported the hairy body and the monstrous wolf’s head. A fearsome opponent of darkness, Kerzit was slain by Sir Drexel in the depths of Maure Castle.

Keymil Neston  
#306 first appearance

Keymil is a foppish minor nobleman in Greyhawk. He caught Felicia trying to steal his purse. According to Bosco, he is also a rather poor card player.

Kheldar   [R.I.P.]
#311 first appearance
#323 first named
#325 final appearance

Kheldar was an arrogant, grey-clad human assassin working for Necros during the time of the Adventurers capture. His motives were purely professional: he worked for a fee, not for vengeance. Though he claimed to be the most feared assassin on Oerik, Whisper proved otherwise, slaying him in the battle on Necros’ isle.

Kiel Morgan  
#105 first mentioned
#109 first appearance

Kiel Morgan is a great explorer whose name first came up when the Adventurers realized that they needed his help to find the lost city in the Sea of Dust. Soon afterward, they actually met him. Kiel gave the party several magical items of unique usefulness, among them Ged’s sky balloon and Belphanior’s compass.

The buzz around the campfires of the world is that, if you need to find a lost, legendary place, Kiel is the man to see.

Kieran Jalucian   is a member of the Oligarchs of Greyhawk
Kieravaak   [R.I.P.]
#72 final appearance

Kieravaak was a large red dragon, fought amidst some mountains while they party sought the devil cult’s fortress. It roasted Peyote, Arnold, and Halbarad before finally being slain by Ged’s spells.

Lord Kilroy  
#562 first mentioned
#564 first appearance

Lord Kilroy is a very wealthy, very large man who lives not far outside of Greyhawk. He hosted the second Dragon Deck tournament which Bosco won. See the the cardplayers.

Kimbertos Skotti  
#193 first appearance
#903 confided in by Belphanior
#912 mentioned after the fact

The king of Keoland, tall and rugged, decided to let Belphanior’s freed slaves remain in Keoland. Many years later, he privately endorsed Belphanior’s assault on Monmurg.

Kinichi     [R.I.P.] was a member of Belphanior's team
Klark   [R.I.P.] was a member of Omak's Band
High Wizard Kordaak   [R.I.P.] was a member of Personages of Monmurg
Korg   [R.I.P.]
#637 first appearance
#638 perished

Korg was an orcish sergeant in the group that roamed the area north of the Shield Lands and was tracked by Halbarad et al. The inevitable battle resulted in Korg’s fiery death. See also Zoltar.

Korl   [R.I.P.]
#641 final appearance

Korl was a big bear of a man, who (along with his friends Horace and Tergil) tested Helgate’s laws and Razor Charlie’s enforcement of them while Belphanior and the rest were away. Korl and Horace were slain, while Tergil was knocked unconscious and presumable thrown in the town jail.

Kroc   [R.I.P.] was a member of the bandits
Krom   [R.I.P.] was a member of The Crimson Blades
#274 first appearance
#951 subsequent appearance

Kronos first turned up in recorded history almost two thousand years ago. A powerful wizard of Flan or Oeridian descent — accounts vary — he seemed to be a benevolent sort, and is accomplishments included unmasking the Hooded Ones and driving back the Faceless Horde. Kronos’ interest lay with the very nature of time itself, and he became a master of both its lore and associated magicks. He eventually became a lich, but not by the normal methods, and his exact nature and powers were different than other such beings. Following that transformation, Kronos was loosely associated with other deeds, such as the battle with the vampire king Von Kuryen and the creation of the fabled City in the Clouds. Not much is certain, other than that he took a passive role in world events for a long while. Kronos’ last great historical footnote was his epic battle with the mummy king Al-Arakara, beneath the Sea of Dust, six hundred years ago. Kronos lost that battle and managed to flee magically, retreating to a secret place to rest. That rest lasted six centuries, and took place in a small, hidden tomb beneath the Cairn Hills.

While searching for lost treasure in episode #273, Belphanior and Otto found their way into that tomb. They did battle with some guardians and then a band of do-gooders led by Torin the Crusader. Near the end of the latter fight, a mummified body — supposedly Kronos — came back to life right before Belphanior sealed the cairn, trapping Torin’s first company along with a plethora of angry undead. Torin fled, his band was slaughtered, and Kronos quietly made his way to (or perhaps made) a lair deep within the Corusk Mountains. There he remained until located by Belphanior and company in episodes #959-#960. A temporary alliance was formed, with the purpose of destroying the mummy king Al-Arakara. This business was concluded in episode #968; unbeknownst to Belphanior, after he left, Parekh had a brief conversation with Kronos. She had alerted the lich to the approach of Belphanior days before, and had also invited him to join her secret cabal of wizards. Kronos ultimately accepted this offer, which led to a series of events culminating in current efforts in the Bright Desert.

Kronos is a human figure of average height and build, with chalk-white skin. His head is bald and his eyes are blood-red. He favors a hooded grey robe. Though technically a lich — he is undead and does have a soul — Kronos uses his powers to prevent his physical body from decaying, an effort which is apparently constant, and made easier in cold climates. A reclusive individual who prefers the company of silent undead to that of living beings, he possesses immense magical powers, surely at the 18th level of spell casting ability if not higher.

Krug     [R.I.P.]
#1 first appearance
#3 final appearance

Krug was a hulking, smelly human warrior and a founding party member. He was slain by Mongo, though, after trying to kill Ged for reasons unknown. Nobody missed him.

#599 first appearance

Kruk was a lean, muscled brute who decorated himself in war paint, but was soundly beaten by Rillen on his way to winning the third great fighting tournament.

Kubala   [R.I.P.]
#225 final appearance

Kubala was a strange warrior who fought in Lao Khan’s tournament. His claim to fame was his long, hard fingernails, which he used to slice up foes. He was incapacitated by Mirimoto during the great final battle. He was later dispatched as a matter of prudence.

Kup Swiftfoot   is a member of the 'other' adventurers
#148 first appearance
#451 helped on crypt adventure

Kup Swiftfoot is an enigmatic, pipe-smoking halfling from the Flinty Hills. He led a force of halflings to Mongo’s aid against the giants. Years later, it was revealed that he was one member of an old group of adventuring companions, which includes Yod Ironbeard, Lord Marcus of the Host of Greyspire, the barbarian Tarl, the high priest Relmar, and the elf Eyer. Kup was a valuable asset to the Vesve-crypt mission for Oakly Greenleaf.

#402 first mentioned

Kurell is the god of Jealousy, Revenge, and Thievery on Oerth; he is only notable in the stories because he was worshipped by Sharyn Messandier.

Kynn Trylannan   [R.I.P.]
#313 first appearance
#318 first named
#325 final appearance

Kynn was a slender elven sorceress clad in blue robes, who for a time was allied with Necros. It was she who used Tanya as the bait to capture Peldor and coincidentally Belphanior. This task was made considerably easier because she held an iron talisman which gave her command over the Iron Dwarf’s endless fury. She was one of the many slavers in Westkeep whose livelihood was ruined by Belphanior’s scheme to free the slaves of that city. During the battle on Necros’ isle, Belphanior slew the witch with his evil eye.

Kyros   [R.I.P.]
#341 first appearance
#342 first named
#435 death mentioned

Kyros was a tall, lean human mercenary hired by Otto (at the same time as Razor Charlie) to beef up the defenses of Helgate. He specialized in the trident. Kyros was slain by bandits sometime around episodes ##432-#435.

Lamonsten   [R.I.P.] was a member of the Slave Lords
Lao Khan   [R.I.P.]
#225 final appearance

Lao Khan was an ancient warrior/sorceror who hosted the second fighting tournament Rillen entered. He was planning to somehow take control of all the participants, and use them as troops, or else fodder for his hellish experiments. Amidst a pitched battle, he was finally slain in combat by Rillen. Belphanior took his anti-magic sphere and transported it to another place.

Lareth the Beautiful   [R.I.P.]
#650 first appearance

Lareth was a handsome human priest of Lloth, in the Temple of Elemental Evil. His forces were challenged by the Misadventurers, and in the end Lareth was slain by Peyton Farquhar.

Larrat Helfdene   is a member of the Greyhawk Thieves' Guild
Laryn   [R.I.P.] was a member of The Crimson Blades
Laup Cobrun   is a member of the Oligarchs of Greyhawk
Leanne   is a member of the Populace of Helgate
Leila   is a member of Ged's family
#196 first appearance

Leila is a grey elven mage and older sister of Ged. She commanded the warship _Victory_ during the party’s quest for the Water Rune.

#252 first appearance

Lena was an innocent peasant girl who was kidnapped by some bandits and taken into the Burneal Forest. The only survivor of all the peasant hostages taken, she was eventually rescued by Halbarad.

Lenster   [R.I.P.]
Lost #22 final appearance

Lenster was a councilman in the city of Denchan. His council hired a band of adventurers to slay a terrible red dragon. His fellow councilmen included the old Wervis and the young Ermac. None of them escaped Cynder’s wrath.

See also the the Dragon Hunters.

#288 first appearance
#293 first named

Leonardo is a master chef, hired by Peldor to head up the Green Dragon Inn’s kitchen staff. He lives with his wife, Elayne, and their trio of sneaky ferrets (which are, by the way, the parents of Bosco’s quartet of sneaky ferrets.)

Lerbar   is a member of the cardplayers
Lightbringer   [destroyed]
#92 first spoke
#500 destroyed

Lightbringer was an intelligent, very powerful holy morning-star. Its special purpose was to slay undead, a purpose which it performed very well. Possessed of mighty powers, it became Ged’s weapon of choice. The morningstar was destroyed by Orcus while Ged was trying to escape the Abyss with his companions.

Limbor   is a member of The Enemies of the Nine and of the 'other' adventurers
#102 first appearance

Lindsellicus is a great architect, hired by Ged to design his castle. He still turns up from time to time, most recently to rebuild the new and improved Green Dragon Inn.

See also Scotty.

Lirras   [R.I.P.] was a member of the bandits
Lise   is a member of Miscellaneous denizens of the Dark Realms
Locretius   [R.I.P.] was a member of Rillen's first companions
(Loc Nar)   [R.I.P.]

A demon who possessed Bosco's body in episodes #76-#77; it was finally exorcised by Rob.

Lord of Illusions  
#604 first mentioned
#617 false appearance
#655 first appearance

The Lord of Illusions (who also goes by the name Tonberry) is a three-foot tall, green-skinned being with large yellow pupil-less eyes. His existence was only rumored, and he had decoys set up, but Alindyar was persistent in his efforts, and the Lord of Illusions eventually agreed to teach the dark elf.

This being is vastly powerful, especially in the field of illusion, where his illusions are strong enough that they actually alter reality. He/it was able to teleport Alindyar and Lyra back to Greyhawk with barely a thought. The Lord of Illusions also has a large library with a disembodied, talking mouth for a guide; the library contains the Codex of Infinite Planes, among other rare works.

Lorvon   is a member of the Greyhawk Thieves' Guild
Lothar (of the Hill People)   [R.I.P.]
#619 first appearance

Lothar was a hillman from the Abbor-Alz, sent to spy on Alindyar and Lyra when they sought out a mysterious tomb. His greed proved his undoing, as he was slain by a rune-based trap after the drow departed.

#60 first appearance

Lotus was a rather absent-minded fellow who sold the party a ship, many years ago. He might be distantly related to Rob, but nothing is certain.

Louie   [R.I.P.]
#189 first appearance
#190 final appearance

Louie was the third of three magi-brothers who ruled Westkeep when the mad elf Belphanior decided to free the slaves of that city. He was slain by Rillen’s bow of doubling.

See also Huey and Dewey.

Luc   is a member of the cardplayers
Lumis   [R.I.P.] was a member of Personages of Monmurg
Lunok   [R.I.P.]
#10 first mentioned

Lunok was a long-dead evil wizard who appeared by association when the party explored his ruined castle in one of their first adventures.

Lyra     is a member of the Adventurers
Lost #17
#62 first regular appearance
#143 caught in Alindyar’s retributive strike
#174 reappeared
#315 abducted by Necros’ agents

Lyra is a female drow wizard, and was originally a member of a drow raiding party that attacked the Adventurers several years ago. She was captured by the party and soon converted from her previous errant ways by Alindyar, who thereafter became her mate. She quickly became a useful and trusted member of the party. Lyra comes from the drow city of Rilauven.

Malachai   [R.I.P.] was a member of the Agents of Iuz
Malgorth   [unknown]

Malgorth was as powerful as he was insane, but none of his foul deeds compare to the creation of the most twisted and fearsome weapon the world has known. Malgorth made the Iron Dwarf. Through hellish torture and godlike sorcery, the mad wizard created and controlled the ultimate slayer.

Malgorth is presumed dead, for his talisman to control the fury of the Iron Dwarf fell into other hands, and it seems unlikely that could happen while the wizard still drew breath. But for one of Malgorth’s power, many things are possible.

See also Gothnug.

Malor   [R.I.P.]
#70 final appearance

Malor was one member of a band that tried and failed to beat the party, quite some time ago.

General Malthus   [R.I.P.] was a member of Personages of Monmurg
(many eyed sphere)  

Similar to a beholder but with fewer eyes, this strange creature was encountered by Alindyar and Lyra on the plane of Concordant Opposition. It was not agressive, and when attempts at communication failed, it simply went on its way.

Lord Marcus   is a member of the 'other' adventurers
#216 first appearance

Marcus is a great Flan warrior, general, and commander of the Host of the Host of Greyspire in the Riftcanyon. Belphanior and Rillen caught a glimpe of him and his fortress while journeying through the area.

Lord Marek   [R.I.P.] was a member of Miscellaneous denizens of the Dark Realms
Markessa   [R.I.P.]
#25 final appearance

Markessa was a cruel, evil female elf who the Adventurers fought while in the the Slave Lords’ stronghold. She met a bloody end, as so many do, at the hands of Belphanior.

Marko   [R.I.P.] was a member of The Vampire Hunters
#62 first appearance

Marta is the woman in the tiny town of Tragidore who persuaded the party to find out what happened to the town’s men. This adventure led to the finding of Lyra.

#594 first appearance

Max is one of Deryck’s dogs. See also Rex.

Mazzichelli   is a member of the 'other' adventurers

Four of these foul creatures nearly wiped out Mongo's first command as a member of the Host of Greyspire's forces in episode #557. Only four dwarves escaped seeing their terrible faces, though the unlucky ones would eventually be restored to flesh.

Mekko Minestone   is a member of the cardplayers
Melancon   [R.I.P.] was a member of the new Vampire Hunters
Melthius   is a member of the cardplayers
#336 first appearance

Merkle is an assistant tutor at the College of Magic. The old man delivered to Alindyar an offer from Tobin Potriades for the position of full professor.

Mervin   is a member of the Greyhawk Thieves' Guild
#998 first appearance
#999 slain by the adventurers
#1000 slain for real

Mesoloth was a mysterious and legendary dragon, sought out by Belphanior because the wyrm appeared to be the most recent owner of a minor artifact the elf wanted. When finally found, Mesoloth turned out to be a very rare and very old purple dragon, perhaps the only one of its kind in the world: a two-headed beast some three hundred feet in length, and possessing vast magical powers. Its right head was calmer and more conversational, while its left head was quieter, more cunning, and easily annoyed. One thing both heads could apparently agree on was they they wanted to attack the adventurers and add their magical items to its hoard. After a titanic battle, the ancient wyrm was defeated (almost certainly because Belphanior’s ranks had been bolstered by Mongo and Alindyar) and its treasure plundered by the party. However, a week later, the dragon reappeared, having survived (albeit in a wounded state) due to contingency magic it had put in place before the first confrontation. In the second battle, both the dragon and the sky castle plummeted to the world’s surface, destroying both.

Mesoloth was a compulsive but well-organized hoarder of magic and knowledge. It is worth noting that its well-protected and -stocked subterranean vault has outlived the dragon itself, and continues to be both a source of wonder and frustration for Belphanior and his team.

Miles   is a member of the Populace of Helgate
Milin   [R.I.P.] was a member of the Dragon Hunters
Miriam   is a member of Miscellaneous denizens of the Dark Realms
#225 first appearance

Mirimoto is a skinny old warrior who fought in Lao Khan’s tournament, and the later battle. He seemed to be a master of some “soft” (i.e. defensive) martial art. He was also one of the few survivors that day.

(mob assassin)   [R.I.P.]

Apparently hired to kill the party during their stay on Earth, he was killed by Belphanior in episode #204 while the others were away.

Mongo Thunderhead     is a member of the Adventurers
#1 first appearance
#15 realizes hammer is great
#316 abducted by Potas Potay
#385 buried in the sewer cave-in
#391 survived the sewer cave-in
#600 left the Host of Greyspire behind

Mongo is a fierce dwarven warrior and a founding party member. He has been the lynchpin of the party’s offense from day 1, and has been along on almost all of the adventures. Though his body was once destroyed by the demi-lich Acererak, it was wished back into existence by Peldor soon after. Mongo hails from the Flinty Hills. Mongo is currently without a henchdwarf as Gorin decided to remain at Greyspire when Mongo left.

#257 first mentioned

Moradin is a major dwarven god, a.k.a. the “Soul Forger”. His name was often invoked by Yod Ironbeard while Mongo et. al. were in Thunderdelve.

Mordenkainen   is a member of the Circle of Eight
Mordrammo   [R.I.P.] was a member of the Slave Lords
#594 first mentioned

Mukos, as legend would have it, was a tyrant lord banished from the lands of Sunndi who fled to the Vast Swamp and erected his castle there. Centuries later, Xusia would sieze the abandoned site as his own base of power, only to have it all destroyed by Rob’s mighty earthquake.

#462 first appearance

Murad, Sultan of Zeif, is a huge, fat ex-warrior of superior intelligence and cunning. He also has a sense of humor, as was proven when he elected to assist Peldor against the the Despotrix of Hardby.

See also Kassim, the Vizier, and Jafu.

#147 first appearance

Muttonhead is a small but brave halfling warrior who fought at Mongo’s side in the great campaign of the Flinty Hills.

Narl Redbeard   [R.I.P.] was a member of Rillen's first companions
Nebiluzeenub   [R.I.P.]
#913 dungeons explored a bit

Nebiluzeenub XIII, also known as the Mad Over-Wizard, is a mythical figure who, among other accomplishments, constructed a ten-level dungeon complex. This was the place where a party of adventurers (consisting of Durg the dwarf, Sardeep the wizard, Bartoz the priest, Hilda the amazon, Serge the halfling thief, plus the slain Weebo the half-elven priest/wizard and Crestus the paladin) ran into trouble and invoked a powerful summoning spell. This resulted in a confused and unarmed Peldor being whisked from his bed half a world away and plopped into the dungeon. Fortunately, he was still sharp and was able to lead the adventurers out of the dungeon.

Necros   [R.I.P.]
#311 first appearance
#325 final appearance

Necros was an evil priest of great power. Indeed, probably one of the most powerful priests on Oerth because he served Orcus directly. A shrivelled figure clad in the blackest of garments with only dark hollows for eyes, Necros spent years gathering the power to destroy those who slew one of the Balors, Elik. His many allies included Kheldar, Kynn Trylannan, Potas Potay, Pumpledorf, Szen Szing and the ever-dangerous Iron Dwarf. Necros was slain by the combined magicks of the drow and Drawmij.

Neera     is a member of Belphanior's team
Neko     is a member of Belphanior's team
#183 first appearance
#223 first regular appearance
#337 engaged to Deryck
#380 married to Deryck
#901 birth of her and Deryck's child

Nenya is a young elven lass who helped Ged oversee his lands and subjects. She was also his student in the mystical arts. Recently, she was wed to Deryck. Even more recently, she found herself in a position of no little power, following Ged’s death in the Abyss.

Nerg   [R.I.P.]
#328 first mentioned
#341 final appearance

Nerg was the leader of the red-armband gang which menaced Helgate for a brief time. A brute without much intelligence, he and his band of thugs were easily dispatched by the blades of Belphanior and Victoria. Indeed, Nerg’s worthless carcass was only identified posthumously. Arno and Gorvis were the only two other red-armbanded bandits ever named.

Nergal   [R.I.P.]
#118 final appearance

Never explicitly named, Nergal was the nycadaemon defeated by the party in the dungeons under the Sea of Dust.

Nerkon   [R.I.P.]
#0 remembered by Belphanior
#43 mentioned in flashback

Nerkon was Belphanior’s teacher when the elf was much younger. He was slain by his student, many decades ago.

Nerof Gasgal   is a member of the Oligarchs of Greyhawk
#401 first appearance

Nerof is the mayor and head Oligarch of the Free City of Greyhawk. A retired thief, he controls much of the power and money of that great city. He upset Peldor quite terribly when he and certain other the Oligarchs of Greyhawk chose someone else as Org Nenshen’s replacement.

After Sharyn Messandier was revealed to be acting in her own interests, Nerof offered Peldor the position of Guildmaster of Thieves.

Nibben Pathfinder   is a member of the Host of Greyspire
Nightfang   [destroyed]
#400 shattered

Nightfang was a powerfully enchanted longsword found by the rogue Peldor in an anti-magic zone within a deep cavern. While not truly sentient, the sword would only function in the hands of a thief. A marvellous offensive weapon, Nightfang had the incredibly useful property of teleporting its wielder to safety the instant before a mortal blow could strike. This power saved Peldor on several occassions. Nightfang shattered when struck by Mongo’s adamantine longsword, during Peldor’s final battle with the leader of the shapeshifters.

#186 first mentioned

Along with Ranulf, Nobb was one of two primary slave merchants in the city of Westkeep, in the hold of the Sea Princes. It is unknown how his business fared after the Adventurers’ trip through that area. In episode #606, Belphanior mentioned these two as loose ends that needed to be eliminated.

Noggin   is a member of the Host of Greyspire
Nolger Karvakian   [R.I.P.]
#400 first mentioned

Nolger was third in command of the guard for the city of Greyhawk. Never actually met by the Adventurers, it was discovered that he had been replaced by one of the shapeshifters. This body double was finally slain by Otto.

#225 final appearance
#599 reappearance

Norg was a hulking warrior from Lao Khan’s great tournament. Though generally hostile, he never fought directly against Rillen or any of his allies. He was slain by Lao Khan’s minions.

Slain or not, he reappeared in Rillen’s third fighting tournament where he was bested by the hefty Yee. This has led some to suggest the beast has troll blood in him.

Norgerd   [R.I.P.] was a member of the crew of the Shark's Tooth (Captain Redjack's galley)
Norman   is a member of the Populace of Helgate
Norquist   is a member of the Greyhawk Thieves' Guild
Court Wizard Nurka   [R.I.P.] was a member of Personages of Monmurg
Nystul   is a member of the Circle of Eight
#820 first mentioned
#861 first appearance
#862 origin revealed
#865 slain in battle

N’Gasai was a type VI demon (known in some circles as a Balor) who had been exiled to the Prime Material plane several hundred years ago. He settled in the lowest reaches of the stone tower that would later come to be known as Greyspire, and slumbered, slowly regaining his power and summoning lesser demons to his side. This slumber was interrupted by an exploratory party from Lord Marcus’ army in the upper regions of Greyspire, with disastrous results: N’Gasai and his demon hordes overran the fortress and killed almost every single inhabitant. The demon lordling was finally slain after a protracted battle, his soul returning to the Abyss where it would then be powerless and tortured by other demons for a century.

Oakly Greenleaf   is a member of the 'other' adventurers
#440 first appearance

A large, bearded wildman, Oakly is the Great Druid of Obad-Hai, making his home in the depths of the Vesve Forest. It was he who sent Peyote and the others to find out what was happening in the ancient crypt. He is also Daffodil’s father.

#8 first mentioned

Obad-Hai rules over the wild lands and forests of the world. His freedom-seeking followers enjoy life far from so-called ’civilization’. The often strange half-elf Peyote has managed to rise to the full rank of Druid in Obad-Hai’s service.

See also Oakly Greenleaf, Confernicus, and Daffodil.

#196 first appearance

Og is the grizzled dwarven general and veteran who commanded the troops aboard the warship _Victory_, under the command of Leila.

(ogre king)   [R.I.P.] was a member of Zara's bounty hunters
(ogre things)   [R.I.P.]

A gruesome pair of malformed ogres once roamed Greyhawk's sewers, but they met up with Belphanior and his freshly acquired dark sword. They became the first of many souls to fall to the elf and his soul-sucking blade.

Olaf   [R.I.P.]
#159 first appearance
#160 final appearance

Olaf was a Frost Barbarian warrior and member of the great hunt group. He died at the claws and fangs of the great beast.

Olinstaad Corond  
#38 first appearance
#43 second appearance
#298 most recent appearance

Olinstaad is the king of the Principality of Ulek, and a nice guy besides. He has appeared periodically throughout the Adventurers’ careers. His stats appear in the Greyhawk boxed set along with those of all kingdoms’ rulers.

Omak   [R.I.P.]
#541 first appearance
#578 final appearance

Omak was an officer among the armies of the Sea Princes chosen to hunt down the elf Belphanior for his freeing of the slaves of that region. Omak's Band of twelve highly skilled mercenaries came quite close to defeating the elf and probably would have with a bit more luck. As fate would have it, Omak and his remaining allies were forced to flee using his powerful ring of recall. This item has since come into Victoria’s possession. Not content to let Omak’s attack go unanswered, Belphanior pursued the soldier across the ocean, eventually winding up shipwrecked on a small island where the two met again. Omak would not escape this time, dying on Blackrazor's keen edge.

Oobie   [R.I.P.] was a member of the Agents of Iuz
(Oracle of Espyria)  
#606 first mentioned
#665 first heard
#667 first appearance

The Oracle of Espyria is a mysterious, legendary seer who makes her home atop Mount Aeon, within the Hellfurnaces. The way to her lair was guarded by powerful, mythical beasts and wards. A robed, shadowy individual, her power is quite real — she knew why Belphanior and Mongo were coming to see her, and also made some predictions about Belphanior's future that turned out to come true. The Oracle's main contribution was to give the party a piece of information that eventually led them to the Lost Isle of Panagaea.

#119 first appearance
#349 subsequent appearance
#525 most recent appearance

A grossly fat demon lord, Orcus first learned of the Adventurers when one of his Balors, Elik, was slain by Peldor. Subsequently, he has taken an interest in the group in general and the increasingly evil Belphanior in particular. This culminated in the great battle in the Abyss, during which the demon prince both bargained with the party and slew one of its number.

Orcus’ interest in Belphanior was not diminished. Through his prime agent on Oerth, Xusia, Orcus tried to convince the mad elf to join the demon lord’s forces. When Orcus decided to directly interfere in the affairs of the mortal world, other powers intervened. Orcus tried to convince the mad elf to join the demon lord’s forces. When Orcus decided to directly interfere in the affairs of the mortal world, other powers intervened. After that, Orcus was not heard from in quite some time, but Xusia still continued to build a power base. It is noteworthy that (in episode #751) Orcus’ rival demonlord Demogorgon set events in motion to weaken Orcus’ agent’s efforts on Oerth.

Orgthrok   [R.I.P.] was a member of The Crimson Blades
Org Nenshen   [R.I.P.]
#245 first appearance
#381 dead sometime prior to
#402 funeral

Org was the Greyhawk’s Thieves’ Guildmaster, a very powerful man who was fast becoming a good friend of Peldor. It was he who got Peldor into his position as River Quarter Master Thief. However, he was slain and replaced by the shapeshifters as part of their plot to take over Greyhawk.

Ortho   is a member of the Host of Greyspire
#266 first appearance

A dwarven high priest and trusted servant of Yod Ironbeard, this bearded healer first appeared when he worked to heal the king from spider venom.

Orville and Wilbur  
#63 first appearance

Orville and Wilbur were a pair of wild boars. They were named and controlled by Peyote during a battle with the forces of evil. Presumably, they are still roaming the grasslands, though it is conceivable that they ended up as the main course at some feast.

Orvis   is a member of the Greyhawk Thieves' Guild

Orzo is a hulking guard who was working for Belgar when Belphanior finally tracked down that treacherous scum. Orzo was lucky to escape with only a badly damaged knee.

Ossok   [R.I.P.] was a member of The Rulers of Skava-Ra
Oswald   is a member of the Populace of Helgate
Otiluke   is a member of the Circle of Eight and of the Oligarchs of Greyhawk
#69 first mentioned
#250 first appearance

Otiluke is an archmage and a member of Greyhawk’s the Circle of Eight. One of his dwellings was visited by Peldor and Belphanior during one of their early thieving expeditions. The wizard actually appeared in person to assist against the the great beast from beyond the stars.

Otto     is a member of Belphanior's team
#218 first appearance

Otto is a wandering dwarf of violent temperament and mysterious past. Possessed of an iron will much like Belphanior’s, he is also skilled in both warcraft and thievery. He joined Rillen and Belphanior during their stand against the fog, and has remained as Belphanior’s right-hand man ever since. Otto hails from the Perrenland area.

Otto of Greyhawk   is a member of the Circle of Eight
#150 first appearance

Otto is an archmage and a member of Greyhawk’s the Circle of Eight. An immense man, he enjoys cooking and fine dining in addition to spellcraft.


Oxbar is Songa’s uncle and the one most responsible for teaching the woman the skills of hunting, tracking, and survival in the icy lands of the Frutzi.

O'Finnegan   is a member of the Host of Greyspire
Paco   is a member of Bosco's family
Paige     is a member of Belphanior's team
Pallin   is a member of The Cabal and of The Enemies of the Nine
#761 first appearance

Pallin is a grey elven wizard (18th level) who follows the ways of Celestian and specializes in magic having to do with spatial movement: flying, teleportation, planar travel, and so on. In fact, he claimed to have visited Oerth’s moon on multiple occasions. Pallin has employed a spell that allowed almost a score of people to fly as one group, as well as a spell that forced a narrow tunnel through another wizard’s protective barrier. He is often accompanied by a large albino hound called Socrates.

Pallin has apparently known both Rob and Parekh for quite some time. He first met Belphanior in episode #784 and took an immediate dislike to him.

Parekh   is a member of The Cabal and of The Vampire Hunters
#668 first appearance

Spells she has created:

Eviscerator #675a fast-moving wall of blades
Flamethrower   a more powerful burning hands
Hands-Off #715physically repels chosen targets who are too close
Mallet   hammer version of Mordenkainen’s sword
Floating Hemisphere   hollow half-spherical version of Tenser’s floating disc, can be made invisible along with its contents
Eye Spy #710sends forth multiple invisible floating eyes to scout
Safehouse #715wall of force that doesn’t appear to be there — viewers simply see what lies beyond it, as they would normally
Lint-Free (Dust-Off) #669a clean anti-dust field
Wipe Out #673animates loose rubble into a deadly vortex
Friendly Confines #712creates a force field which blocks missile weapons, but allows allies to move through
Teleport Other #760brings another individual to/from her location
Mass Teleport #802brings multiple individuals to/from her location

#200 first appearance

Paula is the young waif whom the party found during their Earth-bound adventure. She helped the Adventurers immensely while they were there. She is presumably still alive on her home plane.

Pavel Alektrion   is a member of the Greyhawk Thieves' Guild
Peldor     is a member of the Adventurers and of the Oligarchs of Greyhawk
#1 first appearance
#75 ripped in half by Hadeus
#138 saved by Nightfang from the gator
#250 saved by Nightfang from the the great beast from beyond the stars
#314 captured by Kynn Trylannan
#374 engaged to Tanya
#390 skewered by the false Org (leader of the shapeshifters)
#397 regenerated by feather tattoo
#405 wedding date set
#425 married to Tanya
#426 leaves Greyhawk with Tanya
#530 becomes Guildmaster
#600 becomes a father

Peldor, the irrepressible human rogue, is a founding member of the party. Of all the Adventurers, his origin is the most shrouded in mystery. Even Peldor does not know the secrets of his life before he joined the group in Fax many years ago.

#176 first mentioned

Pelor is the greater god of the sun, strength, light and, most importantly to the Adventurers, healing. His high priestess in Greyhawk, Derider Fanshaen, has become a close acquaintance of several of the Adventurers, including the late Ged.

Percifal   [R.I.P.] was a member of the Dragon Hunters
Perius   [unknown]
#70 final appearance

Perius was a priest with a band that tried and failed to beat the party. Mysteriously, the actual death of Perius is not detailed though the rest of his band was certainly wiped out.

Perkins   is a member of the Populace of Helgate
Peyote     is a member of the Adventurers
#1 first appearance
#42 slain by green dragon breath
#43 resurrected by royal clergy of Ulek
#72 left party
#192 helped party search for runes
#300 appeared at birthday party
#320 helped rescue main group
#424 went on Peldor’s bachelor party
#425 attended Peldor’s wedding
#436 took Halbarad, Mongo, Gorin on quest
#451 continued quest

Peyote is a peculiar half-elven warrior/druid of Obad-Hai, and a founding member of the party. He left with Halbarad to pursue his own, more druidic goals. Peyote grew up in the southern reaches of the Vesve Forest. His original name is unknown.

Recently, Peyote and Halbarad have made a resurgence, fighting an evil force within the northern Vesve Forest, with the help of Mongo and Gorin.

Peyton Farquhar   is a member of The Misadventurers
Philias Abbandarthiir   [R.I.P.]
#89 final appearance

Philias the elf appeared only as a skeleton in an underground anti-magic zone. His dying words were recorded on a scroll found by the party.

#12 first mentioned

Pholtus is the lesser god of law, resolution, and light.

Plebius   [R.I.P.] was a member of the crew of the Shark's Tooth (Captain Redjack's galley)
Captain Plunkett   [R.I.P.]
#804 first appearance
#805 final appearance

Captain Plunkett owned the ship Liberty, upon which Belphanior booked passage to the southern lands on his way to the Pelisso Swamp. The captain had a dark secret, though, which led to his demise.

#566 first appearance

Pompa-Peyvur was a pompous purveyor of so-called justice when he came to Greyhawk seeking the mass murderer Bosco. A representative of the Jadhim, the land in which Bosco’s possessed body had once rampaged, Pompa was carrying Bosco to be put on trial when Silthis interrupted their journey and effectively ended any hopes the man had of seeing the halfling hang. He was mentioned in episode #639 insofar as his masters were still seeking to bring Bosco to justice. Further evidence of this was hinted at in episodes #652 and #701.

Potas Potay   [R.I.P.]
#307 first appearance
#325 final appearance

Potas was a slender human from far western lands with yellowish skin and slanted eyes. A mage working for Necros, he was the first to attempt the capture of Mongo. He failed, but Gorin was slain in the process. His second attempt was successful as he used a small child and Mongo’s innate goodness to force the warrior to surrender without a fight. Potas was once part of the cult of devil worshippers destroyed by the Adventurers. The vile mage was finally dispatched by Alindyar’s dagger.

Poulos     is a member of Belphanior's team
Priscilla   [R.I.P.] was a member of the Populace of Helgate
#192 first appearance
#637 subsequent appearance

Proctor is a priest of Heironeous and was an adventurer in Halbarad’s party.

Publius Gallus   [R.I.P.] was a member of Personages of Monmurg
Pumpledorf   [R.I.P.]
#317 first appearance
#323 first named
#325 final appearance

Pumpledorf was a plump, green-robed human mage who allied with Necros for reasons that will remain unknown. He was able to capture Rillen while remaining out of reach thanks to his magic. Pumpledorf was eventually ripped to shreds by Zephyr, Halbarad’s magical tiger.

Qesten   is a member of the Host of Greyspire
Quilvio   [R.I.P.] was a member of the bandits
Quincy   is a member of the Populace of Helgate
#196 first appearance

Quinn is an aged dwarven inventor and shipbuilder, who designed the massive galley _Victory_, which the party used while searching for the Runes. Quinn also sailed on this voyage with the Adventurers.

#450 first appearance

Qurac is a powerful vampire lord and former mate of Victoria. She chose to leave his enclave of vampires nearly a century ago and the parting was not exactly a friendly one. His band finally located Victoria in Helgate and abducted her while Belphanior was away. When the elf came to Victoria’s rescue, most of Qurac’s band was slain, but Qurac was never found. He most likely remains at large, and his mad desire for Victoria could pose a future threat.

#618 first appearance

Ragnor was an old, grizzled tracker who helped Alindyar and Lyra find some trolls who had taken some townspeople.

#627 first appearance

King Ralff II rules the Frost Barbarian kingdoms from his well-fortified steading in the city of Djekul. A tall, hulking warrior, he commissions Songa and Rillen to scout the bugbear menace.

Lord Rammstein   [R.I.P.] was a member of The Crimson Blades
#186 first mentioned

Along with Nobb, Ranulf was one of the two primary slave merchants in the city of Westkeep, in the hold of the Sea Princes. Belphanior’s mad scheme to free the slaves of Westkeep make his current status unknown.

Rary   is a member of the Circle of Eight
#241 first appearance
#476 subsequent appearance

Rary is an elderly yet powerful mage and a member of Greyhawk’s the Circle of Eight. He and Bigby helped Alindyar rescue Lyra from Zara.

Rary also represented the Circle of Eight when they sent the party to retrieve the Wand of Orcus.

Rasimov D'arkayn  
Lost #20
#600 subsequent appearance

Rasimov is a dark elf driven by an unparalled need for vengeance. His entire city of Erelhei-Cinlu was destroyed when the the great beast from beyond the stars was teleported there by agents unknown to Rasimov. The sole survivor, he has sworn to find those responsible. He was last seen emerging from the Underdark into the bright surface world.

Rasta   is a member of the Host of Greyspire
Ravel Disander   is a member of the Oligarchs of Greyhawk
#102 first appearance
#503 most recent appearance

Ravel is Greyhawk’s high priest of Boccob, and as such was a friend and frequent advisor to Ged. It was in his care that the Adventurers left the Water Rune. He also helped Ged and his allies at various times of need. It was Ravel who presided over Ged’s funeral, and it was he who read Ged’s will.

Razor Charlie     is a member of Belphanior's team
#279 first appearance
#280 left after fighting Belphanior
#341 reappeared with Otto
#342 first named

Razor Charlie is a human mercenary and a master of the thrown blade. Scarred and tattooed, with black hair and thick moustache, the well-built Charlie is anything but handsome. When first encountered, he was working for Dagron Larthos, one-time ruler of Helgate. After unsuccessfully trying to assassinate Belphanior, Charlie disappeared for quite a while. He and Kyros were hired by Otto to beef up the defenses of Helgate after the gold rush began. He also helped Otto track down the possessed Belphanior. Of late, he has demonstrated masterful skills with both the bullwhip and net.

Captain Redjack   [R.I.P.]
#574 first appearance
#578 final appearance

Captain Redjack was the owner of the Shark’s Tooth, a swift galley Belphanior hired to pursue Omak across the sea. Redjack was a huge bull of a man with a greying red beard and a missing eye. Although the vile sea dog contemplated selling the party into slavery, Redjack and some of the the crew of the Shark's Tooth (Captain Redjack's galley) crew were marooned on an uncharted island with Belphanior and his group. Redjack tried to ambush the elf, but his plan failed miserably when the remnants of Omak's Band appeared and attacked everyone in sight. Redjack himself was slain by Ixlin’s delayed blast fireball.

(red-armored priest)   [R.I.P.] was a member of Zara's bounty hunters
(red robed evil elf)   [R.I.P.]

The other of General Zog's allies, appeared in episodes #147-#148 but escaped; later found and slain by the party in episode #153.

Relmar   is a member of the 'other' adventurers
#440 first appearance

Relmar is a high priest of Pelor, god of sun and light, and a powerful force in the fight against evil. He proved it during the crypt adventure, helping Peyote and Halbarad with his holy powers and wide assortment of spells. He also wields a powerful holy mace that has powers of light and fire.

#535 first appearance

Rendar is the captain of the guard for the city of Fergor. He helped Mongo and the rest of Lord Marcus’ mercenaries locate the goblins’ lair that they were hired to exterminate.

Ren o' the Star   is a member of the Oligarchs of Greyhawk
Repnel Porton   is a member of the Greyhawk Thieves' Guild
Reptar   is a member of The Enemies of the Nine
Reuben   [unknown]
#429 first appearance

Reuben was a wide-mustached warrior and leader of a group of bandits in the area southeast of Greyhawk. His band raided a caravan which Peldor and Tanya were accompanying, but the thieves managed to strike a deal with him. Unfortunately, they were all captured by the the Despotrix of Hardby a short time later, and the fate of Reuben (and his lieutenant, Moxley) remains unknown.

#594 first appearance

Rex is Deryck’s other dog. See also Max.

Rexxus   is a member of the Populace of Helgate
Rezzik   is a member of the new Vampire Hunters
#100 first named
#145 sold Green Dragon to Peldor

Ricard was the former proprietor of the Green Dragon Inn, in Greyhawk. He sold the place to Peldor for a small fortune, and now lives the good life of the wealthy.

NOTE: Ricard was mistakenly referred to as “Roscoe” by Rillen, in episode ##145. Roscoe, however, was simply a local drunkard, and never owned the Green Dragon Inn, or anything else of value for that matter.


Riggby is a high priest from Nyrond who accompanied a Good-aligned force to the City of the Gods seeking the Star Rune. With Tenser’s help, he transformed the mortally-wounded Zephyr into a magical figurine.

Riko   is a member of Bosco's family
Rillen     is a member of the Adventurers
#50 first appearance
#101 first great fighting tournament
#225 second great fighting tournament
#317 abducted by Pumpledorf
#338 left to find Songa in the frozen north
#375 reveals marriage to Songa
#597 child is stillborn
#599 third great fighting tournament

Rillen is a human warrior/monk of exceptional skill who was selected to join the party after Rob suddenly decided to leave. He has thrice competed in the great martial arts tournament, at last winning against the great master Bruce. Rillen’s origin is somewhat unknown, though it is certain he grew up in a secluded monastery in the frigid north.

Rin   is a member of the Host of Greyspire
Rob     [R.I.P.] was a member of the Adventurers
#1 first appearance
#49 left party on his own
#69 rejoined party
#80 snatched by invisible green dragon
Lost #11 escapes the Underdark with Baytor
#184 signed on for Belphanior’s quest
#320 helped rescue main group
#425 attended Peldor’s wedding
#588 joined the assault on Xusia

Rob is a terribly absentminded human priest of Trithereon, and a founding party member. After a fairly brief time, he left the party to pursue Trithereon’s call. He returned again, but was taken away by an invisible foe, rumored to be a green dragon inhabiting the area. He survived (though no one has ever asked how), and has shown up from time to time to aid his old companions.

Most recently, Rob has demonstrated a great deal of the very awareness that he once lacked. He attributed this to the strange fruits of a magical tree. Rob is originally from Keoland.

Lord Robilar  

Lord Robilar is an agent of Rary and the the Circle of Eight. He was part of a group that belatedly sought the Star Rune in the City of the Gods.

Rocco   [R.I.P.] was a member of the Agents of Iuz
Rogar   is a member of The Misadventurers
Roldo   [R.I.P.] was a member of Rillen's first companions
Rolfgar   [R.I.P.]
Lost #18 final appearance

Rolfgar was Songa’s father. Though he longed for a son, he learned to take great pride in the strength of his daughter. He and his wife, Hildegard, died of a sickness that swept through the barbarian village.

Rondo   [R.I.P.]
#614 final appearance

Rondo was an orc, part of a larger organized group that Halbarad was tracking in the woodlands near the Horned Society. While away from the camp, Rondo had the misfortune of tripping over the hiding ranger, and was soon sent to his maker.

Rorgdak   [R.I.P.] was a member of the Host of Greyspire
Rorvark   is a member of the cardplayers
Rosco   is a member of Bosco's family
Rubar   [R.I.P.]
#834 first appearance
#836 slain by werewolves

Rubar was the sole surviving slaver who didn’t flee the battle between the slaver caravan and the werewolves. After the werewolves also fled, Rubar was quickly ratted out by the surviving slaves, but was spared by Belphanior in order to lead the elf to his stolen possessions. He died soon after when various surviving humans were cornered and massacred by the werewolves.

#185 first appearance

Rugas is a bargemaster who sold his barge to the party, when they needed a way to traverse the Hool Marshes. He was paid handsomely, and most likely now sails a much nicer barge.

Rykooda   [R.I.P.] was a member of Omak's Band
Sadira   is a member of The Rulers of Skava-Ra
#101 first appearance

Saheed is a agile, well-muscled fighter who had the dubious honor of being beaten by Rillen in his first fight of the first great tournament.

Sammy   is a member of the Greyhawk Thieves' Guild
Sankar   is a member of the Populace of Helgate
#341 first appearance
#600 subsequent appearance

Sarah was one of the troops who accompanied Peldor and Tanya to Zeif on behalf of the the Despotrix of Hardby. Much later, she was revealed to have spent a night of passion with an adventurer by the name of Peyote, and a daughter was the result. Sarah introduced their daughter, Caitlin, to Peyote in episode #609.

#925 first appearance

Sarek is Sental Nurev’s brother, kidnapped and held for two years by the Bandit Kingdoms. Has a wife and three children, who along with Sental had been worried sick about him for the two years of his captivity. Unlike his brother’s family, Sental was being blackmailed by powers within the Bandit Kingdoms. This all ended in episode #925 when Sarek was rescued by Belphanior and brought back to Greyhawk.

Sarnath   [R.I.P.] was a member of the Company of Nine
Schaffer Stoneshaper  
#240 first appearance

Schaffer is an aptly named dwarven stonemason whom Alindyar hired to help fashion his stone golem.

#102 first appearance

Scotty is Ged’s chief engineer, who built both Ged’s castle and temple to Boccob.

See also Lindsellicus.

Selene   [R.I.P.] was a member of The Nine
#37 first appearance

Selzen is a secret agent for the group that hired the party. He was first encountered after they escaped from the the Slave Lords’ dungeons and aided the party in the fight against the Lords.

Sental Nurev   is a member of the Oligarchs of Greyhawk
#250 first appearance

Sental is Greyhawk’s Captain-General of the Watch. When first encountered, he drastically underestimated the danger posed by the great beast from the stars. He was also present when Belphanior slew Sir Dorian. It was he who initiated Torin’s quest to catch Belphanior and bring him to justice. He also proved a thorn in various party members’ sides at other times, such as in the investigation of the Green Dragon Inn’s destruction. Most recently, he unwisely pursued Belphanior into one of Greyhawk’s dark alleys — the Captain-General was “persuaded” not to seek any further retribution for the elf’s crimes in exchange for his life. Whether this bargain will be upheld is anyone’s guess.

Sergio   [R.I.P.] was a member of the bandits

Shadow was the mentor of Whisper, when the assassin was still learning his trade in a place called Death Mountain somewhere amidst the Rakers. Little more is known about either the man or the “school” he maintains, except that both seem very effective.

#77 first appearance

Shakar is the mountain man who guided the party to Targ, as they pursued the possessed Bosco. He had a funky hairdo, with braided dreadlocks.

(shapeshifters)   [R.I.P.]

These bizarre creatures crawled from the bowels of the earth and instigated an insidious plot to take over Greyhawk. Green skinned with grey multi- faceted eyes, and made of some fibrous substance like dried grass, they were extremely tough to kill. There were at least four different kinds (or perhaps stages) of shapeshifters that were encountered: weak hatchlings, mature adults, larger and much more powerful adults, and one leader who was more powerful still. These creatures had the power to assume the form of their victim and in the process take all of his memories as well. They were never seen to assume a new form without first slaying a victim, but once they had assumed someone's identity they could revert to their natural appearance at will. The victim's corpse however, shriveled into dust, unrecoverable.

These They were first encountered accidentally by Belphanior, Bosco, and Peldor in the sewers beneath Greyhawk in episode #248. The trio slew all of the creatures they encountered, and left the sewers behind, happy to be free of the damned things.

These But at least some of the shapeshifters remained, for their colony sprang up again and caused much trouble for the Adventurers beginning in episode #381. __ENTITY(KEY_E::Org_Nenshen) had been replaced by the leader of the shapeshifters. Using his influence as Guildmaster, he sent Peldor and his companions into a trap in the sewers. In the events that followed, nearly all of the shapeshifters were slain. The leader of the shapeshifters was finally slain by Peldor in episode #400. Any shapeshifters who might have survived were to be tracked down by the Wizards' Guild and exterminated as a threat to Greyhawk.

#637 first appearance

Sharn was an evil tracker, of no small skill, who was allied with Zoltar and his band as they sought the Cask of Tuerny. He departed the battle on his own after his side began losing.

Sharyn Messandier   [R.I.P.] was a member of the Greyhawk Thieves' Guild
#502 most recent appearance
#529 ousted as Guildmaster
#586 final appearance

Sharyn was a hostile, conniving, thoroughly rotten woman who ascended to the rank of Greyhawk’s Guildmaster of Thieves. While not directly responsible for the Green Dragon Inn’s demise, she shed no tears, and was happy to see Peldor’s influence in the Free City dwindle. As a priestess of Kurell, she sought to convert the Guild members over to her goddess.

When Corvis (Peldor) successfully infiltrated her organization and brought her thefts to light, Sharyn was stripped of her rank and jailed in the Citadel. Peldor later sought her out to seek perhaps a truce, but she had gone quite insane and attacked him. In the brief struggle, she was killed.

See also Simpkin Furzear.

Shay   is a member of the cardplayers
Sigfried   [R.I.P.]
#159 first appearance
#160 final appearance

Sigfried was a young Frost Barbarian warrior and Arnold’s clansman. He was part of the group that hunted the great beast terrorizing Arnold’s village. He was crushed to death by the beast as it surprised the party. His younger brother, Roy, has not yet appeared in any story.

#150 first appearance
#568 subsequent appearance

Silthis is a kraken residing on the Elemental Plane of Water, where it reigns as a prince. The party had to deal with it to reclaim Bosco’s soul. Peldor actually cheated the great kraken, painting copper coins to look like gold.

Silthis came to claim his past due when Bosco was being carried to Tusmit for “crimes” he committed while possessed. Though it cost Peldor a great deal of wealth, both magical and monetary, the abduction by Silthis in effect saved Bosco from his near-certain death in Tusmit.

#353 first appearance

Simmons is the Commissioner of Land and Property for the City of Greyhawk. Unusually helpful for a bureaucrat, he cut Peldor a deal so the drow could purchase their mansion in the High Quarter.

Simpkin Furzear   [R.I.P.]
#402 first appearance
#529 final appearance

Simpkin was an aged, vile little halfling; totally and completely corrupt and malevolent. He conspired with Sharyn Messandier to dominate the Thieves’ Guild in Greyhawk, no matter the cost.

Also known as the Weasel (no relation to Weasel, he became Quartermaster of Foreign Quarter under Sharyn. Disguised as the assassin Zsil, Peldor tricked Simpkin into thinking Sharyn has turned against him. Simpkin was slain by Sharyn and her guards.

Skeevil   [R.I.P.] was a member of Miscellaneous denizens of the Dark Realms
Skektek     is a member of Belphanior's team
Skorvus   [R.I.P.]
#523 first appearance
#781 final appearance

Skorvus is a lich and servant to the powerful archlich Xusia. He first encountered Peyote and his band beneath the Vesve, then later delivered the ultimatum to Belphanior that brought the mad elf to the Isle of Woe.

#396 first appearance

Slagg is a svirfneblin high priest living in the deep gnome city below Greyhawk. His strong juju helped bring Belphanior back to fighting form, but he was not able to help Darek Halfplow at last word. Still, Slagg was a powerful priest, for he parted the waters of an underground lake during the battle with the kuo-toa.

(slasher of Helgate)  

A black-cloaked thing, about the size of a man, little else is really known about it. The slasher does have a fondness for opening up throats: it killed two women, one guard, and attacked Otto in the space of a few hours in episodes #301 and #302. After being trapped in the upper floors of the Sword and Cup, the slasher started a fire which gutted the building. Whether it survived is anybody's guess.

"Death"   [R.I.P.] was a member of The Seven Sleepers
"Discord"   [R.I.P.] was a member of The Seven Sleepers
"Disease"   [R.I.P.] was a member of The Seven Sleepers
"Famine"   [R.I.P.] was a member of The Seven Sleepers
"Fear"   [R.I.P.] was a member of The Seven Sleepers
"Time"   [R.I.P.] was a member of The Seven Sleepers
"War"   [R.I.P.] was a member of The Seven Sleepers
Slick   [R.I.P.]
#12 first appearance
#13 final appearance

Slick was a bookie in The Rogues’ Den bar in the town of Drek. He tried to force the party to give him all their money after Ged’s magic influenced an arm-wrestling contest and a large wager by Belphanior. In the ensuing barfight he was quickly slain by Peldor.

Slippery Ketta   [R.I.P.] was a member of the Slave Lords
#396 first appearance

Sludj is a deep gnome and a skilled tinker who lives in the svirfneblin city beneath Greyhawk. He was able to fix Mongo’s magical necklace and traded Bosco some of the gnomish gas-globes for Bosco’s light pebbles.

Snake   [R.I.P.] was a member of The Crimson Blades

Snervus is a petty smuggler who was about to die at Belgar’s command when Belphanior burst in. Snervus took this opportunity to escape and hasn’t been seen since.

Snirpy Snotnose   [unknown]
#101 first appearance
#225 final appearance

Snirpy was a warrior beaten by Rillen in his third fight of the first great tournament. However, the cowardly fighter broke Rillen’s arm, perhaps costing him the tournament. Snirpy reappeared in the second great tournament, where he was beaten soundly by Rillen. Belphanior discovered Snirpy’s altered form and used his mangled body as evidence against Lao Khan. Presumably dead, his miserable carcass was last seen on the floor of the arena on Lao’s island.

#12 first appearance

Snod is a rather brutish human and the now-dead Slick’s cohort, the armwrestler. He was beaten and then beaten up in a barfight by Mongo.

#147 first appearance
#148 final appearance

Snowbeard is an old dwarven warrior who fought at Mongo’s side in the campaign against the giants. He is currently the new mayor of Helmgate (not to be confused with Helgate) in the Flinty Hills.

Socrates   is a member of The Enemies of the Nine
Lost #18
#159 first regular appearance
#375 reveals marriage
#558 reveals pregnancy
#597 child is stillborn

Songa is a Frost Barbarian huntress. She was part of the hunting party that tracked the great beast, and was saved by Rillen during the battle against it. She then had a fling with him. Years later, Rillen returned and they were married. For a time they lived happily (and peacefully) in that remote northern barbarian village. Prejudice against the “outsider” Rillen led these two to build their own secluded home in one of the northern forests. They suffered a greater loss though when their first child was born dead.

See also Hildegard, Oxbar, and Rolfgar.

#225 first appearance
#599 subsequent appearance

Sonja was a fierce female warrior who fought on the heroes’ side during the tournament/battle on Lao Khan’s island. She was one of the few survivors of the climactic battle.

In the third great fighting tournament, Sonja was defeated by the grappler Wurgi.

Sparkey   is a member of the 'other' adventurers
#257 first appearance

Sparkey is a halfling warrior, henchman of Yod Ironbeard and twin brother of Spikey. He always seems to speak after his brother.

(spectre beneath the sewers)   [R.I.P.]

This restless spirit lay deep beneath Greyhawk's sewers sealed in a vault. Belphanior chanced upon it while following a rather inaccurate map. This undead creature would not be worth mentioning if not for the sword that it carried with it: __ENTITY(KEY_E::Blackrazor).

#362 first appearance

Spellbreaker is a sword which can deflect magic. It is currently wielded by Tarl.

Spikey   is a member of the 'other' adventurers
#257 first appearance

Spikey is a halfling warrior, henchman of Yod Ironbeard and twin brother of Sparkey. He always seems to speak before his brother.

Spinellis   [R.I.P.] was a member of the Host of Greyspire
Royal Advisor Spiros   [R.I.P.] was a member of Personages of Monmurg
Spocko   is a member of Bosco's family
Squanto   [R.I.P.]
#225 final appearance

Squanto had the dubious honor of being the loser of the very first match in Lao Khan’s great tournament, when he was crushed by Norg.

#130 first appearance
#150 first named by Tenser

Stormcrest is an ancient dwarven warhammer forged of black metal and an extremely powerful artifact. It was claimed by Mongo after he slew his alter ego in the parallel universe. It replaced his old dwarven thrower which had been destroyed, and has been his preferred weapon ever since.

(strange hunter creature)   [R.I.P.]

Unusual being that stalked the Burneal Forest during episode #252, hunting men. Slain by Halbarad after a prolonged chase and battle.

St. Wilhelm   is a member of The Enemies of the Nine
(Suel Lich)   [R.I.P.]

Unearthed by Ged and Mongo's explorations of the Sueloise city, in episode #235, it fought the party to a standstill before (apparently) being slain by a lucky sword-blow from Bosco. However, Suel liches don't perish that easily. It was learned much later, by Peyote of all people, that the Suel lich was in fact Xusia.

Sydaar   [unknown] was a member of The Crimson Blades
Sylus Blackheart   is a member of The Misadventurers
#170 first appearance

Sylvie is a beautiful siren, rescued from the Tomb of Horrors by Rillen. She was later returned to her natural habitat (the Nyr Dyv lake) by him. She appeared again while Rillen was on a quest to return to see his old master.

Szen Szing   [R.I.P.]
#225 first appearance
#315 reappeared incognito
#323 reveals himself
#325 final appearance

Szen Szing was one of Lao Khan’s minions. Presumably defeated in the great battle, he would somehow hook up with Necros to avenge the death of his former master. It was Szen that was responsible for capturing Arnold. During the battle on Necros’ isle Szen was frozen to death by Drawmij’s sorcery.

#196 first appearance

Talbot was the mild-mannered first mate of the _Victory_ when the party was aboard that ship.

Talice Dalael   [R.I.P.]
#175 final appearance

Talice was a daughter of Ilivarra Dalael. She was slain by Belphanior’s poisoned blade while the party was rescuing the captive Alindyar.

Talisantia   is a member of Ged's family
#2 first appearance
#145 first regular appearance
#312 abducted by Necros’ goons
#313 “rescued” by Belphanior and Peldor
#374 engaged to Peldor
#405 wedding date set
#425 married to Peldor
#426 leaves Greyhawk with Peldor
#526 returns to Greyhawk
#554 pregnancy revealed
#600 daughter born

Tanya is a lovely human female and formerly an independent adventurer, hired by Peldor to tend bar and maintain order at the Green Dragon Inn. She and Peldor met in Dyvers, became romantically involved, and later were engaged to be married. At long last, this happened, though the couple immediately left Greyhawk due to conflicting interests with the Thieves’ Guild. They would return after some far-ranging adventures when Peldor uncovered the corruption within the Guild.

Targin   is a member of the Greyhawk Thieves' Guild
Baron Tarkus   [R.I.P.] was a member of Miscellaneous denizens of the Dark Realms
Tarl   is a member of the 'other' adventurers
Lost #21
Lost #5 subsequent appearance
#421 first regular appearance
#423 fights alongside Rillen and Songa

Tarl is a larger-than-life figure, the spitting image of a true barbarian. At over seven feet in height and greater than three hundred pounds in weight, he resembles a chiseled statue. However, he also possesses the speed and killer instinct that make barbarians foes to be reckoned with. When Tarl encountered Rillen and Songa, he was traveling with a pack of huge war dogs, which he raised and trained. He seemed a decent fellow, much more intelligent than one might expect. Tarl’s overall motivations and interests still remain a mystery.

Tarl wields the huge sword Spellbreaker (erringly named Spellbane in conversation) which he gained during the slaying of Feuerhauch.

(the great beast from beyond the stars)  

Fell to Oerth in episode #250, and was fought for hours and miles by the party and others. It came within a hairsbreadth of ravaging the city of Greyhawk but was transported to the drow city of Erelhei-Cinlu through the combined efforts of Bigby, Ged, Lyra, and Bosco.

Tarus   [R.I.P.] was a member of the Agents of Iuz
#15 first appearance

Tasmela is a human princess rescued by the party from a humanoid keep. She is the daughter of Baron Trevor.

Telefe   [R.I.P.]
Lost #17
#66 final appearance

Telefe was a female drow, who worked for Zara. She was slain by Peldor as Zara escaped.

Tenser   is a member of the Circle of Eight
#150 first appearance
Lost #5 transforms Zephyr
#478 subsequent appearance

Tenser is an archmage and member of the the Circle of Eight. He provided some items that helped the party on Peldor’s quest to recover Bosco’s soul. He may know the true meaning of Gorka.

Tenser later helped the party get to the Isle of the Ape, via the extradimensional city known as Nexus.

Tenser, along with Riggby, worked the enchantment that transformed a dying Zephyr into a magical figurine.

(tentacled horror)  

Nothing more than a set of twelve massive tentacles attached to a savage toothed maw. Nothing less either. This beast, dwelling in the lower levels of the Host of Greyspire, slew two dwarven warriors before Mongo and the other dwarves managed to kill it in episode #556.

Tergard   [R.I.P.] was a member of Personages of Monmurg
Princess Tessa  
#103 first appearance

Tessa is a princess of Dyvers, kidnapped by Peldor and Belphanior. She was later returned safely, also by them.

See also Sir William.

Theg Narlot   [R.I.P.] was a member of the Slave Lords
#158 first appearance

Thorg is one of Arnold’s tribesmen. He appeared when the party visited Arnold village along with Rolf, Dolf, Ilsa, and others.

(thugs 1 and 2)  
#0 first appearance

Two low-level enforcers working for a crimelord in Fax, sent to murder Belphanior but ended up killed by him instead, via magic and blade.

Throknar   is a member of the Host of Greyspire
#159 first appearance

Thurnock is a Frost Barbarian and leader of Arnold’s tribe. He appeared during the party’s visit to Arnold’s village.

Tigran Gellner  
#102 first appearance

Tigran is Commander of Greyhawk’s Cairn Hills force. He met Ged as the latter was surveying land for his castle.

Tiko   is a member of Bosco's family
#276 first appearance

Timmy is a young farmboy, who was afflicted by lycanthropy for a time. He was helped by Arnold while Ged was away seeking redemption.

#183 first mentioned

Tirion is one of Ged’s high priests of Boccob. He has yet to make a personal appearance.

See also Ansalon.

Tobin Potriades  
#336 first mentioned

Tobin is a high ranking mage in the prestigious College of Magic. It was he who offered Alindyar a full-professorship at the College.

#608 first appearance

Tolvek was the poster boy for the young, upstart druidic faction within Obad-Hai’s purview. A young, strong warrior/druid, he was the one chosen to challenge Peyote for his position (others in the running included Mertron and Lorvar.) Tolvek was defeated, but returned in episode #682, possessed by some evil power. After a battle, he was slain.

Tomas Ratek   [R.I.P.]
#245 final appearance

Tomas was the former Master Thief for the River Quarter in Greyhawk. A greedy brute of only average intelligence, he leaned on Peldor a little too hard, and his dirty dealings were subsequently exposed. He was disposed of by the assassin known as Whisper.

Tomlinson   is a member of the Populace of Helgate
Torgar   is a member of the cardplayers

Torgil is merely a lackey who was in the employ of Belgar when Belphanior came calling. Torgil was beaten thoroughly.

Torin   [R.I.P.]
#269 first appearance
#274 trapped in cairn
#295 final appearance

Torin the Crusader was persuaded to hunt down the mad elf Belphanior by Sental Nurev. True to his word, he and his band of Crusaders doggedly pursued Belphanior’s trail of destruction. They were left for dead in the cairn of Kronos, surrounded by undead.

Torin alone survived and, driven with rage, continued his quest to bring down the elf. He turned up in Helgate, where he and Belphanior dueled fiercely before he was beheaded with his own sword.

Torin’s companions were a varied (and ill-fated) lot, which included:

Torm   [unknown]
#101 first appearance
#225 final appearance

Torm was a hulking warrior fought by Rillen in his fifth fight of the first great tournament. He knocked Rillen out of the tournament due to Rillen’s broken arm. Torm reappeared in Lao Khan’s tournament where he was beaten by a similarly huge warrior, Norg. He is assumed to be dead, either from Norg’s attacks or Lao’s foul experiments.

Travis   is a member of the Populace of Helgate
Baron Trevor  
#15 first appearance

Baron Trevor resides in Havenhill in Ulek. He is father to the Princess Tasmela, and rewarded the party handsomely for her rescue.

#13 first mentioned

Trithereon is the god of retribution and liberty. His presence through Rob. has helped the Adventurers from day one despite Rob’s personal catastrophes.

Trixtan   is a member of the Dragon Hunters
Tuco   is a member of Bosco's family
Tunka   [R.I.P.] was a member of the Host of Greyspire
Turin Deathstalker   is a member of the Oligarchs of Greyhawk
Turkus   [R.I.P.]
#832 first appearance
#836 slain by Belphanior

Turkus was the leader of the slaver caravan that captured a magic-less Belphanior. He was eventually slain by Belphanior, who played possum long enough to regain some strength.

Turok   [R.I.P.]
#192 first appearance

Turok is a human barbarian who was in Halbarad’s party when they encountered Belphanior on his quest to free the slaves of Westkeep. Unlike Arion, Gallant, and Proctor, Turok did not return years later to help Halbarad and Peyote against the orcs. This is due to the fact that he was eaten by a dinosaur about a year before.

Tyros the Red   [R.I.P.]
#846 first mentioned
#848 first appearance
#850 slain by a disguised Drak

Tyros was a wizard and slaver who resided in the Hold of the Sea Princes. He relieved an unconscious Belphanior of his magical items, resulting in an eventual visit from the angry elf. The wizard ended up losing not only his house (which was destroyed in a battle) but also his life.

Tyros had several accomplices in Monmurg — High Wizard Beekus, Captain Rorgard, and Lord Mayor Kordigan — all of whom were slain by the rescue party in episode #850.

T'Kar   [R.I.P.]
#936 first appearance
#938 first named
#950 slain by cannibals

A short, lean savage with dark brown skin and black hair, T’Kar was the first native of the lost continent actually encountered by the explorers. He led them to the secret mountain pass that led to the east, but was eventually slain by a cannibal’s spear.

Ug   [R.I.P.] was a member of Omak's Band
Ulrich   [R.I.P.] was a member of The Nine
Ulruk   is a member of The Rulers of Skava-Ra
(vampire lord)   [R.I.P.]

He captured most of the party in episode #94, and held them until their rescue in episode #100. Eventually defeated by Ged and Lightbringer.

See also Igor.

Varan Oak-knocker   is a member of the Host of Greyspire
Varka   is a member of the Greyhawk Thieves' Guild
Varnath   [R.I.P.] was a member of The Rulers of Skava-Ra
#174 first appearance

Veebler is a fat little Greyhawk city official whom Belphanior had to deal with when his property in Greyhawk was condemned.

#196 first appearance

Venik is the high priest of Boccob in the city of Scant, in Onnwal. He helped the party along during their quest for the Water Rune.

Vergis   is a member of the Populace of Helgate
#811 first and last appearance

Vermis was a short, evil human wizard who served Drusilla and fought Belphanior’s group in the Pelisso Swamp temple. Unfortunately for Vermis, he got distracted by the wispy thing just long enough to be shot in the head with one of Otto’s poisoned bolts.

Victoria     is a member of Belphanior's team
#9 first appearance
#331 first regular appearance
#341 first named
#418 revealed as vampiress
#419 discusses powers and abilities
#450 rescued by Belphanior from Qurac
#589 acquires the ring of recall
#752 escapes sunlight using the ring
#988 warns Ulruk about Belphanior
#991 escapes Skava-Ra’s destruction

Victoria is a woman shrouded in mystery. When she came to the town of Helgate, Belphanior was immediately attracted to her. She moved with a grace and power that hinted at a royal lineage, but she would reveal next to nothing about herself...until, that is, she flew into a rage amidst the battle with the Company of Nine. That night, she reverted to her true form: a fearsome and deadly vampiress. While this would have terrified most suitors, Belphanior was more intrigued than afraid. More than 350 years old, the sultry lady came from a noble Nyrondese family of mixed Oeridian blood with Sueloise ancestors. She seemed to genuinely like Belphanior, and remained in Helgate with him for quite some time, joining him and his group in a number of adventures. She finally split from the group after they were tricked by a demon prince, narrlowly escaping the deadly rays of the run for parts unknown. She reappeared years later as a resident of Skava-Ra, having taken up with another vampire, a powerful general named Ulruk. They fled that city and the battle, and their current whereabouts are unknown.

Besides being a beautiful, seductive vampiress, Victoria is also an accomplished swordswoman with one hell of a mean streak even when not engaged in battle. For example, she admitted to murdering the whore Candice simply for being in league with Nerg and his red-armband gang. At the same time, she is practical, as demonstrated when she tried to warn Ulruk what might come of interfering in Belphanior’s life. Since the general (and the vampire city’s rulers) failed to heed the warning, the city was eventually attacked and laid low, though Victoria and Ulruk escaped using her powerful magical ring.

Belphanior is not the only dangerous individual who Victoria has had relations with. In addition to Vladmir (the vampire who initially turned her) she was the companion of Qurac for a time, a century ago. In the more modern era, she has most recently paired herself with the powerful vampiric general Ulruk; these two seemingly fled the destruction of Skava-Ra circa episode #992. What this means overall is that at least three current or former companions of Victoria (all of them exceptionally powerful vampires) may be at large in the world today.

Vilos   is a member of the Greyhawk Thieves' Guild
#400 first appearance

Vilos is a member of the Greyhawk Thieves’ Guild — and a greedy, power-hungry member at that.

#145 first appearance
#891 brief appearance

Vinnie is the head bouncer and doorman at the Green Dragon Inn. Both very large and very polite, he was hired by Peldor after the rogue purchased the Inn. At times, he quarrels with Bosco over the latter’s ferrets and their deeds.

(Vizier)   [R.I.P.]

Never named, he served the Murad, Sultan of Zeif, but was secretly plotting his lord's assassination. After his plan was discovered, he fled, but ended up being eaten by a huge snake, with a little help from Peldor.


Vladmir is the vampire master of Victoria. For a time, he stalked the streets of Homburg preying on the carelessly bold like the young Victoria. With an admitted weakness for beautiful women, he chose to bring Victoria under his power rather than kill her. Under his gentle domination, the new vampiress would learn of many things both base and grand.

Vladmir’s current whereabouts, if indeed he still lives, are unknown.

Vorkos the Red   [R.I.P.] was a member of Miscellaneous denizens of the Dark Realms

Vospus was an agent of a city near the Jotens who hired a band of adventurers to handle some giants ruining trade in the area. The monk Rillen happened to one of those adventurers.

Vybool   [R.I.P.] was a member of Omak's Band
Waldrop   [R.I.P.]
Lost #4 final appearance

Waldrop of Almor was a middle-aged, obese man who hired some mercenaries from the Host of Greyspire to infiltrate the mountain stronghold called Yargan’s Tor. When Waldrop’s deliberate misinformation led to the slaughter of most of the small band, Otto made Waldrop pay for his decision.

Wampa   [R.I.P.] was a member of Omak's Band
(warrior with skull-helm)   [R.I.P.] was a member of Zara's bounty hunters
(warrior with the pointy hat)   [R.I.P.]

One of Lao Khan's bodyguards in episode #225, he used lightning fields to blast his foes. Slain by Belphanior using the evil eye.

#594 first mentioned

Wastri is an evil demi-god said to live within the bogs of the Vast Swamp. Also known as the Hopping Prophet.

Weasel   is a member of the Host of Greyspire
Lost #4
#269 first regular appearance

Weasel is a very lean human mercenary and a superb scout. He has served in both the Host of Greyspire’s army and later with Torin the Crusader. In the latter encounter, Otto spared his old friend.

#917 first appearance

Weaver was a ranger from the _Odyssey_ expedition. A talkative veteran tracker with endless stories to tell, he was one of a select few chosen to accompany Halbarad on a scouting mission to the continent’s interior. He was one of the nine who successfully made it through the hidden mountain pass alive.

Wee Jas  
#448 first mentioned
#572 first appearance

Wee Jas is a goddess of death and magic worshipped by Aja. Wee Jas actually appeared in avatar form when Aja called upon her to interrogate the recently slain monk Kenso Adon (a member of Omak's Band.

Wembly   is a member of The Misadventurers
Lost #25
#245 first regular appearance
#904 paid to assist with the Monmurg mission

The boy who would become Whisper lost his home and family to a band of marauding humanoids. Taken as a slave or perhaps a meal, he managed to escape and quite literally stumbled upon the black mountain: Death Mountain. Taken in by the gaunt man known only as Shadow, the boy learned everything he would need to be a solitary killer.

Whisper is perhaps the deadliest assassin for hire in the Greyhawk area. His true name and appearance are unknown, though he has gone by the alias Wendell on occassion. He made his first impact on the Adventurers’ lives when he eliminated Tomas Ratek. He later helped in the assault on Necros’ fortress, and again during the events involving the shapeshifters.

(white-robed fellow)   [R.I.P.] was a member of Zara's bounty hunters
Williamson   [R.I.P.] was a member of Miscellaneous denizens of the Dark Realms
Sir William  
#103 first appearance

Sir William is a Knight of Dyvers, betrothed to Princess Tessa before her kidnapping by Peldor and Belphanior. After the kidnapping/chase was all over, he realized that Tessa didn’t really love him, and thus broke off the engagement.

Wimpell Frump   [R.I.P.]
#30 final appearance

Wimpell was an old human illusionist and agent of the Slave Lords. He fought the party and was dealt a killing blow by Peldor. He was never explicitly named.

(winged skull)  

One of Xusia's more unfortunate allies beneath Castle Mukos, this fleshless skull with wings was slapped by Peyote's bastard sword, magic missiled by Skektek's Staff of Power, slugged a few hundred feet by Ys' greatsword, and pinned to the wall by Jutokai's magic arrow. If these assaults didn't slay the unholy wretch, Rob's earthquake probably did.

(wispy thing)  
#118 first appearance
#474 re-appeared in Helgate
#675 buried/vanished in Helgate demise
#801 unearthed/found again

This strange creature has followed Belphanior ever since the mad elf unintentionally released him from a strange metal box, in the Forgotten City deep under the Sea of Dust. Apparently unable to be harmed by conventional means, it has also exhibited the ability to plane travel and to unerringly locate the party. Probably sentient, the thing first "spoke" in episode #202. It vanished in episode #224 as Belphanior entered Lao Khan's anti-magic island.

(wizened old man)  

Within the temple of K'ai-L'un Hing, he/they oversaw Rillen's tests in episode #223, and eventually gave Rillen his new quarterstaff.

(wolf man)  
#834 first appearance
#837 changes into human form

First seen as a huge black wolf with power over the other wolves, and then later seen changing form, this individual's human form was that of a tall, broadly-built hairy man with a thick beard. He was a werewolf and the leader of a pack that roamed that particular path through the Crystalmist Mountains. After watching Belphanior slay a large number of his 'people', the wolf-man decided that for the good of the pack, Belphanior was best left alone. The elf was also left with a warning, however: he was an enemy in this area now, and had better not ever return. With that, the wolf-man led his surviving pack away into the woods as night fell.

(wraith king)   [R.I.P.] was a member of Zara's bounty hunters
(wretch)   [R.I.P.]

An anonymous jermaline, appeared in episodes #162-#163 as it tried (and failed) to intimidate the party. Burned to ashes by Cynder in episode #163.

Wu   is a member of The Cabal and of the Host of Greyspire

Wulfis was a bully who lost some teeth to a young Songa.

#599 first appearance

Wurgi is a tall, lean martial artist who employed fiercesome grappling skills in Rillen’s third great fighting tournament. Wurgi forced Sonja to submit, but he was defeated by Rillen.

Xandaria   is a member of Ged's family
Xusia   [R.I.P.] was a member of The Nine
#235 first appearance
#525 at the Isle of Woe
#595 beneath Castle Mukos

Xusia is an archlich and Orcus’ prime agent on Oerth. Millenia old and supremely powerful, he had lain trapped for centuries until Ged’s exploration of the Suel city accidently set him free once more. He was called upon by Orcus to recruit Belphanior, but nearly died in the ensuing battle when his ruby scepter was destroyed. He escaped a final rest when Belphanior and company were whisked away by an unknown power who stepped in to prevent Orcus’ further interference on the Prime Material plane. A revenge-bound Belphanior tracked the lich down again, this time in the caverns below Castle Mukos where Xusia was building a new Necropolis. Despite Belphanior’s best efforts, the archlich vanished without a trace.

Xusia later regrouped and built a new base of power, the Fortress of the Nine. This mighty redoubt of evil was assaulted on multiple fronts in episodes #763-#786, and Xusia was finally slain by Belphanior in episode #783.

See also Skorvus.

(the pair of vampires from Xusia's former lair)   [unknown]
#983 apparently escaped
#992 mentioned as loose end

These two — a master vampire warrior and a vampiric sorceress — were a couple, and just some of a number of powerful undead who made their home on the eighth level of Xusia's old lair, a secret dungeon complex reached via a previously-unknown gateway. They fought well, and skillfully, but also knew when it was time to retreat, and did so cleverly, misleading the adventurers and gaining more time to prepare a last stand...or so the party thought. In actuality, the vampiric duo has assumed gaseous form and fled down a tiny drain into parts unknown, where the adventurers were unable to follow. Instead, they poured holy water down the drain, then also blessed it and left garlic there just out of spite. Whether they actually escaped the dungeon via the drain-hole, or are still trapped there, remains unknown.

Xylus   [R.I.P.] was a member of Omak's Band
#599 first appearance

Yee is an enormous blob of muscle and flab who competed in the third great fighting tournament. His massive form was both his defense and offense as incoming blows had little effect on him, and he used his great weight to crush the breath out of his opponents. He finally fell to the master Bruce.

Yeeha   [R.I.P.] was a member of the crew of the Shark's Tooth (Captain Redjack's galley)
Yegyar   [R.I.P.] was a member of The Rulers of Skava-Ra
(yellow dragon)   [R.I.P.]
#894 first appearance

A large yellow dragon who fought Belphanior's team as soon as it saw them in its claimed territory in the Bright Desert. It quickly met its demise — mostly due to Mongo's hammer — but their attempt to locate its lair failed, so they simply returned to the gateway-complex within the Pelisso Swamp to continue investigating gateways.

#70 first appearance

Yin-Tze is a venerable sage in the Rushmoors. Despite a horrible accent, he told the party how to get the key to the old devil cult fortress when they talked with him. His appearance at Lyra’s birthday party caused a bit of commotion when he and the sage Duzon started arguing.

Yod Ironbeard   is a member of the 'other' adventurers
Lost #21
Lost #5 subsequent appearance
#182 first mentioned
#257 first regular appearance

Yod, son of Yuri, son of Yor, is the great dwarven general, king, and master of Thunderdelve Mountain, in the Lortmils. He claimed his mountain home after he and his companions slew the great red wyrm Feuerhauch. He was mentioned by Galain Rockhelm, and actually appeared when Mongo, Yod et al. went into the Deeps of Thunderdelve searching for the the Invulnerable Coat of Arnd. He later was a great help in rescuing the party from Necros. Yod also was the one to suggest Mongo join the force at the Host of Greyspire. Yod carries the Axe of the Dwarvish Lords.

Yorgi   [R.I.P.] was a member of The Crimson Blades
Yorkis   [R.I.P.] was a member of the bandits
Yrbel   is a member of the Populace of Helgate
Ys     is a member of Belphanior's team
Ythuus   is a member of The Nine
Yuki   is a member of the new Vampire Hunters
Zagyg   [unknown]
#120 first mentioned

Zagyg was the archmage, who, among other feats, founded Greyhawk. It was while exploring his dungeons outside of Greyhawk that the party found the mirror that led them to the mirror plane of Oerth-2. Zagyg is assumed to be long dead, but one can never tell with an archmage of such power.

Zara   [R.I.P.]
#17 first appearance
#66 first regular appearance
#69 attack on Halbarad
#106 apparently slain by party
#242 slain once and for all

Zara was the devious female drow mage who first brought Lyra to the surface world. After the party captured Lyra, she told them of the evil Zara. In the conflict that followed, Zara escaped, but she soon returned to try to kill Halbarad. Unable to do so, she escaped again. Her desire for revenge not yet satisfied, she began assembling a group of powerful bounty hunters, including the fearsome Iron Dwarf. During the ambush she managed to stone Alindyar and slay Belphanior, but was apparently slain by Peldor and Mongo. However, Zara’s cunning and magical power were such that she had contingencies against such a simple death. She returned to take revenge on the drow, destroying their extra-dimensional home, kidnapping Lyra, and nearly slaying Alindyar. With the help of Bigby and Rary, Alindyar rescued his mate, and the two slew Zara once and for all, taking care that no magic would save her again.

Zenobia   [R.I.P.] was a member of the Populace of Helgate
Baron Zeno  

Baron Zeno is a minor noble who hired Halbarad to rescue his future son-in-law, Arvis II. Zeno’s true motives were uncovered later when the ranger actually succeeded in his mission. Zeno’s men attacked Halbarad and gave him the nasty facial scar he still bears.

#68 first appearance
Lost #5 transformed into a figurine
#325 regular appearance as a figurine
#436 went on Vesve Forest quest
#451 continued quest

Zephyr is a large wild tiger, and companion to Halbarad. It quite naturally left the party when the ranger and Peyote decided to seek other adventures. When Halbarad and the others were left behind in the City of the Gods, Zephyr was mortally wounded in battle. Tenser and Riggby worked a fantastic spell to preserve the great cat as an enchanted stone figurine.

Zhao     [R.I.P.] was a member of Belphanior's team
General Zog   [R.I.P.]
#147 first appearance

Zog was a one-eyed fire giant who was working with two others to cause the giant attacks during Mongo’s campaign in the Flinty Hills. Zog, along with many other giants, was slain by Mongo.

#637 first appearance

Zoltar was a wizard who led a small band of evildoers (Gurbo the two-headed troll, Renna the female thief, Flaxxus the dark-skinned priest, and Sharn the mercenary tracker) who in turn led the orcs that Halbarad et al. were tracking north of the Shield Lands. The evil ones’ master was Iuz and their goal was the monster-summoning Cask of Tuerny. Zoltar and Renna eventually escaped with that foul item, while Gurbo and Flaxxus were slain. Sharn also escaped on his own.

Zsil   [R.I.P.]
#526 first appearance
#527 final appearance

Zsil was a wiry assassin in the employ of Sharyn Messandier when she controlled Greyhawk’s Thieves’ Guild. Sent to investigate or kill Corvis (whichever was convenient), the assassin was the one who wound up dead. He suffered the final indignity of being dumped in Greyhawk’s sewers.

the Adventurers disbanded, but in touch
The protagonists
Alindyar   founding member
Belphanior   founding member
Halbarad   founding member
Ged   dead founding member
Mongo Thunderhead   founding member
Peyote   founding member
Peldor   founding member
Rob   dead founding member
the Agents of Iuz
This group also sought the Star Rune (also called the Time Rune) in the City of the Gods. However, they were a bit late in arriving, as the Rune and most of the adventurers had disappeared. They battled with those left behind in Lost #5:
Gulah dead a small purple demon and Malachai's familiar slain by Peyote
Malachai dead a tall, bony wizard in black robes slain by Halbarad
Oobie dead a halfling who flew about on a magic carpet and enjoyed tossing magical bombs down at his foes slain by Halbarad's arrow
Rocco dead a half-orc warrior slain by Halbarad
Tarus dead a minotaur slain by Zephyr
the black-garbed figure dead glimpsed for only for a moment before going invisible smashed by Blok, Peyote's elemental
demon-dog dead a massive beast summoned by Malachai it was not slain, but vanished after Malachai died
the Agents of the Scarlet Brotherhood
A few dozen red-robed monks who sought the Star Rune just a bit too late. They died without much ado when faced with Yod Ironbeard and his allies.
There are no named members in this group.
the bandits
This foul group of kidnappers and pillagers were all slain by either Halbarad or the strange hunter-creature.
Aristotos dead human 1, leader, tall, stocky fellow with a bushy moustache and long, black hair tied in a ponytail
Gorath dead human 2, single-edged axe first one killed by H (arrow in chest)
Quilvio dead human 3, tall fellow with long, blond hair, archer carried a longbow killed by energy bolt from HC
Sergio dead human 4, first one killed chopped in half by HC
Kroc dead half-orc, heavy bastard sword chopped by Halbarad in one-on-one combat
Yorkis dead dwarf, short but musclebound fellow with a long, bushy black beard, had a medium-sized axe strapped to either side of his belt; a heavy crossbow sliced in two by HC
Lirras dead elf; gaunt figure with bone-white hair, wore a heavy whip at his belt, as well as several throwing daggers (probably a wizard) killed by fiery bolt from HC
Barakkas dead some kind of half-ogre crossbreed, eight feet in height His gigantic sword did not save him from the HC.
Belphanior's team
He's gone through a lot of people, but they knew it was going to be dangerous when they signed up.
Belphanior   the leader
Aja   dead
Elgon   dead
Jutokai   dead
Kinichi   dead
Otto   Belphanior's right-hand man
Razor Charlie  
Victoria   actually a vampiress
Zhao   dead
the Black Talons
A group of twenty mercenaries reknowned for their loyalty to their employers, Peldor hired these men and women in #530 to watch over the construction site of the new Green Dragon Inn. No one was ever noted to have bothered the construction.
There are no named members in this group.
Bosco's family
The halfling's six brothers were named in #466 and seen again in Lost #13.
Frederick father
Rosco obnoxious
Paco slim one who eats a hell of a lot
Tuco schemer
Tiko shy and quiet
Riko fancies himself a lady-killer
Spocko a highly analytical fellow
The Cabal [active]
This is a recently-formed, ultra-secretive cabal of powerful wizards. Their existence has been revealed in small increments, specifically in episodes 802 and 881. They seem to be on the side of Good, but their exact intentions and capabilities remain largely unknown. The members are:
Parekh 18th level female human wizard Formerly affiliated with vampire hunters until their destruction/disbanding, frequent ally of Belphanior. Slender brown-skinned woman of Flan descent. Gifted archmage, Circle of Eight caliber. Has a home in some unknown, peaceful, magical place. Her specialty seems to be inventing original, practical spells such as:
Pallin 18th level grey elven wizard Longtime acquaintance of Parekh. Follows the ways of Celestian. Specializes in teleportation/planar magic, and has come up with a few new spells of his own:
Dexitheseus 17th level human wizard Formerly affiliated with the 'other' adventurers until their disbanding/retirement. About sixty years old, bald, bearded, uses a variety of types of magic rather than becoming master in any single one.
Wu 18th level human wizard Formerly affiliated with the Host of Greyspire until its destruction. Wizened old man of Baklunish heritage, likes to babble incoherently. Specializes in living transmutation magic such as polymorphing and shapechanging.
Cespedes 19th level human wizard Formerly affiliated with the Nine until their destruction/disbanding. Tall and thin, has gray goatee, is bald with black metal skullcap. Has begun to cease caring about things that normal people care about. Specializes in elemental magic as well as nonliving transmutation magic. He built the adamantine golem, Talos.
the cardplayers
From the Second Great Dragon Deck Tournament (episodes 563-565):
Lerbar a grizzled human
Torgar brother to Bergar
Bergar brother to Torgar
Mekko Minestone a crafty dwarf of pleasant demeanor
Shay a young alluring lady [finalist]
Rorvark a large hairy wildman [finalist]
Irixialus a quiet calculating elf [finalist]
Bo a blond haired man, cousin to Luc [finalist]
Luc a black haired man, cousin to Bo [finalist]
Chauncey a wily halfling, but not wily enough [finalist]
Melthius an old, gaunt man, he was the last player left against Bosco [finalist]
the Circle of Eight
An allied body of eight powerful wizards, the Circle is based in the Free City of Greyhawk although most of its members reside elsewhere. The group has much influence, both political and magical, and they have been a major factor in most of the Adventurers' lives. The Circle consists of:
Bigby lean, simply-dressed  
Drawmij tall, youngish helped the party against Necros
Jallarzi young, newest member helped in the battle against the tarrasque
Mordenkainen tall, regal, robust, de facto leader  
Nystul tall, gangly  
Otiluke short, puny-looking first mentioned in 069, helped in the battle against the tarrasque
Otto of Greyhawk immense, lover of fine food  
Rary elderly and experienced helped in the battle against the tarrasque, represented the Circle when they sent the party to find the Wand of Orcus
Tenser blue-robed, favors water helped the party in the quest for Bosco's soul, and again in later adventures
  • Of the members of the Circle, the party is probably on best terms with Drawmij, Rary, and Tenser. They have successfully worked with Bigby, Jallarzi, and Otiluke in the past. Of Mordenkainen, Nystul, and Otto they know next to nothing.
the Company of Nine
An ill-fated band, the Company appeared in Helgate one day, intent upon ending the evil menace posed by the town's ruler, Belphanior. Unfortunately, the group was decimated by the elf's traps, guardians, and allies, and only Arlanni survived to tell the tale.
Abner dead human magic-user
Aggro the Axe dead human fighter
Arkayn dead human cleric
Arlanni human thief (female)
Balto dead human monk
Barjin dead half-elven fighter/magic-user
Gutboy Barrelhouse dead dwarven fighter
Blastum dead human magic-user
Sarnath dead human magic-user
  • Sarnath turned out to be the brother of Sarquay, a member of Torin's band who Belphanior had slain years earlier. In his rage, Sarnath severely underestimated his foe's power, and joined his brother in oblivion.
the crew of the Shark's Tooth (Captain Redjack's galley)
Anak dead a skilled wizard built more like a fighter died on the uncharted island at the hands of mummies
Ernest dead crewman cut in two by a giant crab that eventually became breakfast
Ferdis dead the navigator died on Razor Charlie's poisoned knife
Jordy a young crewman, he was an innocent bystander to Redjack's treachery Belphanior brought him back to Helgate, he moved on to better lands
Norgerd dead the cook died on Ys' sword
Plebius dead the first mate died on a pair of Razor Charlie's knives
Yeeha dead the harpooner slain finally by Otto's oil & fire bolt
The Crimson Blades [inactive/deceased]
This group's membership consists of evil adventurers who are powerful to the point of being iconic. Little is known of their origins, but their goal is clear: total conquering dominance of all who stand in their way. They learned of Belphanior's quest for the mythical isle of Panagaea and followed the elf's group as it located and journeyed to that long-lost place. Though a couple of their number perished in battle, the Crimson Blades were a match for Belphanior and his allies; the battle ended in a draw after the four sleeping guardians awoke and began attacking both parties. The surviving Blades retreated by means unknown as the cavern collapsed, and continued to be active in the world until their showdown with the Cabal, at the Center of Time in episodes 1097-1100.
Chargrim dead The Wizard — Member of Rauxes' Guild of Magi. Lives and works in a citadel. Tends to work out problems like how to poison an entire sea at once. Disintegrated by Kronos.
Kalenon dead The Cleric — Supreme High Priest of Hextor, oversees all of his god's doings in Aerdy and outlying areas. Demands unwavering loyalty to the deity, is a proponent of forceful conversion. Slain by Belphanior using Blackrazor.
Lord Rammstein dead The Warrior — Gigantic, violent warmonger who lives for battle. Wears jet-black plate mail with a great horned helmet. Follows Hextor, and leads a band of fanatical warriors. Perished by self-immolating himself after being gravely wounded in battle.
Sydaar [unknown] The Thief — Rather than be a Guildmistress, she remains independent, as do most of her activities. Quick as a cat, deadly as a spider. Was not present for the battle at the Center of Time, and is likely still active somewhere in the world.
Yorgi dead The Halfling — Nimble and greedy, as one would expect — but also thoroughly depraved and evil, to the point of bloodthirstiness. Slain while in gaseous form, as one of the guardians of Panagaea inhaled and destroyed him.
Orgthrok dead The Dwarf — A hard-fighting, hard-drinking berserker. Wields an axe that drives him to chaos. Died after having his head torn from his body by the iron dwarf.
Snake dead The Assassin — Master of shadows and death. Quite possibly the equal of Greyhawk's Whisper. May not be human. Crushed to death by the adamantine golem.
Galil-Gildur dead The Elf — Greater than a thousand years old, considers himself above everyone and everything. Only goes adventuring to relieve the boredom and gain useful items and magic. Dangerously contemplative and calculating. Slain by Belphanior using Blackrazor.
Laryn dead The Bard — A dark muse, she makes music that steals mens' souls and stops armies in their paths. Mysterious, brooding, haunted. Reportedly eaten by a colossal snake while the group was doing battle with lost tribes on the isle.
Krom dead The Hunter — Big, hairy, and mean — a primal man. Prefers to be alone, prefers to be in the wild. Able to track and kill the most dangerous prey without weapons. Drawn into interplanar nexus and destroyed.
Babuk The Monk — (was not present during Panagaea battle) Captured in magical cage, by Alindyar.
Clavius dead The Psionicist — (was not present during Panagaea battle) Drawn into Center of Time and torn apart.
Miscellaneous denizens of the Dark Realms
People who are not in an actual group, but merely share the aspect of living in the evil-created dimensions.
(arc 1)
Hermis dead a minor wizard and underling of Vorkos slain by Belphanior in 1016
Skeevil dead an underling who liked torture and had his eye on Irina perished when Irina punched him hard enough to break his scrawny neck, in 1021
Vorkos the Red dead a wizard who ruled a town in the name of Baron Tarkus slain by Poulos in 1021
Baron Tarkus dead a powerful lord and werewolf who ruled over an entire domain; first mentioned in 1017, first indirect appearance in 1025, first direct appearance in 1033 slain by Otto in 1034
Lise a serving girl who Poulos was trying to protect freed and given some money in 1022
Dercus leader of a group of farmers; helped by Belphanior in episodes 1027-1030
Jaron Mendenhall Lord Mayor of Fellban; helped Belphanior (and vice versa) in episodes 1030-1039
Williamson dead A young soldier from Fellban, he joins the party in episode 1033 and proves handy with a crossbow hung in through the werewolf and zombie battles until finally being killed by vampires in episode 1070
(arc 2)
Cooper dead A merchant who was also an asshole, he first appeared in episode 1043 and didn't do a very good job of leading his caravan, ending up as a zombie by episode 1046.
Benjamin dead A young bricklayer who became a warrior and joined the party in episode 1043. He helped the group until his untimely demise at the hands of vampires in episode 1067.
Helen dead A tough older woman, she appeared in episode 1044 but unknown to all had already been bitten and infected, and became a zombie by episode 1045.
(arc 3)
Miriam A rather lucky noblewoman, she appeared in episodes 1053-1054, surviving the zombie infestation of her city and then making her own way once she arrived in Holmburg.
Lord Marek dead
the Dragon Hunters
A doomed band of adventurers who long ago sought to kill the red dragon Cynder). They all died in Lost #22.
Arvagard dead an assassin who possessed an arrow of red dragon slaying
Crestar dead a righteous priest of Heironeous
Eidos dead an elven fighter/mage
Flexbar dead a simple warrior
Iblis dead an indifferent illusionist
Milin dead a quiet wizard
Percifal dead a paladin
Trixtan a human rogue who was actually Cynder in disguise He undid their plans by stealing Arvagard's arrow and trapping them in his lair
The Enemies of the Nine disbanded — it was a one-time team-up
Though this group had no official title, they will go down in the history books as those who assembled to challenge (and ultimately defeat) the Nine in their own fortress. The (non-Adventurers) members of this group are listed below.
Boltar dead human priest of Pholtus
Derider Fanshaen female human priestess of Pelor
Sir Drexel human paladin of Heironeous
Limbor high elven priest/wizard (associate of Sir Drexel)
Eyer wood elven fighter/acrobat
Baltek elven archer (henchman to Eyer)
Jerome Kasinskaia human priest of Rao
Reptar lizardman fighter (henchman to Jerome)
Pallin grey elven wizard
Socrates large albino hound (pet of Pallin)
St. Wilhelm human fighter/priest of St. Cuthbert
Ged's family
Appearing in the city of Lo Finsara during episodes 468-469, these elves (Ged was the youngest of the children) were:
Ged's father dead grey elf died of old age, over 2,000 years old
Ged's mother dead grey elf died of natural causes decades earlier at the age of 1,783
Xandaria grey elven female wizard (N) first-born, Ged's oldest sister
Gilanthar grey elven female high priest (LN) second-born, Ged's sister
Talisantia grey elven warrior (CG) third-born, Ged's oldest brother
Brilthasan grey elven warrior/mage (NG) fourth-born, Ged's brother
Leila grey elven female warrior/mage (LN) fifth-born, Ged's sister
Aristobulus grey elven warrior/mage/thief (CN) sixth-born, Ged's brother, black sheep of the family
Ged   dead grey elven priest/mage (NG) seventh-born, killed by Orcus in the Abyss
  • Ged's father, who remains unknown as of this writing, was never named; he appeared and died in episode 469.
  • Ged's Ged's mother, also unnamed, was mentioned in episode 468.
  • The six siblings appeared again in episode 501, for Ged's funeral.
the Greyhawk Thieves' Guild
Pavel Alektrion Quartermaster of Garden Quarter
Larrat Helfdene Quartermaster of Slum Quarter
Repnel Porton Quartermaster of Artisans' Quarter
Gerald Sivadus Quartermaster of High Quarter
Sharyn Messandier dead former Guildmaster
Bergis one of Sharyn's goons
Ed a guard, was present when Belphanior slew Sir Dorian
Fred a guard
Gordo an old master thief, senior trainer in the Guild
Lorvon one of Sharyn's goons
Mervin worked with Vilos
Norquist still another of Sharyn's goons
Orvis also worked with Vilos
Sammy Sharyn's goon
Targin another of Sharyn's goons
Varka a squirrely thief who runs messages for the Guild
Vilos a greedy, power-hungry enforcer who tried to arrest Tanya
the Host of Greyspire
Most of the Host were seen in episodes 532-535, 555-556, and 582. During the Fall of Greyspire story arc (episodes 816-821, 841-843, and 860-865) it was revealed that virtually all of the Host had been slain and eaten by demons. Known exceptions were Lord Marcus, Gorin, Wu, and the storm giant. Mongo was seen keeping monsters from entering the empty fortress in episode 892, after which Alindyar magically sealed the main doors closed.
Friar Cas a priest of Fharlanghn
Dhakab lean yellow-skinned man from the West his exact skills and responsibilities remain unknown
Durvin dead a dwarven warrior crushed by the tentacled horror
Durwood Knickerbocker a middle-aged rowdy dwarven war-priest
Gnerkil a half-orc commander of Company 'X'
Gog (storm giant) a storm giant who resided at the top of Greyspire before Marcus' arrival, he remains a powerful ally, Mongo nearly came to blows with the giant due to Stormcrest's influence
Halfstad purser for the troops manages the finances of the mercenary band
Harvis a sergeant
Jason an escaped slave from the Sea Princes and ex-pirate commander of the 1st regiment of infantry
Nibben Pathfinder dwarf one of Greyspire's best miners
Noggin friendly and battlewise he leads Greyspire's dwarven contingent
O'Finnegan a fiesty wood elf co-leader of the 'monstrous' contingents
Ortho an ex-noble from Urnst master of mounted combat and the lance, reknowned for his rapport with horses, commander of a battalion of cavalry
Qesten a halfling rogue co-leader of the 'monstrous' contingents
Rasta a pleasant chap, despite being a living gargoyle
Rin a gigantic warrior of barbarian blood from the Ratik region commander of the 2nd regiment of infantry
Rorgdak dead a young dwarf snatched to his death by the tentacled horror
Throknar an expert in siege warfare
Varan Oak-knocker dwarven sergeant he resented Mongo leading his company
Wu a frail-looking septagenarian wizard from the West he wields great destructive power
Tunka dead stocky human and expert in throwing axes disintegrated by a beholder
Jamac dead a master archer from Tenh slain by a death ray from a beholder
Spinellis dead an elven warrior-mage slain when he fell and his fire-flasks exploded
Creel dead a cold-blooded assassin turned to stone by a beholder
Weasel a very lean human, superb climber the only other survivor; later appeared with Torin's forces
  • Otto the dwarf was revealed to have once been a part of Greyspire's army — he commanded a small, but doomed group in Lost #4:
The Misadventurers [active]
This group was discovered by Deryck and hired to do certain jobs which the half-elf, being noble and good, could not do himself. The group also took on other jobs which even Deryck wouldn't condone. The most recent of these involved the battle at the Fortress of the Nine; the misadventurers had intended to sign up with the army forming there, but thanks to quick thinking by Peyton, they were able to come out on the side of the victors.
Peyton Farquhar 7th level gnome thief About 3' tall, middle-aged, with gray hair and goatee. Wears tattered clothes, though he could easily afford better, in an effort to make himself appear far more common than he actually is.
Sylus Blackheart 5/6th level drow fighter/thief Just over 5' tall, slender, very agile, very fast. Age, history, given drow name unknown.
Adolphus Delphi 7th level half-ogre fighter Almost 8' tall, heavily muscled, stringy greasy brown hair, pallid skin. Butt-ugly, smells, makes crowds part when he approaches. Age unknown.
Wembly 6th level human wizard Just over 6' tall, gangly, short brown hair. About 30 years old.
Rogar 7th level priest of Olidammara About 6'5" and stout, has thick, matted, wild dark brown hair and full beard. In his late 30s or early 40s.
Damien renegade imp About 1' tall, red skin, jet-black hair, wings, tail, raises interesting questions from observers.
the new Vampire Hunters
After Bram's last group was slain/split, he eventually recruited some new (and more unusual) individuals to assist him in finding and destroying vampires. This bunch assisted with the assault on the underground city of Skava-Ra in episodes 989-991 and consisted of:
Bram 15th level human ranger. Tall, lean, rugged, clad entirely in black including a wide-brimmed hat. Leader of the group. Bears an ebony cane with a silver tip, which is a +1 weapon, +2 vs undead, and +3 vs vampires, with the holy property that damage it inflicts upon vampires heals at a normal (human) rate, as opposed a vampire rate (regeneration.) Wears elven chain mail +4 under his clothes.
Rezzik 13th level human warrior, and also a werewolf. Average height, lean, medium-length brown hair, red eyes. Has exceptional control of his lycanthropy. Incredibly fast and strong, and also naturally immune to many vampire attack forms. Fights with a longsword of speed +3 and dagger +3 when not in werewolf form. Wears no armor, but has bracers of defense ac 3.
Hrothgar 11th level minotaur berserker. Seven and a half feet tall, well-muscled, not very bright but very loyal. Fights with a huge two-handed battle axe +3, and wears chain mail +1.
Yuki 13th level female human/vampire warrior/assassin. Golden-skinned and black-haired, hails from the far West. Diminutive and lithe. Exact history and motivations unknown, but she hates vampires with a passion. Not as strong as some vampires, but stronger than almost all humans; also faster than either due to a lifetime of training as a warrior and assassin _before_ gaining vampiric powers. Not affected by sunlight, holy symbols, garlic, need for invitation to enter, etc. but also lacks shapeshifting, gaseous form, energy drain, charming power, animal summoning, spider climbing, etc. She does retain immunity from sleep/charm/hold, poisons, paralysis, and nonmagical weapons, and regenerates 1 hp/round. Fights with a straight shortsword +4 of mystical black silver that bears a potent enchantment against vampires: any natural attack roll of 13-16 results in a severed arm or leg (as a sword of sharpness) while any natural attack roll of 17-20 results in a severed head (as a vorpal sword.) Note that these attacks will not slay a vampire outright, but they may well force it into gaseous state.
Janus 12th level quasi-human wizard/Seeker. Wrapped in bandages due to his body having been transformed into mystical vapor in the past; can still speak and cast spells. Also has the ability to sense the presence (current and past) of undead, particularly vampires, within a mile.
Melancon dead 14th level human priest. Stocky, bald, follows unrevealed faith but has proven useful in turning undead and healing wounds. Fights with a flail +2 and wears leather armor +2 and a ring of protection +2. He was slain by a disintegration spell from the vampire lord Cagan, in the battle at Skava-Ra.
Elias Flesh golem. Eight feet tall and possessed of great strength and limitless endurance, also immune to most spells and nonmagical weapons. Wears thick leather armor +3. Unusually for a golem, he is intelligent and can speak, which makes him more dangerous than regular golems due to the ability to adapt and strategize.
The Nine [disbanded]
The Nine were an alliance of evildoers formed by the lich Xusia. They operated out of a huge, remote fortress and were in the process of implementing various schemes, including a network of teleportation gateways that spanned the Flanaess. Their supposed goal was the gradual, covert invasion and domination of the continent, but Xusia had a secret plan to invade Oerth using demons and the gateways. All of these endeavors were halted when the Fortress of the Nine was invaded by multiple groups of powerful foes beginning in episode 761.
Xusia dead Suel Lich, thousands of years old Had schemes within schemes and secrets within secrets. After multiple confrontations with Belphanior and others, the ancient lich was finally destroyed by Belphanior and Rob in the great battle of the fortress.
General Kael dead Towering warrior-general who wore a skull-helm After besting everyone who tried to take him out — including Lord Marcus, Gorin, and Kup Swiftfoot — Kael was finally slain by a sphere of annihilation from the wizard Dexitheseus.
Selene dead Treacherous dark elven priestess Commanded a force of drow...which was buried in an avalanche of steaming mud during the invasion of the fortress. Fate unknown, presumed dead.
Bodok dead Gigantic elder beholder possessed of monstrous cruelty After being inflicted with insanity during the battle at the fortress, it was slain by Halbarad.
Fenris Master thief Fled when the battle turned against the Nine. Current whereabouts discovered by Whisper (hired for the task by Belphanior) in episide 993.
Ulrich dead Anti-paladin who rode a red dragon Slain by Otto.
Gog (fire giant) dead Fire giant king with many magical items Slain by Yod Ironbeard.
Cespedes Mysterious wizard with superior command of elements and constructs Fled during the invasion of the fortress.
Ythuus Alien ultradaemon from another plane Trapped on Oerth, it finally found a means of escape during the big battle, and departed the worldly realm.
the Oligarchs of Greyhawk
Currently fifteen in number, this group practically rules the Free City, making all important decisions and guiding the city in the direction they collectively feel is best.
Nerof Gasgal Lord Mayor
Derider Fanshaen Constable
Sental Nurev Captain-General of the Watch
Peldor   Guildmaster of Thieves
Turin Deathstalker Guildmaster of Assassins
Kieran Jalucian Guildmaster of Wizards
Otiluke President, Society of Magi
Ravel Disander Patriarch of Boccob
Jerome Kasinskaia Patriarch of Rao
Ren o' the Star Guildmaster of Merchants' and Traders' Union
Laup Cobrun Merchants' and Traders' Union
Carmen Halmaster Merchants' and Traders' Union
Dernen Nathane Merchants' and Traders' Union
Bodmi Hollardel Guildmaster of Jewelers and Gemcutters
Sir Anton Palmirian Guildmaster of Lawyers and Scribes
Glodreddi Bakkanin Inspector of Taxes
Omak's Band
Omak's group was first glimpsed in episode 541 and later described in 546.
Aeson dead a genie (a dao, actually) from the elemental plane of earth who was simply fulfilling the requirements of a contest he'd lost to one of the Sea Princes exploded when Skektek shoved a lightning wand in his mouth and triggered it in 548
Rykooda dead a human warrior/wizard who had honed his bare-handed fighting skills so that he might deliver devastating touch-spell attacks charmed, carried off, and gutted by Victoria in 548
Vybool dead an ogre mage warrior/wizard who was ruthless and efficient, specializing in destructive magic and fighting with two swords at once backstabbed by Otto in 550
Grub dead a vastly obese and utterly disgusting necrotic priest who relied primarily on magical items to get by drilled by Razor Charlie with a hot poker in 550
Ug dead an even larger member of the same race as Ys neck broken by Ys in 550
Kenso Adon dead a small, weak-looking man who was actually a monk of fearsome skill and deadly disposition, experienced in fighting spellcasters and using magical items dropped by Aja's Slay Living spell in 550
(heard from again — briefly — in 572)
Xylus dead a shady assassin who publicly was in this for the money, but privately coveted a certain famed dark sword that Belphanior held caught and bled by Victoria
Klark dead master of the summoned spirit and conjured monster, he could build a small army of beasts in a short period of time eaten by his own pyrohydra in 550
a dozen warriors dead skilled veterans who chose the wrong employer these poor hirelings never stood a chance against Ys as he sliced and diced them in 578
Canis dead the finest scout in the army of the Sea Princes, streetsmart and dedicated slain by Belphanior using Blackrazor in 578
Ixlin dead a gnomish illusionist and thief, whose cocky brash demeanor masked a cunning, observant mind succumbed to Aja's spiritual sickle in 578
Wampa dead a fierce warrior who also happened to be a weretiger, and was a pure killer in his bloodlust-crazed battles felled by Razor Charlie, and Belphanior delivered the coup de grace with Blackrazor in 578
  • Omak and the rest of his band escaped Helgate, only to be chased over the ocean by Belphanior before they were all washed ashore on a haunted island
Personages of Monmurg
In addition to Prince Creon, the following individuals were present in Monmurg, capital of the Hold of the Sea Princes, at the time of Belphanior's all-out attack on the city:
Publius Gallus dead First appeared in episode 904. The richest and most powerful of Monmurg's 11-member slavers' council which met once a week, Publius and the other councilmen were all killed by Belphanior in the early phase of his attack on the city. For good measure, he then destroyed the building in which their meetings were held.
Tergard dead Mentioned in episode 904. The 10th most powerful of the slaver council, this man's identity was adopted by Belphanior in disguise as he infiltrated a council meeting.
High Wizard Kordaak dead First mentioned in episode 904. The recently-appointed head mage of Monmurg and head of the Guild of Wizardry after the death of his predecessor Beekus, Kordaak was assassinated by Whisper, who Belphanior had hired for this task.
Royal Advisor Spiros dead First appeared in episode 909. He was killed by Razor Charlie in episode 910.
General Malthus dead First appeared in episode 909. He was killed by Otto in episode 910.
Court Wizard Nurka dead First appeared in episode 909. He was killed by Razor Charlie in episode 910.
Lumis dead First appeared in episode 909. He was a mysterious sorceror who lived in Monmurg's vault for decades and summoned (and was somehow tied to) the Guardian. He was killed by Razor Charlie in episode 910.
The Guardian [unknown] First appeared in episode 910. A whispered legend in the region this mythical beast was said to guard the treasures of Monmurg from all enemies, and was rumored to be a monster so fearsome that no one had ever survived its wrath. It turned out to be thirty feet tall, have three different monster heads, and be utterly resistant to magic. It vanished upon the demise of Lumis the sorceror.
the Populace of Helgate
Introduced starting in episode 277; they vary widely but all inhabit the mountain town. They include:
Albion a leatherworker
Balthaas former master of the Thieves' Guild, now in charge of town records and taxes
Bunger a drunkard
Candice dead head mistress at the Witches' Tit, a house of ill repute slain prior to 343 by Victoria
Claudia a serving wench at the Sword and Cup Tavern
Desmond the town leech
Eduardo   a roaming street urchin
Felix bartender of the sleazy Scoundrel's Den
Ganzer dwarven blacksmith
Gomer the miner who rediscovered gold near Helgate
Gunther a miner
Herbert captain of the town guard (departed Helgate with his family, in episode 446)
Humphrey census taker
Incus a gaunt man, the only carriage driver in Helgate; he works for Belphanior most of the time
Kern a gnomish miner, hired by Otto to keep tabs on the state of affairs beneath Helgate's mountains
Kernal town drunk
Jamaine the town cobbler, a rather temerarious old fellow
Leanne a co-worker of Candice
Miles a glass maker, cheating on his wife
Norman gnomish banker
Oswald caretaker/custodian of the town cemetary
Perkins innkeeper of the Raven's Nest Inn
Priscilla dead a wench in Helgate, slain in episode 301
Quincy half-senile geezer in charge of mining claims
Rexxus owner of the Sword and Cup tavern, which was burnt down in episode 302
Sankar carpenter, often makes coffins for Oswald
Tomlinson land commissioner, a lean man in his 40's
Travis a young town guard who helped Otto while he was unconscious
Vergis town stonemason, appeared in episode 518
Yrbel an old sage in Helgate
Zenobia dead a whore at the Witches' Tit, slain in episode 301
  • These town guards had their first major adventure in episodes 470-475.
  • Stats for most of the marshals were revealed in episode 520.
Rillen's first companions
A small, rather pretentious group of adventurers who took in Rillen as another warrior to strengthen their band in Lost #10. For the most part, dead now.
Acerbicus 'Ace' Jentak [unknown] a halfling rogue thrown by a hill giant — as Rillen never found the small one's body, Ace might still be around
Locretius dead an white robed wizard in his fifties who claimed to be an Adept of the Outer Circle his claim didn't save him from a hill giant's boulder
Narl Redbeard dead a huge, mean-looking human smashed by a hill giant's boulder
Roldo dead a young priest of Pelor smashed by a hill giant's boulder
The Rulers of Skava-Ra
These powerful and in some cases archetypical vampires all first appeared in episode 988. All but Ulruk were destroyed during the attack on Skava-Ra. These rulers consisted of:
Yegyar dead a god-king, absolute ruler of the city, and the world's oldest and most powerful vampire
Ulruk huge vampiric warrior, general of the city's armies
Varnath dead obese vampiric priest
Drakov dead aristocratic vampire, city administrator for Skava-Ra
Ossok dead old, bald, animalistic vampire, speaks with the beasts in and around Skava-Ra
Sadira lithe, beautiful, sadistic vampire sorceress, in charge of the city's slaves
Cagan dead volatile 600-year-old vampiric wizard in a 10-year-old child's body
The Seven Sleepers
These ancient beings of immense power first appeared in episode 736, within the fabled Lost Tomb of Panagaea. They were later described as powerful beings from elsewhere, harmful and evil in nature, ills in tangible form, who have appeared throughout history and whose true power lay in their ability to affect large numbers of people and spread their various evils across ever-greater areas. According to the enigmatic ancient warrior Atun, These seven beings, which represent the significant ills of life, were meant to ravage worlds. Ages ago, Emperor Hyperion imprisoned them as a scorched-earth plan to guard his treasure - namely, if he was dead and gone and couldn't have it, then no one could, because the finding of it would initiate the eventual end of the world. Anyhow, before anyone knew all of this, the Sleepers' stone coffins opened as a result of the adventurers breaching the seventh and final treasure chamber in the tomb. Although only four of the beings initially emerged, they yet battled the combined forces of the Adventurers and the Crimson Blades to a standstill. The former group eventually fled due to a combination of factors (structural damage that threatened to collapse and flood the tomb, multiple casualties due to both the Crimson Blades and the first four Sleepers, and the sudden opening of the remaining three Sleepers' coffins.
"War" dead 10' tall and broad, red-armored warrior
"Disease" dead tall, slender, bone-white
"Famine" dead tall, emaciated, black skin
"Death" dead 8' tall, pale white flesh, black robes, scythe
"Fear" dead 7' tall, black hooded robe, wisps of darkness
"Discord" dead lean, half-naked, covered in strange sigils
"Time" dead 5' tall, wizened, wispy white hair, tattered robe
  • However, this wasn't the end of the Sleepers. Having been freed and with the tomb an underwater ruin, they emerged on the ocean floor a month later and began making their way toward the nearest land. This almost-two-year journey saw the destruction of (among other things) a kraken, a sunken shipwreck, and an undersea city of mermen before the Sleepers made landfall, promptly razing the Aerdian coastal town of Dalnin and a small army. The Sleepers were then engaged and battled by Belphanior's group, bolstered by substantial allies from Greyhawk and the Cabal, and were finally neutralized using ancient crowns forged from an alien metal from their own world. Pallin summoned a huge interdimensional vortex, and the seven beings were sent through it, back to their own plane of existence. See also Atun (qv.)
the silk smugglers
A small group of men who planned on using the circus to avoid paying taxes on their imported silks in Lost #13. Their best laid plans were undone by a young Bosco.
There are no named members in this group.
the Slave Lords
Most of these individuals weren't explicitly named at the time, but as a group they pursued their evil ends until slain by various adventurers, within the doomed city of Suderham. The Slave Lords consisted of:
Eldrave dead female drow warrior/priestess slain by Belphanior
Feetla dead male human warrior w/ eyepatch slain by earthquake
Brother Kerin dead male human monk slain by Halbarad
Slippery Ketta dead female human thief slain by lacedons
Lamonsten dead male human illusionist slain by Peldor
Mordrammo dead male human priest died
Theg Narlot dead male half-orc warrior/assassin slain by Belphanior
the 'other' adventurers disbanded, but in touch
A large and mighty band of adventurers, also known as The Slayers of Feuerhauch for seeking the great red wyrm and slaying the beast in its own lair in Lost #21. This group was very similar to the Adventurers, with members of a wide variety of occupations, races, and temperaments — but they did their adventuring about ten years earlier. Over the years and quests, various members of the two groups have worked together and become friends. The members are:
Dexitheseus bald, bearded human wizard
Sir Drexel 11th level human paladin of Heironeous has a twin brother, Sir Dremel, who is trying to resurrect him
Limbor high elven priest/wizard
Eyer 13th/16th level wood elven fighter/acrobat
Filadril enigmatic grey elven wizard
Kup Swiftfoot semi-retired halfling thief
Mazzichelli human warrior
Lord Marcus 18th level human warrior leader of Greyspire's army until its recent destruction
Oakly Greenleaf human Great Druid of the Flanaess father of Daffodil
Relmar 18th level human high priest of Pelor
Tarl human barbarian warrior rasies/trains war dogs
Yod Ironbeard dwarven warrior-king rules Thunderdelve Mountain
Spikey halfling warrior twin brother of Sparkey, loyal henchman of Yod
Sparkey halfling warrior twin brother of Spikey, loyal henchman of Yod
The Vampire Hunters [disbanded]
This group of unusual individuals had united to track and slay vampires in certain remote areas of the Flanaess. Their mission led them to the remote mountain town of Helgate, where several perished in one way or another. Those who remained eventually formed an alliance with Belphanior and others, and accompanied him on future adventures.
Parekh 18th level wizard — Slender brown-skinned woman of Flan descent. Gifted archmage, Circle of Eight caliber. Has come up with a large number of practical, original spells. See her more current entry under _the Cabal._
Drak 14th level warrior — Hulking barbarian warrior who uses brains as well as brawn. Parekh's lover. Has an item which allows him to grow to twenty feet in height, gaining proportional mass and strength. Does battle with a gigantic mallet.
Boltar dead 15th level high priest of Pholtus — Stocky, middle-aged, white hair. Very powerful, had ties to Furyondy. Wielded a morningstar of disruption which may have had other powers. Slain by beholders in the battle of the fortress.
Bram 13th level ranger — Tall, lean, rugged, clad entirely in black including a wide-brimmed hat. Leader of the group. Bore an ebony cane with a silver tip, which had holy powers against undead, especially vampires. Apparently killed in battle of Helgate, but reappeared in episode 989, having survived the collapse of Belphanior's former castle.
Ghuust dead 11th level necromancer — Pale, thin fellow with short black hair. Wielded a life-draining scythe, had strange powers over undead. Killed by possessed Aja in battle of Helgate.
Dorval dead 6th level warrior — Young but bold warrior, disciple of Marko. Killed by Victoria in unnamed mountain town near Helgate.
Marko dead 10th level warrior — Burly, scarred veteran of many battles. Killed in battle of Helgate.
Zara's bounty hunters
warrior with skull-helm dead 101-106.
white-robed fellow dead 101-106, often astride a pale horse.
wraith king dead 102-106.
red-armored priest dead 102-106.
ogre king dead 103-106; wielded a huge pike.
iron dwarf 104-106. See The Iron Dwarf.