the Thirteen Swords of Myth


Created eons ago by thirteen gods in order to test the mortals.

General Notes

These weapons are nearly identical, each being:


name full name gemstone rough concept/summary current owner
Bladebreaker the blade of sundering diamond indestructible; snaps other swords Peldor
Bloodspiller the blade of war ? makes wielder nigh-invincible in battle (none)
Doomseer the blade of fate ? sees the future; discerns things; speaks with dead (none)
Dreamcatcher the blade of thoughts ? grants various mental powers and immunities (none)
Farwalker the blade of travelers ? increases speed; can open portals to other places (none)
Lifegiver the blade of hope ? heals non-evil creatures; can raise same from dead; powerful against undead (none)
Luckbringer the blade of fortune ? confers tremendous good luck to wielder (none)
Moonchaser the blade of stars ? offers various elemental attacks and defenses (none)
Peacemaker the blade of kings ? confers charisma; rulership powers (none)
Safekeeper the blade of defense ? extreme self-preservation powers Marcus
Shadowspinner the blade of thieves ? various abilities relevant to stealth and secrecy Fenris
Soulkiller the blade of death ? basically like Blackrazor Snake
Spellweaver the blade of magic ? usable only by wizards; allows faster/stronger casting of spells directly through the blade (none)